What the whole investment de Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck fame is as everyone knows, for many young entrepreneurs to choose a good Roasted Duck joined the project as their wealth start in life is undoubtedly a good choice. Roasted Duck joined, for white-collar workers, farmers, students, women, 80 investment groups to bring the real wealth of life, for investors to bring high-quality products, Beijing Roast Duck high visibility, has a great market development potential. Then the de Beijing Roast Duck to join


de Beijing Roast Duck investment? What are the advantages?

The development prospect of

Roasted Duck shop considerable, de Beijing Roast Duck to join, you only need to find a room of ten square size pavement can shop, only one investment, can be long-term benefit. There are business crispy Roasted Duck you don’t have to worry about the business, the experience is not enough, the headquarters has provided a unified image, unified brand, unified technical standards, unified, unified mode of operation for your taste, and the headquarters will be in the site selection, store decoration, cost control, health standards, marketing planning and other aspects of the range of standards for the franchise system training.

de Beijing Roast Duck joining has the following advantages:

Low cost:

1, before joining the company is headquartered in Beijing, in 2011 the headquarters moved to Shandong, there are two main reasons, first in Beijing northerly location in South, some franchisees not idle, the company headquarters selection in Lunan area is conducive to the south to join to come visit. Second in Beijing, the high operating costs, additional expenses indirectly is added to the franchisee’s body, now greatly reduced in Weishan in Shandong, operating expenses, the company put this part of the cost profit to the franchisee, places in the formula is the same, the franchisee can learn only 5000 yuan and Beijing Quanjude comparable Beijing Roast Duck technology.

2, the strength of the company: the company has a strong technical training system, the implementation of on-site guidance in China enjoy shop service, do not pay a penny took the lead in the first to finish in the initial fee, dispel the franchisee afraid to spend money to learn anything about. The first in China to pick up a large hotel style Roasted Duck shop to join the project, that is to say you have the money to open the Roasted Duck Quanjude store, our company has the absolute power to help you do it, and you go to the store to provide professional Roasted Duck master work, the strength of enterprises not impossible to help you do it.

3, the follow-up service is good: after joining the store to open the shop, regardless of the technical problems encountered by the vendors, the company will give you a solution. The company in line with the interests of franchisees above everything else to help the mentality of the franchisee to play a good foundation. The company has a new project on the line, franchisees can lifelong free learning.

4, advertising effect is good: the company will be in the near future high ratings TV, the major newspaper media, well-known sites do not

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