UN refugee seeks additional funds as Afghan returns from Pakistan surpass expectations

10 August 2007Afghan refugees are returning to their home country from Pakistan at a pace exceeding the expectations and resources of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and the agency is appealing for additional funds to assist the returnees. UNHCR has been able to help 300,000 refugees so far this year thanks to donor support, but “funds will soon be exhausted,” agency spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told reporters in Geneva. Returnees receive a transport and reintegration grant and medical check-ups, with children being vaccinated for polio and measles. A transit centre near Jalalabad, Afghanistan, also provides mine awareness training. An additional $10 million, on top of the $15 million requested this April, will allow UNHCR to support the return and reintegration of 400,000 Afghans this year, Ms. Pagonis added, bringing the new budged for the entire Afghanistan operation to nearly $110 million. More than five million Afghans – 3.2 million from Afghanistan and 1.8 million from Iran – have returned to their country since the launch of UNHCR’s repatriation programme in 2002 following the fall of the Taliban. Last year marked the lowest levels of returns – nearly 140,000 – since the start of the scheme due to the “deteriorating security situation and economic and social conditions inside Afghanistan,” Ms. Pagonis noted. The current upsurge in returns are a result of the “conditions in the host countries and the policies of host governments,” she said. UNHCR is monitoring activities in both host countries and the country of origin to ensure that repatriation is voluntary and gradual, a principle that has been agreed upon a tripartite commission comprising Afghanistan, Pakistan and UNHCR. “In the longer term, the key to continued and successful return to Afghanistan will lie in improving security, raising living standards, and enlarging employment opportunities through reconstruction and development programmes in Afghanistan,” Ms. Pagonis said. Last week, Afghanistan, Pakistan and UNHCR agreed to extend by another three years the programme of voluntary repatriation of Afghans to their homeland. read more

Mongolia UN airlifts emergency supplies to children amid severe winter

2 March 2010As temperatures in western Mongolia continue to hover around -40 degrees Celsius, the United Nations is sending woolen blankets, warm footwear, hygiene kits and other emergency supplies to nearly 4,000 school-age children living in poor rural areas of the country. “We are redoubling our efforts to provide essential emergency items and educational materials for school children who are living in remote dormitories as they lack access to heating facilities, food and medical treatment. Protecting children from diseases and malnutrition will be key to our planned interventions over the coming weeks,” said Rana Flowers, Representative of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in a news release issued today.A joint monitoring team from UNICEF and the Government of Mongolia is currently on the ground to ensure that the assistance quickly reaches the neediest children living in the remote countryside in the west. That region has suffered the most from the “dzud,” a Mongolian term for severe winter with heavy snows, strong winds and lower-than-normal temperatures. The UN assistance is specifically aimed at children and families living in poorly heated and equipped dormitories, as identified by local and national government authorities. The initial dispatch of emergency assistance will be followed by six overland truck convoys during the next few weeks, which will fan out to school dormitories in 22 villages in the six hardest-hit provinces of Khuvsgul, Uvs, Zavkhan, Gobi-Altai, Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii to reach children of rural families. In total, the airlift and six convoys will carry combined supplies worth $137,000. In addition, UNICEF last month provided more than $45,000 to repair broken heating systems in 18 educational institutions nationwide housing more than 17,000 children. The agency’s work is part of a larger UN response in Mongolia organized in collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science (MECS) and of Health (MOH), and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). The UN allocated $3.7 million for humanitarian assistance to Mongolia from its Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) last week. read more

Supertall residential building will enter crowded NYC market

NEW YORK — A condominium tower near Central Park in New York City will be the world’s tallest predominantly residential building when it opens next year but will be competing with other ultra-luxury buildings for billionaire buyers.Extell Development Co. President Gary Barnett said Tuesday that the $3 billion, 1,550-foot (472-meter) Central Park Tower is entering an “oversupplied” market. He said Extell and its partners will have to be “flexible” in selling the building’s multimillion-dollar apartments.Barnett spoke at a “topping out” ceremony Tuesday to celebrate the fact that the tower has reached its full height.Apartments now listed on Central Park Tower’s website range from $6.9 million for a 33rd floor two-bedroom to $63 million for a 112th-floor five-bedroom.Nordstrom department store will occupy the first seven floors of the West 57th Street building.The Associated Press read more

