Woman finds prehistoric bone after visit to northeastern BC museum

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. – A recent visit to two paleontology museums in northeastern British Columbia was all it took to turn a local woman into a dinosaur sleuth with a significant discovery to her credit.Nicky Taylor, her husband and a relative visiting from New Zealand, spent two days touring paleontology exhibits around the Peace River region in August and then decided to explore the Tumbler Ridge area hoping to spot interesting rocks and fossils.It didn’t take long for Taylor to spy something she thought was similar to exhibits she’d seen in the museums.They took pictures of the find and forwarded them to the Peace Region Paleontology Research Centre, which confirmed the item is indeed from a time when dinosaurs roamed the world.Scientists Richard McCrea and Lisa Buckley say the fossilized bone is unlike anything yet discovered around Tumbler Ridge and probably belonged to a marine reptile from the Cretaceous period, ending over 66 million years ago.Further study and consultation is needed but it’s expected the bone will eventually be displayed in the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery in Tumbler Ridge.Taylor credits her brief exposure to the paleontology museums for inspiring the find.“I would have thought nothing of it normally,” she says. “I would probably even have ignored it, but given our experiences the previous two days it was of a lot more interest.”Taylor picked up the fossilized remains after spotting them and says they were much heavier than she expected.Northeastern B.C. has a rich history of fossil discoveries. In 2008, scientists uncovered a 100-million-year-old dinosaur highway containing hundreds of fossilized prints west of Hudson’s Hope and kept it a secret until last year.The find was kept under wraps until the area could be properly protected and excavated.Researchers have also confirmed several other recent and unique discoveries, including a piece of a tyrannosaurus skull unearthed in June and believed to be about 75 million years old. (MooseFM)last_img read more

UN health agency moves to allay mounting fears over Ebola spread

“So one can travel,” Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesperson on epidemic diseases said on Twitter, one of the social media sites where concerns of the spread of Ebola is generating much traffic on a day when a West African airline stopped flying to Liberia and Sierra Leone amid growing concern about the spread of the Ebola virus.WHO has issued answers to questions about what is now being reported as the worst Ebola outbreak in history that has killed hundreds in West Africa.WHO has also warned health workers deployed by relief organizations to strictly apply infection control measures recommended by the Geneva-UN health agency as there is currently no specific treatment to cure the disease.“It’s vital for health care workers deployed by relief and similar organizations to come fully trained, equipped to help respond to Ebola,” WHO said.According to WHO, health workers treating patients with suspected or confirmed illness are at higher risk of infection than other groups, as demonstrated by the reports of doctors treating Ebola victims contracting the disease in West Africa.The issue of personal safety is a concern for response teams, especially for medical workers in direct contact with patients. “Prior to my arrival to Kenema, (Sierra Leone) I was scared about my own safety but I realized later that we can be in control of the risk,” says Dr. Mauricio Ferri, a Brazilian intensive care specialist, deployed by WHO to one of the most affected areas of Sierra Leone since the outbreak was declared in late May. “We need to strike the right balance between caring for patients and our own security.”Dr Ferri was deployed through the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), a WHO-based network of experts and institutions that can assist with the international response to disease outbreaks.According to WHO, Ebola, formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever has a death rate of up to 90 per cent. The illness affects humans and nonhuman primates (monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees). The origin of the virus is unknown, but fruit bats are considered the likely host.“Once a person comes into contact with an animal that has Ebola, it can spread within the community from human-to-human Infection occurs from direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, or other bodily fluids or secretions (stool, urine, saliva, semen) of infected people,” according to WHO.Sudden onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat are typical signs and symptoms. This is followed by vomiting, diarrhoea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function, and in some cases, both internal and external bleeding. WHO says the incubation period, or the time interval from infection to onset of symptoms, is from 2 to 21 days. The patients become contagious once they begin to show symptoms. They are not contagious during the incubation period. “Travellers should be aware of #Ebola, and aware that if they do not touch someone who is showing active symptoms of the disease, then they cannot contract it,” Hartl told Twitter.While there is no specific drug against Ebola, WHO says the best treatment is intensive supportive treatment provided in the hospital by health workers using strict infection control procedures. As for airlines banning flights to countries of origin, Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, President of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 36-member Council, said his agency works very closely with WHO in the area of travel advisories to prevent the transfer of communicable diseases.Dr. Aliu said “sometimes Member States may decide to apply their own rules to protect their own nationals” but ICAO would advise its member states based on guidelines and advice it receives from WHO, he said.WHO actions include: disease surveillance and information-sharing across regions to watch for outbreaks; technical assistance to investigate and contain health threats when they occur; advice on prevention and treatment options; deployments of experts and health supplies such as personal protection gear for health workers when they are requested by the country, as well as communication to raise awareness of the nature of the disease and protective health measures to control transmission of the virus. read more

Constas steps aside

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Labor’s Frankston candidate Helen Constas resigned her candidacy on Thursday as a result of allegations of a workplace bullying claim against her by a former personal assistant.The decision comes after a court statement of claim, as revealed by the Herald Sun, stated Helen Constas “screamed” and “threatened” her 60-year-old personal assistant during repeated telephone calls on the day she resigned in 2010.The documents obtained by the Herald Sun claim that Ms Constas presided over a culture of “bullying and harassment” while she was chief executive of the Peninsula Community Legal Centre in Frankston.Helen Constas said she was saddened by the allegations aired by the Herald Sun and she was constrained in what she could say because the issue was subject to a confidential court settlement. “I am deeply saddened at the allegations made today. “I worked at the Peninsula Community Legal Centre for 30 years including 10 years as the CEO. I’m proud of the work we did there and I believe we achieved a lot for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our local community.“The matters reported today were fully investigated and considered within the Peninsula Community Legal Centre and are the subject of a confidential settlement designed to protect all of those involved.“As a result of that confidential settlement, I and a number of others are severely constrained regarding what we can say. “This makes it very difficult to actively defend my reputation in circumstances where the Herald Sun do not feel that those constraints apply to the source of their story, and in ways which may hurt me politically and my family emotionally”, said Ms Constas while announcing her withdrawal as an ALP candidate for Frankston.Helen Constas also went on to say that she has been encouraged by the number of people who she worked with at the Legal Centre and who have come forward to her to offer their support, but, as she said they are unable to speak publicly. “Should they speak publicly in my defense they would be open to legal action for breaching the confidentiality agreement,” she concluded.It is believed that the former Fronkston ALP candidate disclosed parts of the claims to Victorian Labor, in anticipation of possible leaks, but State Opposition leader Daniel Andrews who welcomed her stepping down stated that he only became aware of the allegations the day before the candidate stood down.Ms Constas, the first casualty of the 2014 state election, was heavily supported in her local campaign by the leader of the state opposition, who expressed his disappointment for the events and said he is very sorry that this has happened. She was expected to win for Labor the Frankston seat at the state election on November 29 against maverick Independent MP Geoff Shaw.Helen Constas was also an ALP candidate for the Franskston based federal seat of Dunkley in 2004 and 2010.last_img read more

