48-year-old takes his life after marriage fails

first_imgBy Kristen MacklingamThe body of Mohanlall Udairaj, 48, was found hanging inside his bedroom early yesterday (Thursday) morning by his sister-in-law and nephew who had visited the home following concerns raised by the dead man’s neighbours.Tuladai Raj the sister-in-law said that she and her son made the shocking and ghastly discovery around 07:30h on Thursday at the Lot 143 Hope West, Enmore, East Coast Demerara (ECD) residence.She explained that her husband, brother of the deceased, had arrived at Udairaj’s home earlier to collect some documents but after receiving no answer he returned home.Subsequently, the now dead man’s neighbours telephoned Raj to voice concerns that they had not seen her brother-in-law for over three days and implored that the family “check up” on him.“The neighbours said the downstairs of the house was open but the upstairs lock up and his bicycle in the same position for days, meaning he didn’t use it and that is what he uses anytime he leaves the house. So I come with my son, up the stairs and push the front door which was open and I see his body hanging in his bedroom. His bedroom door was open so you can see in from the front door and when I see I rush out,” Raj stated.According to the distraught woman, Udairaj’s neighbours were already alert and in the yard waiting for her to give them feedback.The neighbours had become worried after the man’s wife of 16 years allegedly ended the relationship with him some four months ago, taking away his two daughters and her daughter whom he had also raised.“They suspect something was wrong, from the slight smell in the house, the actions of the two puppies he took care of running up and down the steps not coming out. He premeditate this you know, his wife left him months now and for the past three weeks he told my son that it don’t make sense living and living alone and so. We talk to him over and over and over but we didn’t expect him to do something like this,” she related.Guyana Times was told that Udairaj’s daughters are ages 13 and one year. His step-daughter is said to be 17 years old.last_img read more

Criminal Lawyer Jason Doe Solves: The Case of the Angry Candidate (3)

