College students dream of opening tea shop monthly income of tens of thousands

small in the university often with the dormitory to what industry, everyone all sorts of gossip discussed for a long time, some say Malatang, some say open tea to open, and we are now the baozi Inn, is to work in the company, then ambition is airily, but some people are said to do, a college student he always wanted to open tea shop, after graduation really opened and a monthly income of million!

high school had dropped out of school to work by misfortune

at the age of 18, Tan Lijun family, the father is a successful businessman, doing the sales of home appliances business, thrifty, virtuous gentle mother, brother had married outside, at the time when Tan Lijun lived a life in light of heart from care.

until the third year, there is no warning of the blow made him almost collapse: his father failed to invest, derailed, followed by the divorce of their parents. This allows the stubborn character of Tan Lijun’s inner struggle, the rebellious nature of his choice to drop out of school to work, determined to resist reality in this way.

however, work is not easy, in nearly a year of school life, Tan Lijun has done different jobs: do a dishwasher in the hotel, in the mall issued leaflets, the longest work is done in the local water heater sales. Perhaps affected by the family environment, Tan Lijun is particularly good at discovering business opportunities.

he had a love to play the game, have a good level of experience in many games, after dropping out of him while working side by game and selling game account recharge way to make money, actually every month to get two million yuan, it was less than twenty years of Tan Lijun, this is already a fortune the. Later, through the tutorial, Qin Lijun also successfully admitted to the University, the thought that life can be good, but the frustration comes again.

start from scratch entrepreneurship credit

just go to college, do business with Qin Lijun joint relatives Juankuan escape, let Qin Jia joint with million of debt, father of the house mortgage payments, mortgage crisis in case for mother……

a series of blows once again let the family into a hopeless situation, their parents are saddled with such debt, I am also very distressed, I hope to do something, at least to their own self-reliance, no longer a burden to the family." Tan Lijun thought.

"but at that time the game prepaid business has been better than before, so I do not know what to do, to help a friend to start a website." It is in the process of helping his friends, he sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, and the elite school loans, more determined his confidence in their own business.

"I was on the web site to see the elite school loans, recommended

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