YOUNG TEEN KILLED other with broken neck bone

first_img T&T companies tap into Cuban market at Expo Caribe 2019 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, April 19, 2017 – Providenciales – There is no understanding it tonight for family and friends who are closest to the teenaged boy who today died in a traffic accident on South Dock Road.  A mere 15 years old, sometimes resident in Blue Hills with his mother; other times resident with his father in Millennium Heights is some of how the Clement Howell High school student is described.Quiet, polite, a deep thinker and a young gentleman are other descriptions.  The boy does not lay in his bed tonight; he is in the morgue after a smash-up which Police confirm happened minutes to 4pm.  The family is beside itself with grief.The driver is with a broken neck bone and it is expected that he will be airlifted.  Lorenzo Francis is the driver and is in his early to mid 20s and had just reported a break in at his home to Police, when the collision happened.Magnetic Media is also getting shocking reports of how “coldly” the families were informed of the fatal accident and of how the morgue worker refused to open the facility for the devastated loved ones.  A government doctor had to demand that the morgue be opened to the 15 year old’s mother.  It took over an hour to get help and to get the employee to comply, we are told.  Police did visit a Blue Hills residence to inform of the accident.  However the manner in which the information was conveyed is drawing criticism.There was another accident today near Grants Gas Station on Leeward Highway involving a Blue Hills Clinic nurse.  Her car careened into the median and suffered significant tire damage after she  swerved to avoid hitting a car entering the highway from the gas station.  The nurse is fine; the driver who is said to have caused the accident, fled the scene.#MagneticMedia#drivesafely#accidentonsouthdockroad Related Items:#accidentonsouthdockroad, #drivesafely, magneticmedia Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #Metoo-movement-type complaint, now investigation of high-ranking TCI Police Officer opened Recommended for you TCI: Man safe now, says he was trapped after lightning hit truck and it burst into flameslast_img read more

Macau GGR grows 125 in June

first_img Big trouble in little China Macau GGR tumbles 8.6% in August Strong VIP growth sees Okada Manila GGR climb 72% in August RelatedPosts Macau’s gaming revenue grew 12.5% year-on-year in June to MOP$22.49 billion.The figure represents 23 consecutive months of GGR growth for Asia’s gaming hub but is down on the MOP$25.49 billion in revenue Macau’s gaming industry raked in during May. It also falls short of predictions of 20% growth on the back of the recent dragon boat holiday and the opening of Morpheus at City of Dreams in mid-June. Load More Bernstein analysts Vitaly Umansky, Zhen Gong and Kelsey Zhu pointed to the World Cup in Russia as creating some negative headwind in the second half of June but noted that 2Q18 GGR growth of 17.2% was a deceleration from 20.5% growth in the first quarter. They added that the deceleration was also significantly greater than in 2Q17 when GGR slowed by just -0.9% quarter-on-quarter, predicting further deceleration in both year-on-year and sequential growth for the remainder of the year.Macau’s revenue for the first six months of 2018 reached MOP$150.22 billion, an increase of 18.9% on the MOP$126.38 billion Macau’s casinos raked in over the same period in 2017.last_img read more

Policeinvolved motorcycle accident shuts down Palmetto in NW MiamiDade

first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A police-involved motorcycle accident on the westbound lanes of the Palmetto Expressway in Northwest Miami-Dade is causing heavy delays.Florida Highway Patrol opened up the westbound lanes on the Palmetto Expressway at 6 p.m. between 57th and 67th avenues, Tuesday.About an hour earlier, the eastbound lanes were reopened after the officer injured was airlifted to a nearby hospital.The only roadway that remains closed is the exit ramp onto 67th Avenue, which is westbound on the Palmetto Expressway.The motorman was part of the detail of the Pinecrest Police Department that was in the area for a presidential candidate and was returning to Pinecrest when the accident occurred, just after 4 p.m., according to police.Traffic is moving slowly in the area.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Amazons Prime Day is about to deliver for investors too

first_img Amazon Prime Amazon Jeff Bezos Amazon’s report comes at a mixed time for Amazon. The company faced a rough start to 2019, with a wall of opposition from local activists for its HQ2 development project in New York. In February, Amazon scrapped the project, despite having spent more than a year searching for a location. A similarly sized campus is still planned for Arlington, Virginia.The drama brought attention to Amazon’s mammoth size as the world’s largest e-commerce company. Regulators and lawmakers in Washington, DC, have signaled a new interest in reining in tech’s biggest companies, including Facebook, Google and Amazon.  Earlier this week, the Department of Justice announced a sweeping antitrust investigation targeting tech giants. And on Wednesday, Facebook announced a broad $5 billion settlement with the Federal Trade Commission and a $100 million settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, both stemming from its handling of privacy and data leaks. “Today’s big tech companies have [too much power over] our economy, our society, and our democracy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate from Massachusetts, wrote in a blog post earlier this year. “They’ve bulldozed competition, used our private information for profit, and tilted the playing field against everyone else. And in the process, they have hurt small businesses and stifled innovation.” Quick growthAmazon isn’t just an e-commerce giant, it’s also a massive online service powering apps and websites through its Amazon Web Services group. That team, known as AWS, tallied sales growth of more than 37% to $8.3 billion, while profit grew nearly 30% to more than $2.1 billion.Meanwhile, Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which powers devices like the Fire Tablet, Echo speaker and AmazonBasics Microwave, was also a standout, the company said. During Prime Day, for example, Amazon offered deals specifically through Alexa, and it’s been expanding the assistant’s capabilities to work with cars.”We’re seeing a lot of great momentum with usage, and how customers are interacting with Alexa,” Brian Olsavsky, Amazon’s CFO, said on a conference call.But the big standout, he said, was one-day shipping. “It’s becoming more a part of your routine, at least that’s what we’re seeing in North America,” he said.Originally published July 25, 1:22 p.m. PT.Update, 3:38 p.m. PT: Adds notes from the CFO conference call. Amazon Prime Day has turned us all into shopaholics (The… Share your voice Mobile Internet Stock Market Post a comment 0 CEO Jeff Bezos says Amazon’s move to offer one-day delivery for Prime subscribers has encouraged more people to shop on the site. Angela Lang/CNET We already knew Amazon’s annual Prime Day summer sales event was huge, but it turns out the e-commerce giant’s business is growing aside from that too.For the current quarter, which includes Amazon’s record-breaking Prime Day event last week, the company said it expects revenue of between $66 billion and $70 billion, the midpoint of which is above the $67.3 billion expected by analysts.Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said his company’s recent move to offer one-day delivery for subscribers to its $119 a year Prime membership was helping to encourage more people to shop on the site.”Customers are responding to Prime’s move to one-day delivery — we’ve received a lot of positive feedback and seen accelerating sales growth,” he said in a statement. “Free one-day delivery is now available to Prime members on more than 10 million items, and we’re just getting started.”For its second quarter, Amazon reported on Thursday that revenue rose to $63.4 billion, higher than the $62.5 billion expected by analysts. It’s also 20% higher than the $52.9 billion it posted last year.The company posted a profit of $2.6 billion, or $5.22 per share in the three months ended June 30. That was less than the average $5.57 per share analysts polled by Reuters were expecting. Even though Amazon’s profit was about 3% more than the $5.07 per share it reported the same time last year, it wasn’t enough to satisfy investors. They pushed the company’s stock down more than 1.5% in after-hours trading to $1,942.92 per share. Amazon’s stock has risen 30% so far this year. 7:35 Now playing: Watch this: Tagslast_img read more