first_imgCharacters in the StoryJason Doe—The lawyer who was excited to know much about the defendantEphraim Sackor—The angry candidate who became the defendant who did not want to be arrestedJanet Lovebird—The beautiful secretary of Counselor Jason Doe.Judge Martina Yuo—The judge who wanted fairness in her courtroomCecelia Sackor—wife of the defendant who felt her husband was not having a nervous breakdownLt. Samson Swen—The prosecutor who wanted nothing but the defendant to hangTolbert Wolo—MU Propaganda specialist, whose testimony the prosecution hung its case.Colonel Jackson Payne—The officer who led the investigationThe tension that concluded the morning session was discernible when the afternoon session began. Judge Martina Yuo leaned forward on her bench and said, “Counselor Doe will begin his cross-examination of Officer Jackson Payne,” and then relaxed in her chair. She followed it up by dropping her glasses in front of her and it made a slight echo.Jason Doe, tall and agile, shifted himself and strolled leisurely towards Officer Payne in the witness stand. The lawyer smiled momentarily like a boxer about to pounce on his enemy. There was a nagging sense of confidence discernible in his demeanor.“Col. Payne,” Counselor Doe said, “Ephraim Sackor was one of the candidates for the president in the recent Media Union elections?”“Yes.”“And he lost his bid for the presidency and reports indicated that he was meanwhile referred to as the angry candidate by his colleagues who did not live up to his expectation?”“Yes.”The lawyer made a swift retreat to his table and in that moment met the eyes of defendant Ephraim Sackor, whose gaze filled him with uncertainty.The lawyer shrugged his shoulders and marched towards the witness. In his unusual baritone, Cllr. Doe said, “Ephraim Sackor, your investigations concluded, and this was from his wife that he had a mental breakdown?”“Yes.”“Did you verify that statement from a professional psychologist?”“No.”“Mrs. Sackor is not a professional psychologist?”“That’s true.”The lawyer frowned thoughtfully.“How then could not agree with her ‘opinion’ that Ephraim Sackor suffered a mental breakdown after he lost the Media Elections?”The witness gave a deep breath and said, “Mrs. Sackor knows her husband better than anybody else. She did not demonstrate any hatred towards him and therefore her observation seemed probable.“Additionally, she was keenly involved in the Media Elections and after her husband’s loss she spent considerable time with him and was in the best position to make an opinion of fact. It therefore seemed right to believe her.”Jason Doe frowned again, and turning to Judge Martina Yuo, said, “It is true she is the wife of the defendant but at the same time she is not a professional in the field of psychology to accurately diagnose the mental state of a man who is facing murder charges and you accepted her opinion as a fact, Col. Payne?”Col. Payne readjusted himself in the witness stand, for it seemed the question had jolted him. He shrugged his shoulders in an attempt to rise above the shock and was said, “Mrs. Sackor, I must admit, is not a psychologist and neither is she with the authority to point out her husband’s mental state, but her closeness with him, as a husband. She did not have any ulterior motive and that gave us the assurance that she was speaking of fact.”“So then,” Jason Doe said, “you were investigating a case, involving the death of a citizen of much influence, and you surprisingly based a statement of fact which a man’s life hangs, on the opinion of an unprofessional.” Suddenly, Prosecutor Samson Swen was on his feet.“The opinion of the defendant’s wife is one aspect to develop the case, Counselor.”“You’re right,” Jason Doe retorted, “but in a case that demands without reasonable doubt, it makes a whole lot of sense to base the conclusion on a professional psychologist after a thorough examination?”Judge Yuo weighed in the case and responded, “The Court does not expect the prosecutor to intervene in the defense counsel’s trend of cross examination, bringing out an apparent source that is not an authority on a man whose life hangs in a balance, as to whether he contributed to the death of the decedent.“The Court is much interested in professional sources that could bear much on the case and hence Counselor Doe has the Court’s support to bring out an apparent error of assigning an authority to an opinion of a spouse who in a greater measure should be siding with her husband.”“Thank you, Your Honor,” Prosecutor Swen said, “I was trying to point out that the woman’s honest opinion should not unnecessarily delay the case, though she is not an expert.”“Very well,” Judge Yuo said, and glaring at the prosecutor noted. “Since the prosecutor agrees with the defense’s position, it is therefore not necessary for any intervention.”“Thank you, Your Honor,” the prosecutor conceded, and the negative blow of his position could not be lost on the spectators, but Jason Doe, in a triumphant response, said, “Ephraim Sackor visited the decedent two hours before he died?”“Yes.”“And the toxicologist report indicated that his death came two hours after the defendant’s visit?”“Yes.”“Referring to the Promissory Note, which you testified in Court; when was the defendant expected to pay his loan?”“It was on October 15.”“Was a specific time of the day specified in the Promissory Note?”“No.”“Therefore,” Jason Doe said, “the defendant was supposed to visit the decedent on October 15?”“Yes,” Officer Payne said, “and his visit was to be accompanied with the money.”“Did the Promissory Note make any specific indication about his visit without the money?”“It did not state the way you put it but his visit evidently should have been accompanied with the money,” Officer Payne retorted, a bit irritably.“But,” the lawyer said with an amount of interest, “it did not state that he must not visit the lender unless he had the money.”“It did not state in that clear terms but it was obvious.”A mild laughter swept through the courtroom and Jason Doe allowed the echo to fill the air.“The decedent, Clinton Dahn was an elderly man?”“Yes.”“How elderly, Officer Payne?”“He was in his 50s.”“And how did you know that he was in poor health? Did you have any idea what medications he was prescribed for?”Suddenly, all attention swept towards the corner of the Courtroom where the widow, Comfort Dahn and other family members sat, displaying a suppressed emotion but the voice of the witness responded:“The decedent suffered from high blood pressure.”“Was he under any strict instructions regarding the use of medicines prescribed for him?”“It’s obvious. His prescribed medications were Thiazide Diuretics and Beta Blockers.”“Thiazide Diuretics,” the lawyer said, and after some hesitation said, “yes these kinds of drugs are sometimes called ‘water pills’ and they act on kidneys to help the body eliminate sodium and water, reducing blood volume. During your investigations did it occur to you that the efficient administration of these drugs required a family member or a nurse?”The officer strained his eyes and pretended he was recollecting what had transpired and said, “We were assured that dosage was administered by his widow Comfort Dahn.”“Who gave the assurance, officer?”“His widow, Comfort Dahn.”“Therefore,” Jason Doe said, “when you returned to the house on October 27th did you observe anything that raised your suspicion about the cause of death?”Col. Payne seemed confused and after hesitating briefly, said, “It did not seem anything much at the time but now that you are asking about it, let me explain she violated police instructions by cleaning up the house.”The lawyer returned to the defense table and looked through papers and returning to the witness said, “What was her reaction when one of the officers confronted her?”“She mumbled that she did not mean to kill her husband and we thought her reaction was due to the shock of his death.”“And did that move you to investigate that angle, officer?” Officer Payne was considering the question when an echo of tears broke out at the corner where the widow Comfort Dahn was mumbling to herself.The courtroom was taken aback as her hysteria increased. Bailiffs and several police officers rushed to the scene.Meanwhile, the widow informed the officers that she wanted to make some issues clear about the death of her husband. The information was communicated to Judge Yuo, who advised and warned her that she did not have to increase her discomfort by making any incriminating statements.Her insistence was so strong that she was sworn in, and positioned herself to clear the air, as a witness for the prosecution. Her face was that of a woman whose world had come to the end with an action she did not mean to execute. In the dock she straightened up, squeezed her lips and stared in the air, as if she was seeking some intervention.Her hands trembled and she grabbed the edges of the witness stand. When she began to speak, it was in a well-modulated tone which took the courtroom by surprise.“Clinton’s death,” she said, fighting back tears, “was not by that man, for it was an accident.A hush swept through the courtroom, and seconds later, she resumed, and kept her composure intact.“I did not mean to have caused his death,” her voice echoed the meaning across the courtroom, as spectators strained their ears.“When I learnt that Clinton had given such huge amount to someone, I thought the recipient was a woman.“So I went to him after I had collected all his medications and threatened that either he confessed the name of the woman who he had given the money to, otherwise I would not give them to him.”The silence in the courtroom was deafening and even a drop of a pin could have been heard. Judge Yuo sat, relaxed in her bench as her ears received the shocking revelations.Jason Doe, who did not seem at all surprise, was already seated at the defense table, with his ears straining, his eyes glinted with a frown on his face.After a couple of seconds, the widow continued, solemnly, “I did not mean to cause his death but when I realized what I had done, it was apparently too late to save him.”As the witness, once again, hesitated, Judge Martina Yuo signaled the defense and the prosecution to a whispered conference.Few seconds later, Judge Yuo announced the release of defendant Ephraim Sackor from further police custody and ordered the widow Comfort Dahn held for the murder of her husband, businessman Clinton Dahn.The EndShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Dr. Jallah’s Legal Team Refutes Church’s ‘Murder’ Accusation

