College students do poineering work to make money 6 items can not miss

college students do poineering work? No matter in terms of capital or experience, college students do not have the advantage. College students to do business is the best choice of some small projects easy to succeed. What do college students do? Xiao Bian recommend 6 small projects suitable for college students.

to run a coffee shop, where to crowd the area was the best condition, at the same time, these people are more busy, the circulation rate is higher, so the shop near the shopping street or the most suitable. In addition to shop rent, must be prepared for a certain amount of working capital. Sales are now freshly brewed coffee, it is the focus of the use of fresh beans, to ensure the quality of authentic. Sales must ask customers to confirm the date of fried beans, that the quality is good, to obtain the trust of customers. At the same time, the appearance of employees should be full of vitality, the store should be clean, so that customers have a fresh, vibrant feeling. The store in addition to coffee beans, and grinding machine, coffee machine, coffee cup and so on related products, to have a product to have sufficient professional staff, and his show method to drive sales, in order to make a substantial increase in sales. Not only does the customer pick up the taste, but also the atmosphere, tasting the coffee in the elegant place is very helpful to the promotion of the coffee market.

the project investment scale is small, only need to purchase basic materials and tools, the first phase investment of 20 thousand yuan; staff requirement is not high, junior high school or above; making flexible form, without a fixed place, decentralized processing, market demand, especially for the female employment and re employment.

if opened in the beach volleyball scene of a city or district park, not only satisfy the desire of people’s movement, but also can have a relatively good income. Investment in beach volleyball is not high. A piece of empty block around the net, two truck sand, a small dressing room, a volleyball net and a few volleyball is enough.

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