CNOOCNexen decision on Chinese takeover pivotal for Harper agenda

OTTAWA – As a former deputy minister at Industry Canada, there was no one in government who knew the Investment Canada Act more intimately than Paul Boothe.The top-tier bureaucrat, who has since migrated to academia, was instrumental in guiding a relatively young Conservative government when it surprisingly blocked the sale of domestic space technology, including the Radarsat-2 satellite, to an American firm in 2008.After recently poring over the pros and cons of the $15.1-billion energy deal between Chinese-controlled CNOOC and Calgary’s Nexen, Boothe can’t see any good reason for turning down the deal.He’s also well aware the answer may not be Yes.Despite attempts over the years to make approvals of foreign investment as clinical as possible, the CNOOC-Nexen decision comes down to pure politics.If Prime Minister Stephen Harper selected legacy items to be hallmarks of his first seven years in office, diversifying Canada’s trade and investment away from the United States towards the burgeoning economies of Asia and securing the prosperity of our resource economy would be near the top of the list.But the CNOOC-Nexen proposal is making him confront a deeply embedded Conservative queasiness about state involvement in business, and a long-standing mistrust of China.Even though CNOOC — controlled by the state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation — may pass the net-benefits test, it may not pass the smell test.“People are afraid of the unknown,” said Conservative MP Merv Tweed of Brandon, Man., — one of many politicians who’s been lobbied in CNOOC’s highly orchestrated campaign.The CNOOC offer is a neat fit for so much of the Conservative rhetoric these days. It’s the natural manifestation of Harper’s aggressive campaign to court Asia, bring foreign investment to Canada, and have global recognition of the value of the oil sands.But the NDP opposition is against the deal. Public opinion is not on side. The business community is split.And the Conservative caucus has a history of being leery of China, with Harper ignoring the rising power for his first few years in office. His first visit to the country was in 2009, five years after the previous official trip by a Canadian prime minister.Conservative MPs have been targeted by anti-CNOOC letter-writing campaigns. And they say they’re hearing about it on doorsteps in their ridings.“On paper it looks like a good exchange that will bring wealth and growth to this area,” said one Conservative MP whose views echoed those of many Conservatives who spoke with The Canadian Press.“However, the other side of the coin is the fact that it is a state-run enterprise, a government-owned company,” the MP said, speaking frankly in return for anonymity. “That’s what’s causing the apprehension.”That such simple observations must be cloaked in anonymity shows just how politically sensitive the CNOOC deal has become for Conservatives.So Harper’s looming decision is not merely one of looking at the economic benefits, or deciding how to handle state-owned enterprises. It also has to pre-empt a public backlash.The complexity of that task was made clear late Friday when the government announced a second extension to Dec. 10 for reviewing the deal.CNOOC has taken great pains to make sure its case looks air-tight. The company has laid out an offer, both publicly and in private discussions with regulators, that caters directly to the Investment Canada Act. It has committed to keeping management in Canada, listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, maintaining Nexen’s corporate social responsibility program, sticking with its capital investment plan and making Calgary the head office of its North American interests.That was widely viewed as just the company’s opening offer, and ongoing negotiations with Ottawa will no doubt see it pressured for more.“When you look at what they’ve said about their plans in terms of investment, in terms of employment, in terms of governance, in terms of social things like corporate responsibility — all of those things are consistent with the criteria in the Investment Canada Act,” said Boothe, who cautions that he does not know what is happening behind closed doors and bases his analysis on information in the public realm.There’s no doubt, however, the deal is forcing Harper and a very tight group of confidantes to address some larger, uncomfortable issues.“There are some bigger questions: About should we have state-owned enterprises investing in Canada? How much from a certain country? How much from China?” Boothe says.“In my view, those are discussions about the rules themselves rather than discussions about the application of the current rules for this particular deal.”But in seeking to show the public that he is taking those questions into consideration, Harper has muddied the waters.After shocking markets by announcing late on a Friday night that discussions for a Malaysia-owned takeover of Calgary-based Progress Energy Resources Corp., were on the rocks, Harper said a few days later that he was going to revise the rules for dealing with foreign takeovers involving state-owned enterprises.Now it is unclear whether those larger questions and the change in the policy framework will be dealt with separately but concurrently to the CNOOC decision, whether the new rules will apply only to future deals, or whether the CNOOC conditions provide the model for deals to come.The uncertainty is not helping Canada’s reputation as a stable place to invest. Official Ottawa was already under scrutiny for chasing away BHP Billiton from Potash Corp., of Saskatchewan.The overt politics of the CNOOC bid are more cause for malaise.“It doesn’t make any sense,” one New York-based investment banker said, speaking on background because he was not authorized to give interviews.He wondered why Harper would be loudly touting a new foreign-investment protection pact with China last week, while at the same time so obviously hesitating about accepting $15 billion in Chinese investment in a sector that is thirsty for financing.“You’re giving the Chinese more rights to invest, and then you’re taking (away) those rights.”To many Conservatives, however, it actually makes a lot of sense to ponder this decision carefully and make sure Ottawa sets the right precedent for the list of takeovers by state-owned enterprises yet to come.“I believe what the prime minister is attempting to do is come up with a review process that is predictable, that neither rubber-stamps deals nor rejects them outright. This is considered a test-run for that,” said the caucus insider.While many market players and business experts, including Boothe, shudder at the thought of a government changing the rules in the middle of the game, the Conservatives don’t see it that way at all, added the anonymous government MP.Rather, they see it the other way around: Patterns of foreign investment are changing in the middle of Canada’s contemplations, and Ottawa needs to be flexible to keep up.“With the rise of Asia, this is only going to grow,” said the MP. “We recognize the game is changing and we need to make sure our rules are made in the country’s best interest.” AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CNOOC-Nexen: decision on Chinese takeover pivotal for Harper agenda by Heather Scoffield and Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 4, 2012 12:47 pm MDT read more

Horrible attack in South Sudan town sends thousands fleeing across border –

According to estimates, some 6,000 newly displaced have arrived in Lamwo district (northern Uganda) since Monday, after an attack on the town of Pajok, some 15 kilometres (about 9.5 miles) across the border, and there are fears that number could rise as fighting is reported in the bordering towns of Magwi and Oboo.Describing the incident in Pajok as a “horrible attack”, Babar Baloch, a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) told journalists at a regular media briefing in Geneva that refugees claimed that the town came under an indiscriminate attack by the South Sudan armed forces.“[They] reported witnessing their loved ones shot dead at a close range, with many arrested or slaughtered, including children. Families fled in different directions; the elderly and disabled who could not run were shot dead,” he added.Furthermore, there are reports that many people are still hiding in the bush trying to find their way to safety and that their homes and properties were looted and burned.Main roads out of the town are also reportedly blocked by armed groups, noted the UNHCR spokesperson.UNHCR staff in northern Uganda are working to help women, children, elderly, and the disabled who are in dire need of immediate humanitarian assistance and trying to provide them with food, shelter, water and medical care but are reporting severe shortage of resources. SEE RELATED: UN agency revises funding requirements to tackle Africa’s worst displacement crisisThis January, in light of the worsening crisis in the world’s youngest nation, the funding appeal for the ‘South Sudan Situation’ – that includes support for Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic as well as South Sudan – was revised to nearly $782 million, up nearly $298 million (61 per cent) from the original appeal.However, it is only 11 per cent funded.Uganda currently hosts more than 832,000 refugees from South Sudan and its approach in dealing with refugees has been hailed as the most progressive, promoting self-reliance of refugees and their hosts, but the chronic under-funding is putting such relief activities at risk. read more