first_imgDr. Wilhemina Jallah, Minister of Health-designateCounselor Felicia V. Coleman, a lawyer representing Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Health Minister-designate, Thursday denied claims by the New Generation International Church that the Presidential nominee is facing court charges for an ‘action of damages for murder.’Cllr. Coleman said the lawsuit against Dr. Jallah is ‘Action for Damages for Wrongful Death.’ She, however, declined to provide further details on the matter, “because the case is before the court.”But a press statement read by widower Larry B. Fahnbulleh claimed that his wife’s (the late Mrs. Desiree P.G. Fahnbulleh), death was caused by Dr. Jallah, though Dr. Jallah was not in the country when the surgery was performed.President George Weah recently named Dr. Jallah, who is the founder and chief executive officer of the Hope for Women Medical Center in Monrovia, to head the Ministry of Health.Cllr. Coleman said she believes Dr. Jallah is the rightful person for the job of Minister of Health, “because she’s the only female Liberian operating a privately-owned hospital and provides free treatment to victims of sexual violence and. Dr. Jallah is one of the best doctors that the country can boast of,” according to her“Dr. Jallah regrets the death of Pastor Desiree Fahnbulleh, even though she was not the one that performed the surgery on Mrs. Fahnbulleh,” Coleman said.On Tuesday, the leadership of the Church called on members of the Senate not to confirm Dr. Jallah as Minister of Health until the charge against her is disposed of.The church threatened to resist Dr. Jallah’s confirmation because of the lawsuit but it did not explain how it would do it.The church said its legal claim against Dr. Jallah is ‘murder’ and does not think it would be proper for the Senate to confirm an individual whose character is questionable.According to the church, it would be prudent for Dr. Jallah to clear her name through the court before taking any ministerial position if the President thinks she is the only qualified medical doctor for the post.Mr. Fahnbulleh said he is deeply disappointed that the President has nominated Dr. Jallah to the post of Health Minister. “The lady caused the death of my wife,” Mr. Fahnbulleh claimed.Prior to her death on December 8, 2016, Mrs. Fahnbulleh was regularly treated at Dr. Jallah’s Hope for Women Medical Center.Fahnbulleh said his wife did her second surgery at the hospital in 2014, at which time, Dr. Jallah advised her to stop having any more children because of her past medical history. “Predicated upon that, Dr. Jallah advised that the family should agree to carry out a medical procedure that would remove her fallopian tubes to prevent further pregnancy, but the procedure did not work well (because) my wife was impregnated. This led to her death,” Fabnbulled claimed.“Dr. Jallah told us that she did the operation and we signed documents. A little over a year ago, my wife took sick and went for a medical checkup to this same Dr. Jallah only to discover that my wife was four months pregnant,” Fahnbulleh said.He said based on the circumstances surrounding his wife’s pregnancy, the church, her family, including her spiritual father Reverend Simeon Dunbar, and the leadership of the church advised her to give birth outside of Liberia.“But Dr.Jallah again convinced my wife that she understands and knows her medical history so that my wife should not travel out of the country to deliver, promising that she would handle the situation. On November 24, 2016, my wife went for a routine medical checkup and Dr. Jallah told her that she would have to be admitted for surgery on December 10,” he narrated.Fahnbulleh explained that on December 4, 2016, his wife received information that Dr. Jallah was traveling to the United States and would be returning on the 12th, “but she did not inform my wife regarding her trip to the U.S., neither did she refer her to another doctor.”He said on December 8, his wife went to do another routine medical checkup at the hospital when he received a call from his wife asking him to urgently reach the hospital because she was compelled to stay for surgery.Fahnbulleh said, “I immediately rushed to the hospital and was told by the nurses to sign the surgery consent form…..I was later requested by the hospital authorities to purchase two pints of blood for my wife, which cost US$75.”He said the hospital could not give him any fitting response about his wife’s medical status but after her death presented a death certificate, “which stated that my wife died from heart failure, a condition from which she never suffered.”Fahnbulleh said the autopsy report revealed that his wife did not die from heart failure, but from low blood and unprofessional medical work done on her.”Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah is a champion of women’s healthcare in Liberia. As the head of obstetrics and gynecology at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center she was involved in prenatal care, emergency obstetrics, and provided medical services to young survivors of rape, many of whom require fistula repair surgery. She is the founder and Medical Director of Hope for Women International, an organization supporting women diagnosed with cancer. Her passion and dedication even led to the founding of the Liberian Cancer Society.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Mz Menneh and Tito Gee Release Two Singles on Rape Issues