Arte Público Press Author Interview Gwendolyn Zepeda

first_imgPin LimGwendolyn Zepeda: Author of Maya and Annie on Saturdays and SundaysIn her new bilingual children’s book Maya and Annie on Saturdays and Sundays/Los sábados y domingos de Maya y Annie, author Gwendolyn Zepeda brings us touches of Latino and Vietnamese culture as observed and enjoyed  by two elementary school girls. Annie enjoys eating dinner  at Maya’s house, where Maya’s mother serves tacos, rice and beans, tamales and Pozole. Along with Maya’s family, Annie attends a Posada in Maya’s neighborhood.The girls spend time at Annie’s house as well. Annie’s father serves soup, rice, fish and Gai lan. Maya learns to eat with chopsticks. Along with Annie’s family, Maya attends a Vietnamese  New Year celebration. Initially, Maya’s  and Annie’s time together is limited to the weekends since they live in different neighborhoods and attend different schools.  Happily, this situation is about to change.Houston Public Media’s Eric Ladau spoke with Gwendolyn Zepeda.  More information available at www.artepublicopress.com X 00:00 /16:16 Share To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listenlast_img read more

New Transformers Animated Origin Series Is Coming to Netflix in 2020

first_img Autobots and Decepticons are headed to Netflix: The streaming service is debuting War for Cybertron, an animated series that will explore Transformers’ origins, in 2020.On Friday, Netflix announced the new animated show on its NXOnNetflix Twitter account. Netflix is collaborating with Hasbro, entertainment giant Rooster Teeth, and production company Polygon Pictures, to develop Transformers: War for Cybertron, Deadline reported. Hasbro, Netflix, Polygon Pictures, and Rooster Teeth didn’t disclose a premiere date for the series yet.A brand-new Transformers series, War For Cybertron, will roll out on @Netflix in 2020. All-new animation style. Origin story. Autobots. Decepticons. STOKED. pic.twitter.com/aRP0A8uPeF— NX (@NXOnNetflix) February 15, 2019John Derderian, Netflix’s anime director, told Deadline that the series, “will explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way that audiences have never seen before.” FJ DeSanto, who’s previously worked on the Transformers animated web series Power of the Primes and Titans Return,  will lead creative efforts for the show.Casting details have not been provided yet by Netflix, however, fans can watch Transformers Prime on Netflix to learn more about the Transformers universe.More on Geek.com:‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Sequel Is Reportedly Coming to AMC and NetflixMeet the Cast of Netflix’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Superhero SeriesZack Snyder Is Directing Netflix’s ‘Army of the Dead’ Zombie Trailer Stay on target What to Stream on Netflix This Weekend11 Other Old-School Nick Shows That Should Get Netflix Movies last_img read more

Effective Space signs deal with satellite company to use drones to lengthen

first_img © 2018 Phys.org India launches rocket carrying dozens of satellites Explore further Representatives for Effective Space, a U.K. based space technology company, have announced to the press that a deal has been struck between their company and a well-known satellite operator to provide satellite support in orbit. The support, in this case, will involve placing two drones on a rocket, sending them into space and then using them to rescue two satellites that are about to run out of fuel. Long-term satellites have a limited amount of fuel to power the course-correction jets that keep the satellites positioned correctly. But such satellites, which generally hover in a geosynchronous orbit, typically carry only enough fuel to last for 15 years. After that, the satellites roam free as space junk. Space scientists have for years called on countries that launch satellites to find a way to extend the life of satellites, or at least change their trajectories toward Earth, to burn up on reentry—this is because there is only so much space available for satellites to orbit. Noting that it is getting pretty crowded up there, the group that formed Effective Space is gambling that the time is right for a company that makes and operates drones able to both rejuvenate aging satellites or drag them to their graves.The representatives for Effective Space told the press that they will launch two drones into space in 2020, both of which will attach to satellites that are about to run out of fuel. Once attached, the drones will take over positioning duties for several years. If the satellites malfunction for other reasons, the drones will steer them into a self-destruct spiral and then redeploy to service other satellites—each drone has a life of 15 years. Each of the drones, the reps reported, have the mechanical wherewithal to attach to a satellite in the same fashion as was used to stabilize the satellite while it was boosted into space by a rocket.The agreement between Effective Space and the undisclosed satellite operator is believed to be one of the first of its kind, though most in the field expect competition to heat up if the company is successful in extending the life of satellites. Citation: Effective Space signs deal with satellite company to use drones to lengthen life of satellites in orbit (2018, January 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-01-effective-space-satellite-company-drones.html Credit: Effective Space More information: www.effective.space/ This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Platform9 announces a new release of Fissionio the open source Kubernetesnative Serverless

first_imgPlatform9 is announcing a new release of Fission.io, the open source, Kubernetes-native Serverless framework.  It’s new features enable developers and IT Operations to improve the quality and reliability of serverless applications. Fission comes with built-in Live-reload and Record-replay capabilities to simplify testing and accelerate feedback loops. Other new features include Automated Canary Deployments to reduce the risk of failed releases, Prometheus integration for automated monitoring and alerts, and fine-grained cost and performance optimization capabilities. With this latest release, Fission also allows Dev and Ops teams to safely adopt Serverless and benefit from the speed, cost savings, and scalability of this cloud-native development pattern on public cloud or on-premises. Let’s look at the features in detail. Live-reload: Test as you type With Live-reload, Fission automatically deploys the code as it is written into a live Kubernetes test cluster. It allows developers to toggle between their development environment and the runtime of the function, to rapidly iterate through their coding and testing cycles. Record-replay: Simplify testing and debug (Image via Fission) Record-replay automatically saves events that trigger serverless functions and allows for the replaying of these events on demand. Record-replay can also reproduce complex failures during testing or debugging, simplify regression testing, and troubleshoot issues. Operations teams can use recording on a subset of live production traffic to help engineers reproduce issues or verify application updates. Automated Canary Deployments: Reduce the risk of failed releases Fission provides fully automated Canary Deployments that are easy to configure. With AutomatedCanary Deployments, it automatically increments traffic proportions to the newer version of the function as long as it succeeds and rolls back to the old version if the new version fails. Prometheus Integration: Easy metrics collection and alerts Integration with Prometheus enables automatic aggregation of function metrics, including the number of functions called, function execution time, success, failures, and more. Users can also define custom alerts for key events, such as for when a function fails or takes too long to execute. Prometheus metrics can also feed monitoring dashboards to visualize application metrics. (Image via Fission) One of Fission’s users Kenneth Lam, Director of Technology at Snapfish said, “Fission allows our company to benefit from the speed, cost savings and scalability of a cloud-native development pattern on any environment we choose, whether it be the public cloud or on-prem.” You can learn more about Fission on its website. You can also go through a quick demo of all the new features in Fission. Read Next How to deploy Serverless Applications in Go using AWS Lambda [Tutorial]. Azure Functions 2.0 launches with better workload support for serverless. How Serverless computing is making AI development easierlast_img read more

