Dare to take to win customer trust


is the owner, but we can not for any of the goods in the shop are very familiar with, there are some quality problems, only the customer after their consumption is clear. And customers to our store, we have to be responsible for the customer, to provide them with reliable quality products, considerate service. Some businesses said that the goods are manufacturers, what are you looking for manufacturers to go! This shirk responsibility, only allow customers to be more dissatisfied with you, counterproductive.

once, a customer in the district where I bought two bags of melon seeds, melon seeds for the second day, bitter. I listen to hurriedly with customers to her home, from the trash picking out of this two bags of unpacking of seeds, said many sorry, returned to the customer purchases, so I see the sincerity, the customer was very moved. I came back and found that the customers buy the brand of the same batch of seeds have this problem, and then give the manufacturer information feedback, manufacturers in the first time to identify seeds is indeed the effect caused by the.

in addition to the batch of seeds for the next frame processing, the factory manager personally wrote a letter of thanks, and sent a box of melon seeds as a reward. So I sent the box of melon seeds and the thank-you note to the customer. From the original complaining to my store moved, until finally become the most hardcore patron, is my responsibility not evasive attitude, affect the customer.

if a customer is not satisfied with the shop, do not think such a bad customer service. Many customers are not satisfied, we actually work caused by the bad, sometimes of course is the supplier or manufacturer of the problem, but the customer to your shop, you will be responsible for them, rather than push. Customers to return, replacement, must have their reasons, a perfunctory customer, you will lose a group of customers, so that only the courage to bear the responsibility to win more customer trust.

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