first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Singer and songwriter, Mz Menneh.Rape or sexual abuse is not an issue that many Liberian artistes love to sing about, but there are few brave ones like Mz Menneh and Tito Gee who are using their songs to speak out against the immoral and illegal act.Tito Gee’s song, Breaking Silence, and Mz Menneh’s Stop Rape, comes in the wake of the recently released ProPublica’s and Time Magazine’s story of years of sexual abuse at the US-based charity organization More Than Me.The Time Magazine’s story reported that MTM, a US charity, was founded in 2009 by Katie Meyler to help get girls from the street to school.The report added that the girls were raped from the onset by Macintosh Johnson, the charity’s co-founder and an ex-combatant with whom Meyler was having a sexual relationship.US-based Liberian artist Tito GeeAccording to the report, MTN founder Katie Meyler and the board went to great lengths to cover up the scandal as well as working with government officials to influence the trial of the accused rapist, her boyfriend.The singles from Mz Menneh and Tito Gee tackles a number of controversial issues, including rape and child molestation as well as the harmful impact on those who are being victimized.“We want to use our music to make a difference,” Mz Menneh and Tito Gee told the Daily Observer this month, speaking via social media.  “Protecting women from sexual abuse is an issue close to our hearts. Our songs are meant to stir debate on how society can get rid of its rape culture and better protect women.“The best way we can end or even minimize rape or any sexual abuse against women is through a national dialogue, where people will get to know the danger of such thing,” Mz Menneh and Tito Gee said.Rape remains one of the most frequently reported crimes in Liberia, according to Liberia’s Ministry of Gender and Development, and the incidence of sexual violence against women in Liberia is among the highest in the world.In a 2016 SGBV report, UNMIL (United Nations Mission in Liberia) and UNCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) reported that the number of reported cases of rape is extremely high and that perpetrators are rarely held accountable.The report added, according to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MOGCSP) Gender-Based Violence Annual Statistical Report of 2015, only two percent of all SGBV cases reported to GBV Response Actors (Health facilities, NGOs and LNP/WACPS) resulted in a conviction.The report further said prison data received by UNMIL in June 2016, show that courts convicted 34 individuals for rape in all of Liberia in 2015, out of over 803 reported cases that year.Rape is the second most commonly reported serious crime in Liberia. In 2014, according to statistics provided by MOGCSP, 708 cases of rape, including gang rape, were reported to law enforcement officials, health care providers, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); in 2015, this number rose to 803.Out of these 1,511 cases, only 836 reported by MOGCSP were registered by the police, and the police later sent only 259 cases to court. According to data collected from circuit courts, 24 individuals were convicted in 2014 and 34 in 2015 by the court of the first instance,” the report added.“Rape is a serious issue that needs everyone to get involved and that is why we are trying to create that awareness through songs. Music is a powerful tool to create awareness about rape or sexual abuse; it is because music cut across all boundary and inspire people to take action,” the artists said.Mz Menneh and Tito Gee strongly condemn all form of sexual violence against women and promised to continue to use their music to create awareness on the issue through their music.last_img read more