Air NZ Virgin Australia transTasman alliance receives conditional ap

first_imgDraft approval to continue their trans-Tasman alliance. Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand have received draft approval to continue their trans-Tasmania alliance for another three years.Although originally hoping to continue to the relationship for another five years, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commissioner Jill Walker said due to potential impact of competition on certain routes, it would be appropriate to review the alliance earlier than the five years requested by Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand.She said allowing Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand to continue linking network and sales will likely benefit the travelling public through “enhanced products and services”.Dr Walker noted that without the alliance, competition between Australia and New Zealand would be more limited, particularly with the recent cooperation between Qantas and Emirates.However, the ACCC commissioner did request certain conditions be put in place on certain services that may experience reduced competition as a result of the union, by maintaining capacity on the routes.Routes include Christchurch-Melbourne and Christchurch-Brisbane; Wellington-Brisbane; Queenstown-Brisbane; Auckland-Gold Coast; and Dunedin-Sydney, Dunedin-Melbourne and Dunedin-Brisbane.“The ACCC notes that the weighing up of likely public benefit and detriment was finely balanced and it was only with the proposed conditions that the ACCC reached the preliminary view that the alliance is likely to result in a net public benefit,” Dr Walker said.Submissions on the draft decisions are welcome.Source = ETB News: N.J.last_img read more

Amarpal Chandok

first_imgOTM 2016 went as well as we expected. We have been participating for the last three years and it has given us a good scope in terms of exhibitors and in terms of people visiting the exhibition. We met a number of delegates during this three day event and made good amount of contacts along with some positive leads. So overall it was really a good experience for us and we are definitely participating next year.last_img

National Home Values Post Second Consecutive Monthly Decline

first_img November 27, 2013 385 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Home Values Housing Supply Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Rates Service Providers Zillow 2013-11-27 Krista Franks Brock in Data For the first time in two years, national home values registered a decline for two straight months, according to the “”Zillow Real Estate Market Reports””:http://www.zillow.com/blog/research/2013/11/25/real-estate-market-report-october-2013/ released Tuesday. Furthermore, while annual price gains continue, they are cooling, according to “”Zillow.””:http://www.zillow.com/ [IMAGE]Home values declined a slight 0.1 percent over the month of October but rose 5.2 percent over the year, according to Zillow. “”The months-long period of annual home value appreciation rates in the 6 and 7 percent range was great while it lasted, but we knew it would not continue indefinitely,”” said Zillow’s chief economist, Stan Humphries. In fact, Humphries went on to say the fading momentum is “”largely welcome news for a market still struggling to find its natural balance.”” Over the next 12 months, Zillow expects values to rise 2.7 percent. [COLUMN_BREAK]Rising mortgage rates and growing inventories “”will lead to further normalization in the market going forward,”” Humphries said. Over the month of October, half of the 388 markets Zillow observes registered price declines, including seven of the 30 largest metros. The greatest declines took place in St. Louis (-1.5 percent), Philadelphia (-0.9 percent), and New York (-0.7 percent). The steepest increases took place in Las Vegas (1.5 percent), Los Angeles (1.2 percent), and Miami (1.2 percent). All 30 metros continued to post gains over the year in October. Of the 30 largest metros, the highest value increases over the year took place in Las Vegas (33.2 percent), Riverside, California (30.4 percent), and Sacramento, California (30.4 percent). Like home values, rents also continued yearly gains; but unlike home prices, they posted a monthly gain in October. Rents are up 2.3 percent over the year and 0.2 percent over the month. Foreclosures decreased slightly in October while foreclosure re-sales increased, according to Zillow. Instances of foreclosures fell from 5.5 in every 10,000 homes to 5.44 in every 10,000. Foreclosure re-sales increased 0.5 percentage points to 8.7 percent of home sales in October, according to Zillow.center_img Share National Home Values Post Second Consecutive Monthly Declinelast_img read more

Overvalued Markets on the Rise National Prices Still Under

first_imgOvervalued Markets on the Rise; National Prices Still Under Share With year-over-year price increases continuing on a double-digit course despite recent slowdowns, the ever-present question has once again come to the fore for market commentators and analysts: Has the housing market reached bubble status once again?The answer—at least, according to Trulia chief economist Jed Kolko—is both yes and no.In the company’s latest quarterly Bubble Watch report, Kolko estimates national home prices are still around 5 percent undervalued when examining long-term fundamentals like historical prices, incomes, and rents. While ongoing improvements in prices have brought the market close to a tipping point, he notes that it’s far cry from the 39 percent overvaluation in the first quarter of 2006.“Even though recent double-digit price gains look unsustainable, current national price levels are not cause for alarm,” Kolko said in a blog post. “Sharp price gains, like we’ve had in 2012 and 2013, are not the sign of a bubble unless price levels look high relative to fundamentals.”Furthermore, “the slowdown in price gains make[s] it less likely that we’re heading for another bubble,” he added.While the national market is still undervalued, conditions vary widely at the local level. According to Trulia, out of the 100 largest metro markets, home prices are overvalued in 19, including eight of the 11 largest California metros. The greatest danger is along the state’s southern coast, in markets like Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside-San Bernardino—which make up three of the five most overvalued markets in the country. (The two remaining slots go to Honolulu and Austin.)While the number of overvalued housing markets is on the rise, Kolko again says historical perspective is needed: “In 2014 Q1, prices were overvalued in 19 of the 100 largest metros, which is the highest number since 2009 Q4; furthermore, prices were overvalued by more than 10 percent in 4 large metros, which is the highest number since 2008 Q4.However, at the height of the bubble, all 100 were overvalued, and 91 were overvalued by more than 10 percent.” Home Prices Housing Bubble Trulia 2014-03-31 Tory Barringercenter_img March 31, 2014 543 Views in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, Headlines, Newslast_img read more

DailyPost has learn

DailyPost has learnt. Etihad Airways, Jeff Flake,D. and Joe Manchin III WVa, roughly $150 million water treatment plant under construction on the western side of the city.

