36 krypton little rent Ajimi contracted three party strategic entrepreneurship cooperation agreeme

with the growing entrepreneurial atmosphere of society, more and more private forces began to pour into the field of entrepreneurship, the construction of business incubator platform. Private capital to help entrepreneurs with its rich business and market resources.

1 6 in the morning, the signing ceremony of double remodeling industry ecosystem and the 36 krypton space, little rent, Ajimi three party strategic cooperation held in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park Convention Center, National People’s Congress Joe Ms. Yin for a speech.

the signing of cooperation, the three parties will sign to explore innovative new ecology, strive to create space, media, investment, incubation, information management integrated operation service system, create a truly wide coverage, multi service, experience a sense of good business ecosystem service.

is little rent in June 2015 opened the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four city services and the establishment of a national customer service center, the first enterprise service expansion project will also be accompanied by the business in the country have been on-line operation, with asset light model, 2016 will focus on Chengdu, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Tianjin 8 city the establishment of Southern China, central China, North China, East China, southwest, five business area. Under this development plan, the cornerstone of bilateral cooperation has been formed, business services ecosystem will be extended nationwide.

and the Shenzhen’s first 36 krypton space in Ajimi, officially opened the prelude to the three party cooperation. As a well-known public space operators, Ajimi took a year, using the architectural design concept of cross-border integration of indoor space, including on the basis of the traditional courtyard culture to create a super courtyard theme extraction villa community theme hive super hexagon conceptual design, super Yu Kaiwen Lynch "town theme and the source image of the city", and with music square, Platon wall, container strategic center, town meeting hall and other venues.

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