Results from second day of advanced polling

first_imgDuring the first advanced polling, 211 city residents came out; bringing the total for both advanced voting days to 540.In 2011, 665 people voted in the advanced polling opportunities.Chief Elections Officer, Janet Prestley attributes the “slightly lower” voter turnout to the fact that there’s no mayoral race or referendum question as there was in the previous municipal election.- Advertisement -General Election Day is November 15th, and again will be open 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Pomeroy Sports Centre.There’s also a special voting opportunity being held on General Election Day at the Fort St. John Hospital for patients and staff, and will be held 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.The hospital is located on 8407 – 112th Avenue.Advertisement Voters are being reminded to bring with them two pieces of identification – at least one of them containing a signature.last_img read more

PRRD still gathering information on building inspection service

first_imgFor those with questions concerning the Peace River Regional District building inspection service, there’s confirmation the information gathering process continues, but it’s likely to be the spring of next year before there’s anything definitive regarding future bylaw direction.It’s been nearly a year now since administrative staff started the stakeholder/public feedback process, but Shannon Anderson the deputy Chief Administrative Officer says, there’s still more information to be brought forward to the PRRD Board.Meantime, it is also important to note again there are current building options available while the district works toward an informed decision regarding the future direction of Building Bylaw number 2131, 2014.- Advertisement -“It states basically that we provide building inspection services over the entire regional district but we only choose to enforce it over a delineated area within the regional district. There’s a map that shows where it’s mandatory where you shall get a permit. If you lie outside the building permit mandatory zone we will still provide that service but it’s not mandatory. If you require it for your lending institution or insurance purposes you can come in and we’ll provide that service for you.Mr. Anderson was reluctant to speculate on when the board will receive the staff report and therefore, if and when, a referendum could be expected.“We need to have further discussions with the rural directors on what the process looks like. We have to come up with questions, what the questions on the referendum should be, and get that all passed through the board. We would bring forward dates for whatever that opinion poll looks like.”Advertisement However, it should also be noted again, if a referendum is held it will be non-binding, as it’s a regulatory bylaw, for which there’s no authority to hold a binding vote.last_img read more

Exclusive – Hodgson insists work-in-progress England ‘will be ready’ for Euro 2016