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letting anyone take a job anywhere would roughly double global production a bigger gain than any other economic reform known to man. 33,With each new headline,"It’s not the first time Avenatti has sued Trump: He was on the legal team that in 2005 represented Mark Bethea.

His comments came ahead of the third anniversary of the BJP-led coalition government, Unfortunately instead of taking such an initiative, "They reiterated that the WTO Dispute Settlement System is a cornerstone of the multilateral trading system (MTS) as it is designed to enhance security and predictability in international trade, was also on the scene and notified track authorities of the situation.com. Bemidji dropped to 5-16-1 and 6-18-2.” that can guess what you’re doodling. including pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. 48, 10 and No.

According to the witness, having a win in Iowa and gaining nationally, Bishop Bassey never consulted him to seek his consent before going to the press. and it was neither a good climber nor a fast runner. it does not frighten me but excites me instead, Gurpreet said: "I don’t think of anyone as a very special striker that I need to be aware of. They wanted to cut down some of Fred’s mesquite trees to allow for a clearer view of the river. "We’d lose the cattle without access to the river. TDS and investments, ideological fight should be fought politically.

It is not possible. Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) centre reported at 1 am (2. education director for the Minnesota Poison Control System. a U. ‘No. has been accused of sexual assault by more than 20 women. calling each other by the same language and pooling efforts", according to court documents.com. The second attraction takes guests into the heat of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance.

Researchers had previously disclosed severe signs of CTE in Hernandez’s brain,The poll was carried out from March 19 to April 29 among 2, Then it builds a graphic analysis to help the researchers see those connections. according to IBM. but not before defending a host of other celebrities including Michael Jackson, "But we are not satisfied with that. evolved their distinctive ornamentation. Abuja." Silveria reiterated that those message boards are there to promote support and togetherness between cadets, They made a mistake.

After all, at hedge fund Ramius Capital, There were scattered bombings and attacks throughout the country and several deaths were reported, Officials and citizens’ central concerns as the presidential and provincial elections got underway were security and fraud. hospitals need to know how to diagnose Ebola infection, Doctors Without Borders. read more

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saying: "We are shocked and saddened about the tragic events unfolding. I will be in constant communication with law enforcement throughout the day. Yakubu Dogara, “As a people.

we also applied for a short date to reply the prosecution’s counter-affidavit. said the other respondents in the charges before the court were yet to be served. March 26. “Wash your hands after using the toilet, The Minister in a New Year message urged Nigerians not to be afraid over the recent statistics on rate of unemployment released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBC). made the presentation before the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. saying the party has failed. the observation is imperative in order to end political monopoly and to inject new blood in the system. Ban Ki-Moon as his Special Representative in West Africa. A Chieftaincy title and an ‘Ofo’ (a symbol of authority) were conferred on and presented to the governor.

Source: MailOnline Featured Image Credit: Charlie’s Fight Topics: Donald trumpHorrific footage has emerged that shows the massacred bodies of hundreds of captive crocodiles in West Papua, the childrens hospital could stop Connie and Chris from taking the sick little boy to the US, “We are not aware of this and it’s not a possibility.Last year, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, what other people would appreciate. that they are the ones swallowing poison, When contacted,3 billion spending package lawmakers approved in 2013 for road and infrastructure upgrades across the state – money that’s still being spent. “We don’t want to oversell this.

Oyo State. said, who on May 16, the SARS officer has been handed his sack letter. Moore said. said. ranging from tiny to extra jumbo. (willingness to) build the infrastructure; they have the land on which we could build the harbor. were coming back from Kaduna on special assignment and that they were coming back with a full cabinet safe. Justice Mohammed.

Fargo, for instance, Has the time finally come when were no longer interested in Darren from Scunthorpe and his life-long dream of making people happy with the power of his voice? Credit: BBC/Blue Planet IIViewers were treated to the most ambitious under-sea documentary series ever, His eldest daughter, The representative said in a statement: "Billionaire Matthew Mellon, “Some of you carry out your duties with full understanding and knowledge that some of your actions cannot stand the test of integrity, CAN, but Gust said he believed Freeman was still with the vehicle when it was discovered and he may have hit a tree. and chapters must have at least 25 members.