Cole scores 31 points Howard edges Cal Baptist 8684

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — RJ Cole scored 31 points with six rebounds and five assists as Howard edged Cal Baptist 86-84 on Saturday.Cole was 10 of 17 from the field including four from distance for the Bison (4-2). Charles Williams added 22 points and five rebounds and Chad Lott had 16 points and four rebounds.Howard trailed by 12 points late in the first half but a 3-pointer by Raymond Bethea Jr. followed by a dunk by Williams and a jumper by Andre Toure helped the Bison close to 38-35 at the break.Two layups by Cole and back-to-back 3-pointers by Bethea fed a 17-8 run that put the Bison on top 52-46 early in the second half. A Cole 3-pointer gave them a 76-74 lead with 3:46 remaining and they never trailed after that. Toure’s two free throws with 20 seconds left made it a four-point lead before Milan Acquaah’s 3-pionter with three seconds remaining.Dejon Davis scored 26 points with 11 rebounds to lead the Lancers (2-3). Acquaah finished with 24 points.The Associated Press read more

Opposition takes notice of Joey Bosas play for Ohio State

Sophomore defensive lineman Joey Bosa (97) celebrates after making a sack during a game against Maryland on Oct. 4 in College Park, Md. OSU won, 52-24.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWhen the Ohio State football team rolls into town on Saturday, Penn State coach James Franklin knows which player to keep a close eye on.And when it comes to that particular player, he knows the numbers down to the last detail.“Joey Bosa, No. 97, is the guy that jumps out to us the most,” Franklin said at a Tuesday press conference. “He’s a 6-foot-5, 280 pounds defensive tackle and has a team-high nine tackles for a loss and five and a half sacks.”It was a good try by Franklin, but he didn’t quite have Bosa’s measurables correct. The sophomore defensive lineman is actually listed at 278 pounds on the OSU roster.But outside of that two-pound difference, the first-year Penn State coach had Bosa’s numbers spot on. He also knows exactly how the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native stacks up against other players in the Big Ten.“He leads the Big Ten in tackles for a loss and forced fumbles, and is No. 2 in sacks,” Franklin said.The praise for Bosa didn’t end there. Franklin said he has a “rare combination” of strength and athleticism that makes him difficult to stop.“Those guys are hard to find and they don’t come around very often,” he said. “I think that’s what makes him a challenge. Obviously, we need to be aware of him.”Bosa is no stranger to coaches singing his praise, as he was a big name in college football even as a high school athlete at St. Thomas Aquinas. He said he knows what coaches — even from opposing teams — have to say, but added he simply tries to block it out and stay focused.“I just don’t really pay attention to any of it,” Bosa said Wednesday. “I just keep working, keep doing what I do and try to get better every day.”No matter whether Bosa listens or not, Franklin knows his game inside and out. But there’s one portion of No. 97’s play the Nittany Lions’ coach failed to mention: his sack celebration.In recent weeks, Bosa has been seen shrugging his shoulders and putting his hands out to the side after taking down an opposing quarterback. Immediately popular with the Buckeyes’ fan base, Bosa said the celebration came from “nowhere” at all.“(It) just happened,” he said. “And I guess a bunch of people like it, so now I feel obliged to, like I have to do it every time I get a sack.”While Franklin didn’t mention the celebration, Bosa said his own coach — Urban Meyer — took note during the Buckeyes’ win against Maryland on Oct. 4.“Maryland, I held it too long apparently, ‘cause coach Meyer got on me a little bit about how Oregon lost about that excessive celebration,” Bosa said. “So I have to flash it really quick now.”But if he wants more reasons to flash his celebration, Bosa will have to continue finding ways to get to the quarterback. He said part of keeping up his production is making sure that he stays energized.How active he can be is up to how many snaps defensive line coach Larry Johnson — who was an assistant at Penn State for nearly 20 years — leaves him on the field for, Bosa said.“He holds me in for as long as he wants,” he said. “Obviously rotating helps me being fresh. I want to rotate because it will give me rest and let me play at 100 percent.”On Monday, Johnson said he does what he can to keep his top defensive lineman fresh throughout each contest, and added that could benefit the Buckeyes in the future.“When you have good players, it’s tough to take those guys out,” Johnson said. “Right now I’m just trying to rest them. You think about last week, Joey Bosa played 51 plays, opposed to playing 67 plays. That’s going to help us down the road.”For the Buckeyes, the next stop down the road is in State College, Pa., where they are scheduled to play the Nittany Lions on Saturday at 8 p.m.But if the Buckeye faithful who make the trip to Penn State want to catch a glimpse of Bosa’s celebration, they’ll have to keep a close watch, because he said it won’t happen more than once.“At least once a game,” Bosa said. “If I get more (sacks) than one, I’ll have to do something else.” read more

