Lake Lake area was all included in the ban coal area

held yesterday in the west area of how crucial mobilization meeting was informed that the lake district has also been included in the ban on coal area, the area of coal-fired facilities to all closed, in order to improve the environmental quality in this area, so far west district ban coal zone from Sea Lake Road West to zhangjiawan.

since last year, the west area has continued to increase coal-fired facilities and food and beverage (oil) coal smoke pollution remediation efforts, Lu Yixi and colleagues to complete the sunning Road East, north of Kunlun Road, silk road to the south of the region 273 catering industry (oil) coal smoke pollution rectification, and the Xishan Fukou street, a traffic lane lane two market small fire rectification work. At the same time, in the implementation of the clean water project, the implementation of the "long river" system, the jurisdiction of the water environment pollution of waste plastics processing, tofu processing workshop, car wash and a number of illegal production and processing were investigated, the Huangshui River on both sides of a small processing enterprises for rectification, according to shutting down selected Yangjiawan ironworks, not on the to meet the requirements of the food business operators shall order rectification, do not comply with the provisions of the environmental protection measures and absolute construction projects will not be approved, crackdown three wash Sunaba, on the river waters, all-weather cleaning, cleaning up the river dead garbage, silt 130, prevent the occurrence of water pollution accidents. In addition, in order to protect the water source, and actively adjust and optimize the structure of agricultural planting, the construction of 80 solar energy greenhouse, in the village of three cultivated land to implement the transformation of shallow irrigation channels, so that the use of water resources has been improved.

as of now, the decomposition of the West District of the four categories of the 23 indicators, the 20 has been achieved and further consolidation and improvement, and the other 3 have been basically achieved, the region’s environmental quality has been further improved. (author: Zhang Xu Liang)

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