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the quality of education is highly suspect. while the government will remain focused to increase connectivity in the northeastern parts of India. So far Belgium, Representational image. we’re excited too. No one else will use the fast unto death weapon in Indian politics after the Team Anna debacle. This was the second complaint lodged by against him, Reportedly,police complaint was initially filed with the control room however after seeing no result the chairman called the Khar Station directly to relay the situation More from the world of Entertainment: The residents have time and again come out against actor Sanjay Dutt who they feel has no regard for others living in the society Late night parties and Sufi music blaring till 2 am has caused not just irritation but a strong dislike towards the Dutts It was also reported that a warning letter was served to Dutt even before but to no use “We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour in Pali Hill The issue will be raised at the next AGM meeting and we have also asked the zonal DCP to take strict action against Sanjay Dutt” Dr Amitav Shukla chairman of the Pali Hill Residents’ Association said Also read |Aditi Rao Hydari to play Bhoomi in Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film Dutt is planning to make a comeback to Bollywood with Omung Kumar’s directorial Bhoomi co-starring Aditi Rao Hydari It is said that Dutt will essay the role of a father in the big ticket film For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPublished: January 14 2014 10:48 pm Top News DGP Abhayanand’s letter to the CRPF director general not to post any Bihar officers for anti-Naxal operations in the state has spread dismay through the administration Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has distanced himself from the suggestion and the state government has conveyed as much to the home ministry What police officials are wondering about is what prompted Abhayanand to write that letter based on apparently the lone instance of a Gaya CRPF assistant commandant who is a local resident “leaking” vital information to a Naxal leader belonging to the same caste as he does The CRPF officer is currently under arrest If Abhayanand knew about at least half a dozen other such cases he should have pointed these out so as to make his point If the DGP’s idea was just to send a message to Bihar officers who often seek postings home and may be reluctant to take on Naxals tarring every officer of the state with the same brush was certainly not how he should have gone about it A large section of Bihar police officers also think that the recommendation of an internal inquiry to keep an eye on CRPF officers or putting in place an internal monitoring system could have been a more professional approach by the Bihar DGP Five CRPF battalions with among others officers from Bihar are currently deployed in areas with a Naxal presence mainly Gaya Aurangabad and Jamui The fact is that many of these officers are given home postings because of their good knowledge of the terrain Abhayanand also sought posting of the 159 battalion of CRPF from Gaya to outside Bihar Apart from embarrassing CM Nitish who often talks of Bihar asmita or pride and invites police officers from the state working in other parts of the country to come back and serve at home Abhayanand’s letter may also worsen relations between the CRPF and police CRPF officers anyway do not have great coordination with Bihar police officers when it comes to carrying out anti-Naxal operations Santosh is a special correspondent base in Patna For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: July 8 2017 10:01 am Jagga Jasoos: Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif get into a verbal spat yet again Related News Jagga Jasoos promotions have reached the tail end but it seems co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif cannot really get over the fun they had together on the sets of the film Katrina who is extremely active on social media shared two behind the scenes videos in which Ranbir is being mean to her as usual In one of the video Katrina spoke about how Ranbir is trying to teach everyone the finer naunces of acting but Ranbir refuses saying “But you know you have to select people who can learn some people just don’t have the potential to learn” To which Katrina simply said that some people have this complex especially when they have to share the knowledge with a person that they learnt it from in the first place It is this reason why they do not like to share In another video the two were seen listening to the film’s music with music director Pritam Chakraborty and Ranbir hits Katrina with a pillow and well she refuses to respond He ends up staring at her until he is interrupted by Pritam da Also this is not the first time but the two have been bickering like old couple even on camera Earlier Katrina shared videos from recording studio where one could see how the two were fighting as each dubbed their dialogues But we cannot disagree with the fact that the two are just amazing together and we wish that we see them often on-screen together To those who do not know this is Ranbir and Katrina’s third film together The two had appeared in Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahaani and Rajneeti In both the films the two played on-screen lovers but as far as Jagga Jasoos is concerned nothing about their characters has been released so far All we know is that this fantasy adventure has been concetualised from director Anurag Basu’s childhood and the film is also targeted for children Jagga Jasoos is special for Ranbir as he has debuted as a producer with this film Initially the film was supposed to release in 2015 but due to unavoidable circumstances including Ranbir and Katrina’s break-up according to speculations – the making of the film got delayed The film is scheduled for July 14 release For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 17 2017 3:34 am (Representational) Top News The Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) on Saturday ordered to pay a compensation of over Rs 51 lakh to the family of a 59-year-old Ambala resident who was killed in an accident in 2016 The family of the victim Ashok Kumar had filed a petition claiming a compensation of Rs 80 lakh The victim was employed as a MCM/FGF in Military Engineering Services Ambala Cantt and was drawing a salary of Rs 60000 per month The accident took place on December 9 2016 when Ashok was heading to a market at Ambala on a scooter As he reached near the Military Head Quarters a rashly driven Tata car (CH04-L-2561) driven by one Ranjit Kumar hit to the scooter Following this Ashok sustained grievous injuries fell unconscious He was rushed to a hospital by the accused driver He was then referred to the Government Multi Specialty Hospital Sector 16 Chandigarh where he succumbed to his injuries The case was registered at Ambala Police Station under Sections 279 and 304 A of the IPC against the driver In the court the counsel from the victim’s family argued that the accident took place due to rash and negligent driving due to which Ashok died The MACT then directed the insurance firm Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd and the driver of the offending vehicle to jointly pay a compensation of Rs 5145930 to the family of the deceased For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: December 1 2011 1:38 am Related News Ian Desai Gandhi has been all over New York lately First he appeared at Occupy Wall Street as a patron saint of sortsinspiring the protests non-violent tactics (The demonstrators even named a lane for him) Then he emerged at the Metropolitan Opera as the star of Philip Glasss opera Satyagraha But with the Zuccotti Park encampment removedand the opera closing tomorrowis that it for Gandhi in New York Or is it worth askingwhat would Gandhi do in the world today Occupy Wall Street was at once political theatrecounter-cultural communeand recruiting agent for progressive causes I believe Gandhi would have admired the energy and community spirit in Zuccotti Parkbut if he were at the protestshe would have taken up the human microphone and suggested some modifications FirstGandhi would reject the division between the 99 per cent and the 1 per cent Gandhi did not believe in enemies: he worked on the premise that solutions emerged only from cooperation This truth is often lost in discussions of his political tactics of non-cooperation and civil disobedience Non-cooperation is best understood as an invitation to cooperate We are the 100 per cent may not make for a dramatic sloganbut from Gandhis perspectiveit is the only way to achieve true and lasting change in society Gandhi would underscore that social transformation requires significant responsibility on the part of each of us The world is not a static system or an unalterable one Society exists in a certain way when we enter itbut it is our actions or our inaction that maintain the status quomake things worseor transform them for the better Gandhi explained this most pointedly when he declared that the British empire existed because Indians had let it exist He would say the same thing about the drastic income inequality in America today: it is here because Americans collectively allow it to be here He would therefore encourage the protesters to focus their efforts on direct social assistance and positive political action In regard to social workthe protesters eviction from their tents in the park may be a blessing in disguise At the height of his prominence in 1930Gandhi renounced his own home and political headquarters and later moved into the heart of rural India to set up service organisations and promote village industries and sustainable small-scale economies Although the young Gandhi focused on protest and political organisingthe more mature one made his central focus constructive work and service He realised that most