Sincere hospitality business is a long road net

in order to allow the business to get long-term development, and now many shopkeepers can be described as racking their brains, but many times the effect is not necessarily ideal. On the contrary, if sincere hospitality, often can have a better effect. So, if you want to run a more long-term business, you need to be more sincere in dealing with customers.

on Sunday, I went to the county seat of a clothing store to buy a sweater, turn around for a long time, only fancy a style, so he and his wife to discuss, want to buy two models with the same. Shop owner to understand the intentions of the two of us, advised: "two sweaters with the same style will have a sense of duplication, it is better to buy a little less than the first to wear, there will be other suitable styles later to buy later." What was the warm heart.

this shop boss this is not for the sake of customers but bent solely on profit, considerate, sincere to treat customers with practice, not only set up shop of sincere hospitality and goodwill, let the customer feel themselves to be in the first place, to truly experience the "God" feeling, so comfortable, rest assured, happy consumption. It is worthy of praise, it is worth a lot of business owners who learn from.

contrast, there are some businesses have been staring at the eyes of money, doing business by cunning cunning, but to sell more than anything else, regardless of the other. In the sales process, don’t think for the customer, also used as tongue, lure, misleading customers to buy inappropriate goods, even shoddy, inferior to take advantage, deceive customers. Competition in the market economy, in a sense, is the customer’s contention. And if you want to have a customer, the key is to treat the customer in good faith, to the hearts of customers, always from the interests of customers, which is really a wise man with a business mind.

here, I would like to make a metaphor, if the metaphor of the customer into the land, the profits are likened to beauty". Profits temporarily not, and later can be taken back, if lost, the land, but it is a matter of life and death. So, smart businessmen prefer to temporarily bid farewell to beauty, but also do not want to lose the".

is now because the customer’s choice of space is very large, so if a shop can not get the customer’s recognition, such a shop would like to get good development is not easy. In short, the shops, the fierce market competition, the customer is in the selection of businesses, is a buyer’s market, but if you are sincere hospitality, not bully, not cheating, don’t hang off, it will certainly win high reputation. The old customers will frequently patronize, new buyers will come here, you think ah, your business can not fire, can not long?

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