Maris skewer shop to achieve glory and dream your whole

"glory and dream" how familiar voice. We each have their own love of things to do, have their own original dream waiting for us, so we have to listen to Mr Xi’s words in the new year: roll up your sleeves and go.

A walk in any district

of Chongqing China delicacy, always a few named Maris skewers store particularly eye-catching, in addition to the original one prominent logo, more eye-catching is that the door is always filled with a long stream of people.

Mai Liz Yang Bin: glory and dream

a spicy skewers

even in the Jiangbei Street Pedestrian Street of less than 10 meters away from the side of the two shops, the queue of people were formed in the long queue, respectively, Maris. In China’s catering industry, Maris’s reputation is very large, chairman and founder of Mr. Yang Bin is very low-key.

so, one afternoon, Yang Bin was so low-key standing in the queue behind the pile of two racket in a corner, smoking his Chinese soft, see time flies. Create wheat Lisi Empire story also skewers in such a busy and leisure time is set in writing.

since its inception in 2008, Maris started from the first store, every family is hot, continued hot, in the eyes of Yang Bin, there is no legend, the core is to insist on real-time correction of their mistakes.

and these seem to be 8 years of accumulated experience, now if joined the business to join in the process of not respect for the time, who would dare to guarantee that he will be able to join the Maris open hot?

opened a store of Maris seems to not spend much money, and generally six months will be able to return to this, but the question is, "if he doesn’t know that according to our experience to do, would lose money, I have no reason to let them jump in bed!"

Yang Bin distressed these entrepreneurs money, more distressed their experience and confidence. Many people are put in front of their own savings for many years to join Maris, if they lose, the fate of life may be rewritten, some people may no longer have the courage to start.

adhere to the integrity and quality: God will not live up to the people who create value

from Chongqing to Chengdu, from Chengdu to Henan……

Maris was born 8 years ago, hundreds of stores in the core of the city in the city of Maris. Holidays, blessing information, thanks to information, often let Yang Bin feel very gratified.

was originally laid off workers, in Chongqing to see Maris hot business, Yang Bin and see each other is an honest man, and

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