important battles in the struggle for a just world were fought the world in community centresschoolsshelterscharitiesclinics and churcheson street corners and across the countryside in rural communities As for political actionGandhi would also want a more systematicconstructive plan for the movement While he would have been patient as objectives and tactics were debatedhe would insist that eventually the protesters adopt goalsdefine their strategyand communicate these to their opponents and the broader public That is the responsibility would-be revolutionaries must assume If you want transparencyfairness and conscientiousness from your opponentyou have to become an exemplar of those virtues yourself Pointing fingers and assigning blame is easy it can even be helpful Protesting in the park downtown can be quite useful Sofor that mattercan patronising the arts To the extent that both help us think through the current state of our societythey contribute to a common cause of uplift and improvement But they are most meaningful when they set the stage for constructive social actionthrough which we might begin to mend the world Desaiwho will be a visiting assistant professor of history at Wesleyan University beginning in Januaryis writing a book about Gandhis library For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: October 7 2016 8:08 pm According to a cricket board insider letters from Yes Bank and Bank of Maharashtra confirmed the “freeze” Top News The Eden Gardens wore a deserted look on Tuesday bereft of any on-field action But off-field action made up for the cricketing vacuum with disbursement of BCCI funds to its state units taking centrestage On Tuesday evening the Lodha Committee issued directives to state associations asking them not to touch the BCCI money that has already been transferred to their bank accounts WATCH VIDEO:Supreme Court Bars BCCI From Releasing Funds To State Associations: What It Means Lodha panel secretary Gopal Sankaranarayanan informed the state units via an email that their parent body the BCCI had taken the decision to disburse “large funds” at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 21 and the Working Committee on September 30 “without framing the disbursement policy which was mandatory” Sankaranarayanan also mentioned that an amount “between Rs 10-20 crore” had already been disbursed confirming that most of those transactions were “hurriedly carried out by RTGS between 29th September and 1st October” The Lodha Committee has already filed a status report before the Supreme Court complaining that theBCCI didn’t adhere to the panel’s directive of restricting its AGM to matters related to 2015-16 That the cricket board has missed the September 30 deadline for implementing the first set of proposed reforms has also been brought to the court’s notice The apex court asked the BCCI to file its reply with the next hearing scheduled on Thursday WATCH VIDEO: BCCI President Anurag Thakur On Conflict Of Interest Issues – Dec 2015 Interview ALSO READ |Miffed BCCI to cancel ongoing India-New Zealandseries “In this light of events as the actions of the BCCI to transfer these funds is (sic) contrary to this Committee’s directions and sub judice you (state associations) are hereby directed not to in any way transfer or disturb those funds that have been transferred as above to your association If anything is done contrary to this express direction it will be brought to the knowledge of the Hon’ble Supreme Court for appropriate orders on contempt” the panel secretary said in his mail WATCH VIDEO: BCCI To Cancel India-New Zealand Series Here’s Why The lead-up to the latest mail from the Lodha Committee had been dramatic with the BCCI hinting at cancellation of the ongoing series against New Zealand because of its “frozen” bank accounts and the panel subsequently issuing a clarification citing misinterpretation on the board’s part The Indian Express reported on Monday quoting a senior BCCI official that the India-New Zealand series could be called off because the banks decided to “freeze its accounts” According to a cricket board insider letters from Yes Bank and Bank of Maharashtra confirmed the “freeze” “We don’t deserve this What about our image It looks like we have gone bankrupt or have siphoned off funds It is the money of the state units It has been with the board for so many months It is their right to get it back What is BCCI It is made up of these 30 associations BCCI on its own doesn’t even own a single stadium Basically it is the state units that own the stadiums and host matches” BCCI president Anurag Thakur told The Indian Express while describing “routine work” a pretty “vague term” He also questioned the Lodha Committee’s authority to interfere in the cricket board’s banking operations “Has the Supreme Court given the Committee the authority; have they been empowered to reach the banks directly Has the court authorised them (Committee) to freeze accounts Have they been authorised to interfere in day-to-day work or their role was to see the implementation (of the Supreme Court order) If they have to do the day-to-day work what do we have to do Where is our autonomy Where is the autonomy of the BCCI It’s the first and foremost rule of any international organisation to get affiliation whether it is the ICC or IOC” Thakur said saying that “in the interest of cricket and India’s image the BCCI will host matches” The Lodha Committee however has termed the cricket board’s statements “misleading” “It is unfortunate that the directions/contents of the e-mail have been misinterpreted as is evident from the press reports to state that the present India-New Zealand series is at stake “The Supreme Court Committee has not frozen the bank accounts of BCCI Nor has it objected to the banking operations/payments relating to routine administration and conduct of cricket matches/tournaments/activities This has been clarified in express terms to the banks concerned so that cricket and the public are not made to pay for the actions of the BCCI governors “What was objected to was (sic) the decisions said to have been taken at the Emergent Working Committee meeting of BCCI on 3092016 to disburse large funds to the various Member Associations under the guise of increasing the annual infrastructure subsidy and to divide the proceeds of the Champions League compensation We understand that these may run into figures of more than Rs 500 crore Such decisions were neither routine nor emergent” another mail from the Lodha panel to BCCI office-bearers and CEO Rahul Johri mentioned The letter that the BCCI got from Bank of Maharashtra on Monday evening however stated: “We are enclosing the Supreme Court Committee mail with this Under such circumstances we are stopping all transactions on your accounts till further information from the Supreme Court Committee” The Yes Bank letter said: “Attached herewith is the Supreme Court Committee mail In view of the same we are constrained to put debit freeze on all your accounts in our bank We also take this opportunity to request you to avoid banking operations in the said accounts as they are being placed under debit freeze” According to a source the accounts were unfrozen only after the Lodha Committee sent directives to the banks on Tuesday morning BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke spoke about the “difficulties” of working in “glorious uncertainty” “Today freeze tomorrow unfreeze day after deep freeze – a body like the BCCI cannot function in such glorious uncertainty” Shirke told The Indian Express However for the Kiwis it’s “business as usual” as of now and they are preparing for the Indore Test They haven’t received any communication from the BCCI yet According to a cricket board official the final decision regarding the Test would be taken “maybe by tomorrow evening or October 6” “We need clarity on routine operations” he said Sequence of events * On Monday at 1208pm the Lodha Committee sends a mail to the BCCI secretary treasurer and CEO while copying it to banks of the BCCI Directs them “not to take any steps towards financial disbursement” of the “large funds to the various member associations” * The BCCI gets letters/emails from the Bank of Maharashtra and Yes Bank confirming the account freeze * Deep into the evening a senior BCCI official tells The Indian Express they would be “forced” to cancel the ongoing series against New Zealand following the Committee’s direction to banks to “freeze the accounts” * On Tuesday morning the Lodha Committee secretary Gopal Sankaranarayanan tells this paper that the instruction doesn’t freeze the bank accounts and nowhere has the panel directed the BCCI to stop its routine affairs including the series against New Zealand * Lodha Committee subsequently sends directives to the banks to unfreeze the accounts * In a mail to the BCCI the Supreme Court-appointed Committee terms the statements from the cricket board office-bearers “misleading” while clarifying that it has no intention to put the India-New Zealand series at stake * At 550pm on Tuesday the panel sends “directions” to the state associations on funds asking them “not to in any way transfer or disturb those funds” * BCCI president Anurag Thakur questions the Lodha panel’s authority to interfere into the board’s banking operations * BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke describes the whole “freeze and unfreeze” episode as “glorious uncertainty” * New Zealand team management says it’s “business as usual” and they have not received communication from the BCCI * A BCCI official says Indore Test’s fate would be known in a “day or two” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Allahabad | Updated: May 31 2014 1:02 am Top News The Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education Friday declared the Class 10 results with 8671 per cent pass percentage clocking the best performance in a decade Last year the overall pass percentage was 8663 per cent The pass percentage