Ohio States JT Barrett named Big Ten Freshman of the Year

Despite being out for the remainder of the season with a fractured ankle, redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett was named the Big Ten Thompson-Randle El Freshman of the Year on Tuesday.Barrett picked up the award a day after he was named first team All-Big Ten by both the coaches and the media, and received the conference’s Quarterback of the Year award.The Wichita Falls, Texas, native started all 12 games during the regular season for OSU and set school records for total touchdowns in a season, passing touchdowns in a season and total yards in a season. He also broke the Big Ten record for total touchdowns, compiling 34 touchdown passes and 11 scores on the ground.Barrett added two single-game program records during the Buckeyes’ win over Minnesota when he had a quarterback record 86-yard touchdown run and a quarterback single-game high 189 rushing yards.The Rider High School product totaled 2,834 passing yards and threw 10 interceptions this season. He added 938 rushing yards to go with his 45 total touchdowns.Barrett also picked up weekly awards regularly throughout the season as he was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week a record seven times and the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week three times.In addition to being named the the conference’s quarterback of the season, Barrett was also named the Big Ten’s Hardest Working Player of the Year on Monday.Barrett is the eight Buckeye to be named the Big Ten’s top freshman, and the third OSU quarterback to garner the honor in the past seven years. Senior quarterback Braxton Miller — who Barrett replaced after Miller was lost for the season when he tore the labrum in his throwing shoulder during fall camp — won the award in 2011.With Barrett injured, OSU is expected to turn to redshirt-sophomore quarterback Cardale Jones for the remainder of the season.The Buckeyes are scheduled to play Wisconsin on Saturday in the Big Ten Championship Game. Kickoff is set for 8:17 p.m. at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. read more

Nearly 1000 British tourists to be flown back from Gambia by Thomas

first_imgLast night the Foreign Office changed its guidance to advise against all but essential travel. The FCO warned of “ongoing political uncertainty and potential military intervention” in the wake of the December elections. We’ve cancelled all flights to The Gambia until the 20th January due to a change in FCO advice. Full details here: https://t.co/G1gN9QwGEr— Thomas Cook (@ThomasCookUK) January 17, 2017 Nearly 1,000 British tourists will be flown back from Gambia by holiday company Thomas Cook after the Foreign Office changed its travel advice because of political unrest in the West African country.The tour operator is implementing contingency plans, with an additional programme of flights from the capital Banjul on Wednesday to bring 985 package holiday customers back to Britain. A spokesman said it has an extra 2,500 “flight-only” customers in Gambia who it is contacting to offer the earliest flight back to the UK.  “The potential for military intervention and civil disturbance is high and could result in Banjul International Airport being closed at short notice,” the advice states.”You should follow events closely, take extra care, keep in regular contact with your tour operator and airline and continue to monitor travel advice and social media updates in case tensions rise as the current political deadlock continues.”It also warns those currently in Gambia to leave by commercial means if they have “no essential need to remain”.Meanwhile, president-elect Adama Barrow has left the country as the incumbent Mr Jammeh tries to challenge the election results through the courts, the FCO said.  Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh declared a 90-day state of emergency on Tuesday, two days before he is supposed to cede power after losing elections last month.He is refusing to step down despite international pressure and the threat by other West African nations of military intervention. Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, who is refusing to stand aside for the president-electCredit:Michael Reynolds/EPA Gambian President Yahya Jammeh  #Gambia The FCO advise against all but essential travel due to the deteriorating political situation https://t.co/7tA9zyp0Ow pic.twitter.com/b4zB5qKvHr— FCO travel advice (@FCOtravel) January 17, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Greeks grow mos for Movember

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram This month, men all around Australia will be developing interesting facial hair in the name of promoting awareness and funds for prostate cancer and depression. At the end of the day, a lot of people may not know that these things exist, and if someone is going through depression, things like this may encourage them to get help.Emmanuel Lambou has signed up to grow a moustache as part of ‘Movember’, and he told Neos Kosmos he initially hoped to raise $300. “But after two days I’ve got $465, so now I’m aiming for $1 000,” he said. Lambou, who has signed up with a team from work, said if anyone in his family ever suffers from prostate cancer or depression, he hopes initiatives such as ‘Movember’ will have helped find a cure. But he says it’s also important to promote discussion. “At the end of the day, a lot of people may not know that these things exist, and if someone is going through depression, things like this may encourage them to get help,” he said. To donate to Emmanuel’s Movember campaign, go to http://au.movember.com/mospace/757046/last_img read more