first_imgRoy Hodgson has told talkSPORT he is excited for England’s future and insists his team will be ready to compete at the 2016 European Championships.The Three Lions manager has come under fire for the side’s recent below-par performances after just scraping a 1-0 victory over Norway last week.The friendly had the lowest ever attendance for an England game at the new Wembley, with fans seemingly still unimpressed with the side’s form following a woeful World Cup.Despite going into the summer’s tournament in high spirits, the Three Lions endured a miserable campaign in Brazil – failing to register a win and finishing rock bottom of their group.But Hodgson still harbours high hopes for his work-in-progress squad, while he also defended their poor displays explaining you have to expect “hiccups” when you introduce new players into the set-up.“I’ve got no doubt in my mind that this current crop of England players is capable of doing well,” he told Keys and Gray: Inside Sport.“But they’re going to need these two years [in the build-up to Euro 2016].“They’ll be some heartache and pain along the way, you can’t introduce so many players at one stage without few hiccups.“But the fortune for us is that we have a group that can allow us a bit of room for experimentation and trail, so that when we go to France in 2016 these players will be ready.”Meanwhile, the former Liverpool manager says he has been encouraged by England’s currently thriving youth system that the first-team will enjoy future success.Much has been made in the past about the lack of youth stars delivering when they eventually reach the top level, however, Hodgson claims he has seen enough talent to suggest any future boss may have a selection headache on his hands.He added: “I’m very excited and that goes beyond the first team.“I watched the Under-20s demolish Romania [with a stunning 6-0 friendly win] this week and they were excellent, they really were.“As I was watching them I was thinking to myself that a lot of these players, who are only around 19 years old, can easily play in the Premier League.“There are so many unbelievably gifted young players coming through our academy systems.“They have all the things we’ve looked for in the past: pace, mobility, athleticism and technique. And really all they need is to improve their understanding of the game.“We all know that can’t happen overnight, so we work with them day after day on the training field at their clubs and hopefully here if they make the England squad. “last_img read more


first_imgCelebrity couple Brian and Pippa Ormond have turned heads in Donegal Town over the weekend.The couple were taking part in the first game of RTE’s Celebrity Bainisteoir where Brian’s team was taking on wife Pippa who is the manager of Donegal team Naomh Brid. The well-knwon model and her RTE presenter husband took time out to see the sights of Donegal and were spotted on Donegal’s famous Water Bus in Donegal Town.We don’t want to ruin the surprise as to who won.But let’s just say we could still yet have a double All-Ireland in the county!  BRIAN AND PIPPA TAKE LIKE DUCKS TO WATER IN DONEGAL! was last modified: September 10th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgINSPECTORS who visited a number of crèches across Donegal found young children were exposed to risks of strangulation, scalding and other serious injuries.A creche – pic posed by models.The potential hazards – which also included a water supply that was “unfit for human consumption” – were discovered by the HSE team at creches and preschools across the county.They were revealed in a series of newly published reports. An inspection of First Steps Childminding Service at Inch Island near Lifford last April found a shower hose in the messy play area extended to a low level in a loop, which “may be a strangulation hazard”.The surface temperature of the radiator was excessive and there was a risk children might be injured if they came in contact with the surface.The potential dangers were revealed in a report carried in today’s Irish Independent.Other potential dangers included – An exit door which was not secured, leaving children vulnerable to going on to the roadway. * An uncovered sand box in the outdoor play area which could be contaminated by animal waste.* A cracked window at the playroom patio door risked the entire window pane shattering.* An opening in an external wall in the playroom could have led to rodents and other pests getting in.A separate inspection of Fairytales Day Care in Milford, Letterkenny, last September found that a number of electric sockets in the toddler room were unprotected.A restricted opening device was not fitted in the preschool room on the first floor and a written record of fire drills was not maintained. The sanitary accommodation adjacent to the toddler room was not complete and just one wash-hand basin was provided when three were needed. A follow-up inspection last May found these issues had been corrected.An inspection of Naionra An Choimin, in Cloghan, Lifford, in June 2012 showed there was no record of the maintenance of smoke alarms and no fire drill displayed.The fire-escape door from the playroom could be easily opened, allowing children unsupervised access to the car park.The water supply was “unfit for human consumption”. Inspectors said a portable water supply should be provided and any water from the well being used “must be boiled first”. A separate inspection of Greencastle Community Childcare Centre in Greencastle last December found that the surface temperature of the radiator in the Home Corner was excessive and posed a risk of burning.Inspectors who examined the Kiddlywinks Preschool at Langan Gorm, Laghey, last February found the surface temperature of the radiators was too hot.The inspectors also told managers that they needed a written policy on behaviour management and challenging behaviour which made a clear statement that no corporal punishment and no practices that were disrespectful, degrading, exploitative, intimidating, emotionally or physically harmful or neglectful were carried out.Management at each facility were given an action plan which they agreed to comply with.DAMNING REPORT INTO DONEGAL CRECHES FINDS RISK OF SCALDING AND STRANGULATION was last modified: August 21st, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Crechesdonegalreportscaldingstrangulationlast_img read more


