How Zhengzhou Su cattle bones

want to say to eat, presumably no country can match china. But some people will say, is not to eat? There’s nothing to show off, but Xiao Bian doesn’t think so. We can’t ignore it because it is the most common, but we should be afraid of it, and only China can put the diet on the world can not reach the height. Some people say that China culture is ancient diet culture, namely "hunger breeds discontentment" the proverb, visible Chinese to "eat" attention. Pay attention to diet, naturally picky on the hotel. The avenue hotel, some day queuing, some different dominate the fate of a deserted house, just two words — features! The following small to say this is a distinctive brand – Su cattle bones.

how about Zhengzhou’s head of beef? What are the advantages? See the following details:

The core competitiveness of

‘s bovine bone: a center, two basic points

a center: the center of the quality of food products

two basic points: good taste, good atmosphere

development of the food and beverage industry has been changed, from food to technology, from the decoration to the service, dazzling, in fact, analyzes successful brand we can find such a law: no matter how bones change, but one center and two basic points of

has not been changed!

Sue cattle bone secret recipe: absolute confidentiality of the core competitiveness of

Su cattle bone core formula, derived from the family of Mr. Lu family heritage, containing dozens of flavors and fragrances, the multi process can be completed. Exclusive secret system, outsiders can not analyze all kinds of spices and the proportion of research. After mixing the formula, after a number of procedures for the production, cooling and strict testing, the Soviet Union through the cold bone of the cold chain distribution to the various stores in the country. In this way, not only can maintain bone Lo pure, but also to other brands are not imitation and plagiarism, to ensure that the interests of investors.

Su’s bovine bone joining advantages:

risk reduction, so that less detours:

Su cattle bone business 10 years, strong, there are a number of models for investors to shop. With the success of the brand to go, effectively reduce the risk of


minus decoration, so that shop investment is lower:

Su’s cattle bones is taking the public route close to the people and lively fashion decoration, relaxed, even open shop, do not need a lot of decoration into


reduction of labor, so that business becomes easy:

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