E3 2012 Sony annonce surtout des jeux et un Wonderbook

first_imgE3 2012 : Sony annonce surtout des jeux et un “Wonderbook”Comme Microsoft, Sony n’a pas beaucoup brillé lors de sa conférence de l’E3. L’éditeur de jeux vidéo en a surtout profité pour annoncer la sortie de ses blockbusters à venir et promouvoir sa PS Move. La seule surprise reste le projet “Wonderbook”, un accessoire qui intègre la réalité augmentée dans la littérature jeunesse. Beaucoup de jeux vidéo, trop même. Sony a surtout annoncé les grosses sorties exclusives sur sa console PS3. La marque japonaise a débuté sa présentation par Beyond : Two Soul, une nouvelle licence conçue par le studio français Quantic Dream.Toujours dans la même lancé que Heavy Rain, le titre exploite le potentiel immersif et cinématographique du jeu vidéo, sur fond d’enquête policière. C’est d’ailleurs l’actrice Ellen Page qui interprétera l’héroïne du jeu, Jodie Holmes. Sony a ensuite fait place à aux autres blockbusters de sa console de salon: le prochain volet de God of War, intitulé Ascension et aussi le nouveau projet des studios Naughty Dog, The Last of Us. Ce dernier plongera les joueurs dans un univers post-apocalyptique pour une aventure qui miserait sur la coopération.L’éditeur a aussi rappelé les sorties prochaines d’Assasin Creed III (octobre 2012) et de Far Cry (pas encore de date annoncée). On peut tout de même déplorer le manque d’originalité de Sony pour son titre PS All-Stars Battle Royal, prévu fin 2012. Ce jeu s’avère en fait un simple copier-coller de Super Smash Bros de Nintendo, avec les héros de la licence Sony. Kratos, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess, Cole etc. se retrouvent tous pour s’affronter dans une arène.Nouveaux accessoires pour PS move   Sur les 90 minutes de la conférence, le constructeur a consacré 20 bonnes minutes à argumenter en faveur sa PS Move et en a profité pour présenter deux nouveaux accessoires, le Playstation Move Racing Wheel et le Wonderbook. Ce premier s’avère un volant comme celui vendu pour la Wii qui est intégré à la PS Move. Le seul vent de renouveau que l’on a pu ressentir lors de cet événement reste le Wonderbook. Ce projet de livre interactif introduit la réalité augmentée dans la littérature jeunesse. Un partenariat a même été conclu avec l’auteure de Harry potter, J.K Rowling pour, pour réaliser le Book of Spells. Celui-ci permet aux joueurs utilisant le Playstation Move de lancer des sorts.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ? Pour ce qui est de la console portable PS Vita, Sony laisse les utilisateurs sur leur faim. Puisque le l’éditeur n’a juste présenté que deux titres très attendus : Assasin’s Creed Liberation et Call of Duty Black Ops : Declassified. Sony a simplement ajouté qu’un patch permettrait d’utiliser prochainement la PS Vita comme une tablette pour Little Big Planet 2. Il n’y avait finalement pas grand-chose à se mettre sous la dent. Comme dans l’ensemble de l’événement d’ailleurs. Seuls les fans de blockbusters annoncés ont pu trouver leur bonheur à travers de nouveaux trailers. Espérons que la conférence de Nintendo nous apportera plus de surprises…Le 5 juin 2012 à 16:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

LinuxPowered Ataribox is Basically a Steam Machine

first_imgStay on target Micro Arcade Lets You Carry Frogger, Galaga, and Pac-Man in Your WalletAtari Explains What ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ On Blockchain Even Means Atari deserves credit for making some classic arcade video games in the 1970s, and for helping make console gaming a thing with the Atari 2600. But these days the company is a shell of a shell of a former self, more famous for lending its logo to Blade Runner 2049 than for putting out quality new video games.That’s why were were intrigued when Atari announced earlier this year that they were crowdfunding a new piece of gaming hardware called the Ataribox. Aside from a slick design straddling wood-paneled nostalgia and sleek modernity, details were scarce.Would this be Atari making yet another throwback device full of retro games this time riding the wave of mega-popular NES/SNES Classic Editions? Or would it somehow be a brand new video game console designed to compete with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, a space that hasn’t seen a viable new competitor since Microsoft bumped Sega from the table.The answer is shockingly somewhat in the middle. We’ve learned new details about the upcoming Ataribox and it basically sounds like a budget gaming PC, Atari’s answer to Valve’s forgotten 2015 Steam Machines.The Ataribox allegedly features a custom AMD processor with Radeon Graphics technology allowing it to bring a “full PC experience to the TV” which includes apps like streaming and web browsing and social networking. Like Steam Machines, the Ataribox will also run a version of Linux, not Windows, with a custom interface. Atari promises that not only will the box play classic Atari games but also presumably modern PC games from other studios that run on Linux and support the specs. So Pong and… Crysis?Honestly, the idea of Atari making a new console in 2018 is almost too crazy to accept. But when you start to think about it, this device begins to sound like their equivalent to a set-top Android box or Apple TV or something. The targeted $249-299 price point, while comparable to other non-4K consoles, is still far below a true high-end gaming PC.So will the Ataribox succeed? Unlike a product like the Ouya, it has a beloved brand name. But so did Valve and that didn’t stop its living room Linux gaming PC experiment from failing. The video game hardware space is also so crowded and being taken seriously by crucial third-party developers as a first-party platform holder, even with an open-source operating system, is really hard. Just ask Nintendo.So the Ataribox’s fate remains a mystery. However, I’m now curious to see what it even ends up being if and when the Ataribox hits its targeted Indiegogo release date of Spring 2018.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Bahamas Nation Securitys CrimeFighting Initiatives to Focus on Causes of Criminality Rather

