Direct joining the franchise and the choice of a good

said entrepreneurship, the way can really be very much, as investors, naturally need to choose a more suited to their own entrepreneurial way, so as to be able to make their own business development. But at this stage the market we can see all kinds of projects, these projects provide a different choice of business for all investors, the most important is the direct joining and franchise two; as for investors, they would be more tangled in the choice of investment mode, is the choice of direct joining good, or franchise?

in our investment options, still need to consider more factors, each kind of investment, it has its advantages and disadvantages, we have no way to compare certainty to say what is good, what kind of way is not good, we can do is combined with their actual situation, to choose the way of investment for ourselves, so that we get more investment in favor of their own development advantages.

direct joining such a model for many small investors, they choose more appropriate, direct joining is through joining form so that investors can set up shop, but the limitations of this model is relatively large, we are in the business process in the store or by the various press headquarters, we can not for their own business to make too many changes, and in store operations, many restrictions of style and is subject to the brand, for all of the franchisee, this is a very difficult thing.

especially for more understanding of the industry of the people, even if they can see the market profit point exists, also can not be timely for the store of the development of the transformation; must obtain the consent of the headquarters, so that these investors are likely to miss the opportunity. Of course, there are certain advantages to join the camp, that is, the process of entrepreneurship will be relatively simple, we can get help from all aspects of the headquarters, and the cost will be relatively small.

chartered permission management in fact allow investors to spend big cost to directly buy a brand; investors by way of franchising, to obtain a complete brand management and development authority; such a model for start-up costs are relatively high, is a good choice but also have rich experience the entrepreneur, because in the franchise mode, we can adjust and develop various aspects of the brand, and if we have a brand franchise, but also can develop their own brand franchisee.

relatively direct joining, this choice can have more in the direction of development, at the same time it joined the way has a relatively high demand for costs for investors, and if we choose the franchise, so for our human resources, and we.

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