After 80 of us today you are willing to do a working dog or entrepreneurial wolf

      anyone who has had a young age, when you are old and sometimes will recall their young, busy work every day, for what? Is it for the money? Perhaps the answer is not all, but you left behind what good, let you tell the story? But the analogy is a bit inappropriate, but please look down, you will understand the meaning.

      words: Men 30 stand, after 80 today is already close to the edge of the 30, just at this time is the economic crisis period, is unknown or alone?

      80 is a thought of offbeat groups, whether business or behavior, and before the age of the person different, but both the people of any age, survival is the same, just like the game of death, to pass people survive, while those who fail are eliminated. Life is like this, under the economic crisis, after 80 dare venture?

      I remember very little village, there are many peers have not graduated from primary school and went to work, they brought back the wonderful of the outside world, so many students are pursuing. As 80, these people are still working in some, and some came back to repair the building to start a small business, while others are mixed with the civil service, but the business alone, in the countryside seems to have little chance. In the minds of everyone, people who can live, even successful people.

      30 standing, referring to the time to do something at the age of 30. Perhaps this is to encourage people to go for the cause of the struggle, perhaps for a person’s IQ as a positive, but for most people, it is virtual. Because there is a big gap in real life, entrepreneurship in addition to intelligence, but also courage.

      you always hesitate before you do anything. What are you afraid of?

      however, this is very extreme, a lot of friends are not willing to listen to work, but we think carefully, this sentence is really a little truth.

      the wolf to seek freedom, rather than independent personality, freedom of thought, run every day on the prairie, the wanton killing of cattle and sheep, as far as possible to enjoy all the delicious nature, when lying on the grass, what do not want to enjoy the sunshine and free air, they are grassland master, they have dignity. But when the cold comes, they must learn to resist the cold snow storm, learn to find prey in the thick snow, often suffer from hunger pain, always worry about their frozen hungry and die. The wolf’s life is half water, half flame.


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