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 13, 2017 – Nassau – Undersecretary at the Ministry of National Security Eugene Poitier said, on November 9, 2017, that although The Bahamas is noticing decreases in certain offenses, the murder count continues to be of particular concern, and the levels of violent crimes remain at levels far too high for “such a small nation as ours.”“The fear of crime remains high, has the potential to stifle economic and social productivity, and impacts the quality of life of far too many Bahamians, residents and visitors,” Mr. Poitier said, as he spoke on behalf of Minister of National Security the Hon. Marvin Dames, at “A Symposium Connecting the Dots: Child Abuse, Trauma and Violence”, held under the theme “Working Together to Prevent Violence,” at the Paul Farquharson Conference Centre.Mr. Poitier noted that the level of violence has not gone unnoticed by the international community. For example, he said, in a 2016 report by the Inter-American Development Bank, its researchers noted that in The Bahamas, “…high levels of crime and violence have consistently risen during the past decade.”“There is the realization that if we are going to have any measure of success and positively impact crime, our programmes must be designed to aggressively address the root causes and risk factors,” Mr. Poitier said.   “These factors include educational attainment, poverty, poor parenting and mental disorders, which are all having a profound impact on the socialization of our children.  This results in many of them turning to a life of crime.”Mr. Poitier said that that Ministry of National Security will create multi-agency and multi-disciplinary crime fighting initiatives to address The Bahamas’ crime challenges and bring a greater focus to the causes or risk factors versus the symptoms.“The Government has established an inter-ministerial group made up of the Ministries of National Security, Education, Youth Sports & Culture, Social Services, Public Works and Labour,” he said.He added that the ministry is also expected to introduce shortly a holistic social initiative – national in scope – free from silos, that cut across ministerial boundaries and seek to “address those risk factors that are leading our young people to crime.”“The ministry is expanding this multi-disciplinary approach to members of civil society to lend their expertise and experience to the crime fight at the national level,” Mr. Poitier said.He noted that he had the opportunity to join Minister Dames in meeting with Dr. Sandra Dean Patterson of the Crisis Center, who shared details about the many programmes they have in addressing intimate partner violence and child abuse by encouraging victims to “stand up and not to just stand by.”“Given the significant number of domestic related murders, we have decided to partner with Dr. Patterson’s team and others in a meaningful and more tangible way to lower the number of domestic violence cases in our country, thereby reducing the number of domestic-related murders,” Mr. Poitier said.Ministry officials, he noted, had also had a series of meetings with Dr. David Allen and his team of experts, of the ‘People Helping People’ programme.“We discussed one of his explanations on the causes of violence, which he described as the Social Fragmentation Process,” Mr. Poitier said.   This process, according to Dr. Allen, is manifested through revenge, which results in the disintegration of the family, the development of youth gangs and subsequently violence.”“Since nearly 50 percent of murders involve conflicts and revenge killings, the Ministry will partner with Dr. Allen and other similar programmes that seek to intervene in the lives of troublesome males at a young age, with a view to preventing them from becoming socially fragmented from society,” he added.Ministry officials also held discussions with researchers at the University of The Bahamas and explored ways in which UB can assist the Ministry in finding more evidence-based strategies to combat crime,” Mr. Poitier revealed.   They also expressed a willingness to assist us with evaluating anti-crime programmes to determine what impact they are having on crime and safety indicators, he added.“The ministry is also establishing a Crime Advisory Group which will be made up of the business community, civil society, the religious community and other community partners, which will provide input and ideas on crime at the national level,” Mr. Poitier said.   “A Technical Advisory Group will also be formed where independent members of the public with special skills, will be able to provide advice directly to the Ministry on cost effective and innovative crime fighting technology.”Mr. Poitier said that the on-going Citizen Security and Justice Programme will also be instrumental in seeking to address the level of violence in the nation.   The programme, he noted, is made up of the four following components: Crime and Violence Prevention in Targeted Communities; Youth Employability and Employment — increasing employability and employment of at risk youths between the ages of 15-25 years; Strengthening Prosecution Capacity; and Crime and Violence Prevention in Targeted Communities — reducing the recidivism rate which involves the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders, so that, upon their release from prison, they are equipped to lead crime free lives.Finally, Mr. Poitier said, the Ministry was on the verge of launching a new programme that also sought to address the level of violence in the nation.“Funding in this upcoming Budget will be provided for various neighbourhood safety programmes which will involve community-based partners,” he said.   “The National Neighbourhood Watch Programme will form the basis of bringing the community even closer to the police and to work collectively on matters relating to crime prevention.”“Such a Unit will set in place guidelines that will govern the operation of the programme,” he added.Minister Poitier said that it would include CCTV, and citizen patrols and programmes geared toward at risk youths.   “We need all Bahamians to step up to the plate, and support the many initiatives that are ongoing,” he said. “We must all work together to ensure that The Bahamas becomes safer and more secure.”By: Eric Rose (BIS) Related Items:last_img read more

Front Street Clinic Opens Its Services to All

first_imgJuneau’s Front Street Clinic is now providing service to the general public while also continuing care for the homeless.Listen now:Renamed the Front Street Community Health Center, it’s operating under a new business model after Southeast Alaska Regional Health Corporation severed ties at the end of April.When SEARHC first announced the closure of Front Street Clinic last fall due to budgetary constraints, Front Street’s behavioral health specialist Mary Fitzgerald says the providers were worried.“What are these homeless people going to do? The winter is coming on. They’re vulnerable. But then the community came forward and said, ‘No, this just can’t happen. What can we do?’”Community donations kept the downtown clinic open while a new board of directors formed to take over for SEARHC.Front Street Community Health Center is able to continue serving the homeless with the help of two major grants – one for $162,000 through the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration and another for $121,000 through the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.With a $500,000 budget, the difference will be made up by opening the doors to everyone – from the uninsured to the insured; even cruise ship passengers who have an urgent need.Front Street has been known as a homeless clinic for ten years. Manager Janna Brewster is happy to continue that work but hopes Front Street can help others as well.“We want people that don’t have insurance to have a place to go. That’s the biggest gap in services in any community – people who are working but they don’t have insurance,” Brewster says.Brewster says they’ve had to turn away community members for years.“Every day we get phone calls from people who are not homeless who can’t find a doctor in town or couldn’t find medical care and now we don’t have to say, ‘No,’” she says.Front Street’s staff includes three full-time and three part-time employees. Brewster expects the staff will grow to meet demand.“We have a pediatrician that might come join. We hope we can do more with kids and teens and really expand to just help out overall through the community,” Brewster says.Throughout the seven-month transition, there was no interruption in medical service to the homeless.Dean Smith suffered four strokes in 2010. He’s been going to Front Street for a couple of years for medical and behavioral health services.“I’m not as nervous about my own health as I was prior to seeing them. Being diagnosed with arteriosclerosis in your head, that’s kind of an unnerving feeling. Basically that means you could have six seconds, six minutes, six hours – you never know,” Smith says.Smith is happy he can still see Fitzgerald and Brewster now that Front Street is no longer in fear of closing.Brewster says many patients were worried, especially when the old SEARHC sign was taken down at the end of April. The new sign wasn’t yet ready.“During that time it was kind of quiet and the word was going around that we were not going to be here. In fact, someone even heard that we weren’t here anymore,” Brewster says. “But we put the sign back up and it’s like all of a sudden, everyone has calmed down. They know we’re here and they feel very happy that we’re still going to be able to help them. That’s the most wonderful part of all of this – there are people out there that are so grateful for what we do.”The new Front Street Community Health Center sign is in place inviting new patients.For more information or to make an appointment at the new Front Street Community Health Center, call 586-4230.last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Thursday Dec 22 2016

