Ants rely on the rich philosophy behind the elephant

is the road of entrepreneurship is not easy, although the road is full of frustrations, but not that go down, can not go on, the key is to learn to practice more and more of their brains, to find the method, we can achieve the extraordinary, extraordinary career achievements! The following small series for you to reveal the secrets behind the elephant by the rich philosophy!

"fledgling mobile Internet Co leave what profit pattern, just focus on doing one thing: to survive." Recently, the domestic well-known mobile internet marketing experts, Tencent, general manager of the search advertising platform for the Nanjing Department of Yan Weipeng Ning, founded by a group of college students and other young people of the mobile Internet Co bosses weapon, he said, want to live the strength of solution is the "ants" by "elephant", the first mobile outsourcing company the Internet business, have a way out ", think of ways to build their own brands.

for Tencent, the long and build a mobile phone QQ and other mobile Internet advertising platform, the process of burning "has come to an end, now do the" Tencent effect promotion "is to make money. A lot of young entrepreneurs always want to start: to find a profitable way to make money, in fact, very simple, so that the user satisfaction on the line. This point if nobody woke up, many young entrepreneurs think."

Nanjing earlier founded mobile Internet Co senior business manager Komeda Cye Technology Co. Ltd. Gu Jinghai said that they had in the mobile Internet advertising platform of its own research and development, to help customers take a car advertisement made of the user can experience the racing game, get a lot of traffic, this is probably Yan Weipeng said user experience satisfaction, and they had not really so summary.

"simply called explosive growth, both large companies, small businesses can find" money "from Nanjing, the choice of the mobile Internet industry of young entrepreneurs, the right way to go." Yan Weipeng said.

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