Eastern nternational Auto Trade Fair opening investment

car as a popular means of transportation, has now gradually went into the thousands of households, at the same time, the development of domestic China throughout the automotive industry has also embarked on a new level, recently, China Eastern automobile trade fair also kicked off in Yunnan.

10 July, China Eastern (Yunnan) International Auto Trade Fair Organizing Committee held a press conference in Qujing Golden Festival palace. Reporters at the scene learned that China (Yunnan) International Trade Fair will be held in Qujing on August 14th ~17. The exhibition by the Yunnan Spring Festival Gala media Limited, Yunnan refueling, the Pacific automotive network jointly organized by the newspaper, after two months of careful preparation, successfully entered the period of breeze.

It is reported that

in fact in the Auto Expo, not only to attract large automotive enterprises more, but also to let the outside investors see Yunnan local automotive industry recommended

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