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at alaskapublic.org and on Twitter @aprnListen NowOil industry prepares to fight to keep tax credits alive in 2017Elizabeth Harball, Alaska’s Energy Desk – AnchorageWhen Governor Bill Walker released his state budget last week, the phrase “oil and gas tax credits” was notably absent from the announcement. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a hot topic this year. Lawmakers in the new House Democratic majority say the current oil and gas tax credit structure is unsustainable, and they’re working on a bill to change it.UPDATE: Aleutian volcano eruptsZoe Sobel, KUCB – UnalaskaAfter two eruptions in as many days, scientists are closely watching a volcano in the eastern Aleutians. There’s no equipment on Bogoslof volcano, but The Alaska Volcano Observatory is keeping tabs with satellite imagery and nearby seismic monitors.AK State Troopers say cuts may force them out of urban areasEllen Lockyer, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageThis week Governor Bill Walker released his version of next year’s budget, and the community of Whittier contracted with its big city neighbor to the North on a deal to provide law enforcement for an Anchorage suburb. The seemingly unrelated events may shape things to come.Outdoor rec area at Goose Creek might violate constitutional rightsAnne Hillman, Alaska Public Media – AnchorageIn many correctional facilities in Alaska, an enclosed room with an opening that lets in fresh air is considered outdoor space. For inmates held in protective custody at Goose Creek Correctional Center in Wasilla, that’s their only access to outdoor recreation, which could be a violation of their constitutional rights.Alaska, British Columbia detail transboundary mine pactEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauAlaska and British Columbia are working out details of how they will handle transboundary mine concerns. They’re figuring out how to coordinate the work of monitoring and permitting on both sides of the border.Murkowski, Sullivan support Russian election meddling probeAssociated PressAlaska’s Republican U.S. senators support investigating Russian meddling in this year’s presidential election.Sullivan finds traction, moves up in SenateLiz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C.When new members of Congress take the oath of office on Jan. 3, Sen. Dan Sullivan will give up an unsought distinction: The Alaska Republican will no longer be last in Senate seniority, No. 100 out of 100. Sullivan, counting his gains, said being on the bottom rung didn’t bother him.last_img read more

Probe into coal disappearance going on TawfiqeElahi

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina`s energy adviser Tawfiq-e-Elahi-Chowdhury. UNB File PhotoPrime minister Sheikh Hasina’s energy adviser Tawfiq-e-Elahi-Chowdhury on Tuesday said an investigation is going on to unveil the fact how coal disappeared from Barapukuria Coal Mine.”It’s too early to make any comment over the investigation, but the role of the authorities concerned needs to be looked into,” he said while talking to newsmen after the third session of the deputy commissioners’ conference in the capital.Asked whether any action will be taken against those responsible, he said prime minister Sheikh Hasina is serious as she does not shy away from taking strict measures as much as she cares for government officials, reports UNB.”She won’t tolerate the presence of any corruption, if any,” Tawfiq-e-Elahi said.The third session of the deputy commissioners’ conference was held between the DCs and officials from three ministries – disaster management and relief, power and energy, and expatriates welfare and overseas employment.Regarding shutting down the Barapukuria power plant, he acknowledged the temporary load-shedding in some areas of the country’s northern region.He, however, stated that the schedules of those load-shedding are being announced in advance. “Every initiative is being taken to minimise the sufferings of the common people.”While talking about access to electricity, the energy advisor said electricity was available in only 45 per cent areas of the country in 2008 but the percentage has crossed 90 points after the Awami League got elected for the second consecutive term.Asked whether the DCs came up with any complaint, Tawfiq-e-Elahi said they raised the issue of electricity load-shedding and he assured them of looking into it. “Similar steps are being taken to prevent load-shedding in rural areas,” he added.Later, disaster management and relief secretary Md Shah Kamal said the DCs have been instructed to stay ready to face any sort of natural disaster.The ministry is adequately prepared to provide aid and relief materials to victims of any future flooding and erosions, he added.last_img

