Anhui there is another round of heavy rainfall after Typhoon

looked at Nanjing, Wuhan suffered heavy rainfall attacks, Anhui many places can finally breathe a sigh of relief, although the precipitation pressure is still very large, but no new rain impact, are of great help to the flood will. However, after the typhoon, there is a round of heavy rainfall in Anhui, the province’s people need to be psychologically prepared.

yesterday morning, the provincial flood control office once again held a press briefing, informed the province recently flood rainfall, and danger. 6 days to 7 days, the province’s overall range of precipitation intensity and gradually narrow the scope, but from Yuexi to Anqing, Tongling area, Nanqiao District Xuanzhou District, local still encounter heavy rain, heavy rain, other areas of small to moderate rain, Hefei temporarily After rain the sky looks blue. With the 1 typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" landing, the province is expected to face a high level of flood and typhoon rainstorm double pressure, flood situation is more severe.

Yangtze River water level is still rising slowly in Chaohu basin defensive pressure

it is understood that, as at 7 o’clock, the province still has over the warning level of the 25 rivers, of which more than the water level to ensure that the 8, more than the highest level of water in the history of the 7 rivers in the 10. In addition, there are 7 large, 52 medium-sized reservoirs over flood level, flood relief work is currently being done. Across the Yangtze River across the province over the police, the Yangtze River water level is still rising slowly, high water pressure.

6 from 7 to 8, when the new river danger of 54, most of the dangerous situation has been basically controlled, reservoir dangerous place of 34. New break Wei 19, of which more than two acres of large Wei break. According to the provincial flood control office, flood control pressure along the Changjiang River in Anhui Province river, especially Sanjiang basin and Chaohu basin, has been to Hefei, Wuhu along the Chaohu and Ma’anshan, issued a notice: close to Yuxi River, river, and all the cattle Tunhe tributary drainage drainage pumping station, suspended, in order to reduce the Chaohu River tributaries defensive pressure.

typhoon, local area will face "It’s raining and blowing hard."

reporters from the provincial flood control office learned that Typhoon No. 1 "NEPARTAK" impact on 9~10 province in Eastern Jianghuai and along the south north wind 4~5, gust 8, accompanied by heavy rain, local area in Dabie Mountain area will face the heavy rain. Provincial Flood Control Office to remind, the province may face high flood water level and typhoon rainstorm double pressure, flood situation intensified. In particular, such a large water surface in Chaohu, high water lakes, wind and waves is very critical.

it is reported that affected by the typhoon periphery, further increase the pressure of flood control in our province. "River lake wind wave pressure large, medium and small rivers and reservoirs, the defense is difficult, and the tailings ponds flood risk, flood disaster defense difficulty surge, water works, disaster bearing capacity decreased, the typhoon comes the summer and weekend travel peak evacuation pressure." Provincial recommendation

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