first_imgDanske Bank Rannafast Cup Quarter Final, Wed Oct 24th at 4pmColaisti Inis Eoghain v St Eunans College, At Hibernian Park, Burt.The arrival of one Sam Maguire and the eagerly awaited meeting of Colaisti Inis Eoghain and St Eunans has generated a lot of interest among GAA supporters in Inishowen this week, as the two rivals go head to head in Hibernian Park Burt on Wednesday afternoon, throw in time 4.00 pm for a semi final place in the Danske Bank sponsored Rannafast Cup. Gary Duffy’s Inis Eoghain team, are relative newcomers to Ulster Colleges competitions compared to the Letterkenny School and the current squad are the first to come through the process of developing schools football in Inishowen, but they are beginning to make an impact. They had sensational start back in 2010 when they shocked St Pat’s Maghera in their opening Corn na nOg game, and also defeated St Mary’s Magherafelt but they did suffer a heavy defeat at the hands of St Eunans in O’Donnell Park and some would say that result still hurts. Lat year they had a good run in the Brock Cup with a couple of good victories also, making it to the Shield quarterfinal, where they lost to Abbey CBS. This season they started well in the Rannafast Cup with good victories over Our Lady’s Castleblaney and St Colman’s Newry, before losing to an impressive Omagh CBS in their final group game, played in Buncrana and qualified for the quarter final as runners up in a tough group. In defence Peter Doherty, Stephen O Donnell and Darren Gallagher all look impressive, while Georgie Kelly, Tony McClenagahan, Sean McHugh, Caolan Mailey and John Campbell are certain to be key players in midfield and attack. Some of the players have benefited greatly from their involvement with Donegal U15 and U16 teams during the year, but the aim now as a team is to progress even further and reaching the semi final of this prestigious competition would be one way of doing just that.St Eunans, who have qualified for the quarterfinals for the first time in almost three decades, will start as favourites for the game. In their first year together they won the Ulster Colleges Corn Colmcille Cup, although that was a “B” competition and after moving up to the “A” grade the following year they reached the semi final of the Corn na nOg Cup, inflicting that heavy defeat on Colaisti Inis Eoghain on the way, before losing to eventual winners St Pat’s Cavan. Last season they reached the quarterfinals of the Brock Cup, but again fell to the Cavan outfit. They topped Group D in the qualifying stages of a three-team group in the Rannafast, with impressive victories over St Mary’s Magherafelt and St Patrick’s Armagh thanks to a late goal from Michael Miller and six points from D Tyrell (five from frees). Managed by Glenswilly man Gary McDaid, they have a large panel to choose from with players such as Darragh McWalters and Sean McDonagh strong at the back, while Christopher Flanagan, Michael Miller, C Morrisson and the reliable D Tyrell sure to play a key part in attackQuite a number of players on both sides have already been selected at U15 and U16 County Development teams and it is fair to say that several of those will be pushing hard for places on the Donegal minor team in two years time. Ulster Colleges competitions are a great way of developing such players, so a good game is envisaged on Wednesday afternoon with the result hanging very much in the balance.Colaisti Inis Eoghain:  Jamie Barr, Tommy Byrne, Peter Doherty, Stephen O Donnell, Ultan Doherty, Darren Gallagher, Darragh Browne, Georgie Kelly, Tony McCleneghan, Mark Coyle, Sean McHugh, Christopher McLaughlin, Caolan Mailey, John Campbell, Joshua Lafferty, Christopher McCormick, Ronan Hartin, Ryan Doherty, Danny McCarron, John Collins, Jonathan McDaid, Ryan McLaughlin, Phil Brennan. St Eunans:  S Dafflan, M Friel, D McWalters, S McDonagh, O Shiels, M Patton, C O Boyle, P Diver, D Tyrell, N O Donnell, M Miller, R Toner, C Morrisson, R Carr, C Flanagan, C McDaid, O Hilley, Ciaran Maloney, Kieran McPherson, Jason Quinn, Cormac Callaghan, Ryan Rainey, Caolan O Donnell, Ronan Dorrian, Cormac Cannon, Owen McFadden, Chris Carr, Kevin Grant, Caolan Toye.Referee Jim McCallion (Tyrone)SAM MAGUIRE TO ATTEND DONEGAL DERBY IN RANNAFAST CUP QUARTER FINAL was last modified: October 23rd, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:inishowen collegesSAM MAGUIRE TO ATTEND DONEGAL DERBY IN RANNAFAST CUP QUARTER FINALSt.Eunan’s Collegelast_img read more