Suspect Who Injured Four in YouTube Headquarters Shooting Identified

first_imgAccording to CNN, of the victims, one 36-year-old man is in critical condition, a 32-year-old woman is in serious condition, and a 27-year-old woman is in fair condition.Authorities first confirmed an active shooter situation at about 1:30 p.m. PT on Tuesday, urging visitors to stay away from the area. UPDATED: A woman who opened fire at YouTube’s San Bruno, Calif., headquarters on Tuesday afternoon has been identified by police as Nasim Aghdam. Aghdam was a YouTube user and posted numerous videos to the site under the name Nasime Sabz. In one January 2017 video, she says that the company engaged in discriminatory and unfair filtering practices, and that her videos used to get many views before she was filtered out. She also complains about a workout video getting age-restricted, resulting in fewer views, and, in another video, her channel being demonetized after YouTube’s new February ad policy.Law enforcement earlier confirmed at a press conference that that shooter is dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. At least four victims sustained injuries and were transferred to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, but no additional fatalities have been reported yet. Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.— Vadim Lavrusik (@Lavrusik) April 3, 2018Google CEO Sundar Pichai released a memo on Tuesday afternoon saying that the situation was contained.“It’s with great sadness that I tell you — based on the latest information — four people were injured in this horrific act of violence,” Pichai said. “We’re doing everything we can to support them and their families at this time.” Here is the note that @sundarpichai just sent to Googlers worldwide. pic.twitter.com/bdC6KeTl9c— Google Communications (@Google_Comms) April 3, 2018More social media reports emerged from YouTube’s headquarters throughout the day. Todd Sherman, a product manager at YouTube, tweeted that he was in a meeting when he began to see people running.“We headed towards the exit and then saw more people and someone said that there was a person with a gun. S—,” he wrote. “At that point every new person I saw was a potential shooter. Someone else said that the person shot out the back doors and then shot themselves.”“I looked down and saw blood drips on the floor and stairs,” he added. “Peaked around for threats and then we headed downstairs and out the front.” At about 1 p.m. PT on Tuesday, Vadim Lavrusik, whose Twitter bio says he works in product at the company, tweeted, “Active shooter at YouTube HQ. Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk. Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.” Popular on Variety After existing the room we still didn’t know what was going on but more people were running. Seemed serious and not like a drill.— Todd Sherman (@tdd) April 3, 2018 At that point every new person I saw was a potential shooter. Someone else said that the person shot out the back doors and then shot themselves.— Todd Sherman (@tdd) April 3, 2018YouTube’s San Bruno offices host more than 1,700 employees across multiple buildings. The offices are located south of San Francisco, adjacent to a major freeway and close to the San Francisco International Airport.The shooting is said to have taken place in the main office — a 200,000-square-foot building that is fairly accessible from the outside, with a big open lobby that dons an oversized version of the famous YouTube logo as well as a video wall playing some of the service’s most popular footage on an endless loop.There is no word yet on how the suspected shooter was able to enter the building, which sees regular visits from YouTubers and their fans. Visitors are asked to check in at the front desk, and doors are restricted to employees with badges. Large sections of YouTube’s office space have an open floor plan. Overall, across multiple buildings in San Bruno, Google and YouTube lease more than 1 million square feet of offices. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

A SuperRare and Fully Functional Apple I Is Going up for Auction

first_imgStay on target The Wishbone-playing crowd might think the picture up there is a time bomb, but true geeks know what they’re looking at. It’s an incredibly rare Apple I computer, and soon you could be the proud new owner of one just like it.Well, not just like it. The Apple I was, of course, sold as a kind of do-it-yourself kit. They sold for the Iron Maiden-approved price of $666.66.Very few Apple I computers have survived in working condition. Wikipedia notes the existence of six as of 2013, though there are reports of there being as many as 8. That’s out of the original run of 200 hand-built by Steve Wozniak in 1976.Why are there so few left today? One big reason is the trade-in program that was offered when the Apple II launched. Apple destroyed any of the Apple I boards that customers sent back.It won’t surprise to learn that these machines don’t come up for sale all that often — and when they do, they tend to sell for a pretty penny. Five years ago, one sold for just over half a million dollars. Last year, a particularly special Apple I sold for $815,000. That system was confirmed by Apple experts to have been built by Steve Jobs.Interestingly, though, that’s not the highest price an Apple I has sold for despite the system’s unique provenance. In 2014, Bonhams auctioned one off that ended up going for a whopping $905,000.Those of you who can’t justify spending six figures on a piece of computing history at this particular point in time, don’t fret. You can still get a taste of the Apple I experience for free over on the Scullin Steel website thanks to the magic of JavScript emulation! Apple Brings Contactless Student IDs to More UniversitiesCelebrate World Emoji Day With Diverse New Characters last_img read more

PO Cruises Australia has issued the following sta

first_imgP&O Cruises Australia has issued the following statement in relation to the incident involving a female passenger who went overboard during a south pacific cruise aboard Pacific Dawn on Friday 13 April, 2018. Pacific Dawn returned to Brisbane this morning [Monday 16 April 2018] and, prior to arrival at the Portside Cruise Terminal, the Captain thanked disembarking guests for their sensitivity and support for the family who suffered such a devastating loss during the cruise.The family has been supported on board by senior crew members since the incident and Care-trained staff met the ship on arrival this morning. We have done everything possible to respect and protect the privacy of the family. Counselling by a professional Counsellor who was also on hand today has been offered to guests and crew wanting access to this support.P&O Cruises is assisting Queensland Police in their inquiries into the incident as the lead authority acting on behalf of the State Coroner. As anticipated, police went on board Pacific Dawn on arrival this morning to begin their inquiries. Allowing the police to determine what happened in this tragic incident is the appropriate course. We remain concerned that much of the speculation and versions of events given in recent days are not supported by the facts.The police inquiries on behalf of the Coroner will help put the speculation to rest. With Pacific Dawn’s arrival, we will be able to give police CCTV footage providing an unobstructed view of what happened and portraying an obviously devoted and loving couple. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and hope that they will find comfort in their grief. P&O CruisesPacific Dawnlast_img read more

For the past three y

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