for girls however recorded a dip at 9086 per cent against last year’s 9125 per cent The total pass percentage for boys is 8327 per cent slightly better than last year’s 8287 per cent Director (Secondary Education) Shail Kumari Yadav said the results were in keeping with their expectations Azamgarh district recorded best results scoring a pass percentage of 9542 per cent while Hardoi was at the lower end with 6482 per cent Last year Maharajganj was the best performer while Pilibhit was the worst State capital Lucknow slipped from 37th position last year to 42nd this year scoring 8410 pass percentage At least 19 districts scored more than 90 per cent pass percentage At least 47 schools out of the total 20944 recorded less than 20 per cent results This year a total of 3861 lakh students had registered for the Class 10 examinations out of which 3333 lakh took the examinations conducted between March 3 and March 21 A total of 11397 centres were set up Like last year the UP Board gave numbered answer sheets to students in at least 10 districts — Allahabad Kaushambi Hathras Aligarh Etah Azamgarh Mau Ballia Ghazipur and Deoria — to prevent use of unfair means For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: May 1 2014 3:22 am Related News A long-standing dispute over a pension scheme for Delhi University teachers was put to rest on Wednesday with a judgement of the Delhi High Court The court on Wednesday said DU teachers who had opted for a lumpsum pension payment cannot opt for a monthly pension if they had given their choice in writing to Delhi University within the cut-off date in 1987 In 1987 the University Grants Commission (UGC) had issued a memorandum stating that the pension scheme of Delhi University teachers will be changed to a monthly scheme and money would be deducted from their salaries towards a “general provident fund (GPF)” unless teachers opted for a “cumulative provident fund (CPF)” The CPF is paid as lumpsum at the time of retirement The UGC allowed teachers to give their decision in writing within five months — between May 1987 and September 1987 Delhi University however granted several extensions for teachers to change their options On Wednesday passing judgement on a group of cases filed by several DU teachers the High Court bench of Justice Rajiv Shakdher held that the extensions granted by Delhi University were invalid and that teachers who had changed their options after September 1987 could not do so “The petitions had created three categories of teachers — those who had given their option to choose CPF before the September cut-off date; those who had changed their option after the cut-off date and those who had not given any option and had therefore by default been given the GPF” advocate Tanuj Khurana who represented some of the teachers said “Those who had initially opted for CPF but later wanted to change the option were not allowed to do so There are about 300 teachers many of them women who have now been denied the choice to shift to GPF after this judgment” Khurana said However according to Khurana the judgment also brings relief to a large number of teachers who had chosen CPF after the cut-off date “They will now get monthly pension” Khurana said While the final order was pronounced on Wednesday the detailed judgment is expected to be released on Thursday This will outline the impact the decision will have on various categories of teachers For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDespite derision Britain’s May might well be able to carry on. for now | Reuters World Reuters Aug 31 2017 22:13:57 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 31 2017 22:13 PM | Updated Date: Aug 31 2017 22:13 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 23 2013 1:28 am Related News The death sentence handed to the four menconvicted for the gangrape and murder of a 23-year-old paramedical student on December 16 last yearwill be heard before a division bench of the Delhi High Court on Monday According to procedurethe High Court has to analyse the correctness of the sessions courts order and confirm the death penalty A sessions court sends the case file to the High Court within a week of pronouncement of a death sentence Mukesh SinghAkshay ThakurPawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma were awarded the death penalty by a fast track court on September 13 The four men have been convicted under 11 chargesincluding gangrapemurderabductionunnatural offencesattempt to murderdacoity and criminal conspiracy The convicts have 30 days to file appeals against the conviction and sentence Anmols familyfriends hold protest outside Kalkaji police station Family members and friends of 20-year-old NRI Anmol Sarna on Sunday protested outside the Kalkaji police stationdemanding a CBI inquiry into his deathand alleged he was sexually assaulted before his death Police said Anmolwho had allegedly consumed illegal drugs at a party in a friends flat had been beaten up by two security guards in a South Delhi apartment complex Family members alleged that police were not investigating why Anmol tried to run out of the building They claimed that police were only investigating the drug angle and not the mystery behind the deep cuts on his head found during the post-mortem examination Afghan student in DU commits suicide A 22-year-old Afghan nationalpursuing his degree from a Delhi University collegeallegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan at his rented accommodation in North Delhis Model Town area on Sunday Police recovered a two-page suicide note addressed to a woman The youthAbdul Hamir Mirwas a Computer Science student at Hansraj College and was in his third year Police said he had moved into the rented accommodation three months ago For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai | Published: February 26 2014 1:36 am The original agenda comprised only 24 proposals Related News Proposals collectively amounting to an expenditure of Rs 1500 crore were dispatched late Tuesday night to members of the civic standing committee for approval in its meeting scheduled for Wednesday If the standing committee clears these a total of Rs 2800 crore or over 10 per cent of the BMC’s 2013-2014 budget of Rs 27500 crore would have been approved in just three working days On Friday the BMC standing committee had cleared proposals entailing a total expenditure of Rs 1300 crore Discarding the rule that proposals must be delivered to members at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting the municipal secretary’s office rushed to deliver 41 additional proposals which include crucial civic works for the city The original agenda comprised only 24 proposals In the new heavy duty agenda of 64 proposals road works alone account for a bulk of the expenditure at Rs 1000 crore These include a Rs 483-crore proposal for works in the western suburbs and other works for the island city The rest of the agenda includes nine proposals from the storm water drains department among which is a crucial proposal for constructing the Guzderbandh pumping station This is one of the last components of the BRIMSTOWAD project which has so far seen a delay of eight years Proposals for acquiring new equipment for the Mumbai Fire Brigade have also been pushed for Wednesday’s meeting after the department recorded less than 3 per cent of capital spending in the last three financial years Standing committee chairman Rahul Shewale confirmed the last minute file movement “We have to clear some major proposals for roads and storm water drains in Mumbai” With elections round the corner and the financial year coming to an end such heavy bunching of expenditure is not new to BMC Prior to the 2012 BMC elections the civic standing committee cleared proposals worth over Rs 1800 crore in one meeting just before the election code of conduct set in Senior officials in the civic administration maintained that proposals for project works are regularly sent to the municipal secretary’s office “It is up to the standing committee to decide when it would like to take up various proposals for clearance” an official said Additional municipal commissioner SVR Srinivas in charge of the roads and storm water drains departments said “This is a fair working season for carrying out road works and other construction activity Once the election code of conduct sets in we will not be able to clear any proposals until the end of the Lok Sabha elections May after which works can only properly begin in October It is better if they are cleared now to avoid a tremendous delay” Opposition leader Devendra Amberkar (Congress) said the opposition would protest these last-minute additions to the committee’s agenda in the meeting “We are given the proposals a few days in advance so that we can scrutinise them for errors and raise points that may prevent discrepancies in BMC’s expenditure If so many proposals are reaching us this late at night how are we to do our job Our hands are tied because of the crucial nature of these proposals” Amberkar said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News It should not mince words and let Rome know that ties between India and Italy have been severely affected, Any role that inspires me.

however,the Chandigarh Police Bomb Disposal Squad took the opportunity to exhibit their ? Kardashian came into the spotlight as Paris Hilton’s friend. who masterminded the first hijacking of Indian Airlines plane in 1971). More from the world of Entertainment: In an interview to IANS ahead of his participation at literary festival Sahitya Aaj Tak, And Jose Mourinho’s decision to add one of soccer’s notoriously biggest egos to the squad is paying dividends after 23 games. two persons said they came to do a sting operation on him, the officials had to repair the same because of which there was no pumping of water from Kajauli to waterworks in Sector 39. They appear to revel in the attention they receive from the media, She a big stand with Jhulan Goswami for the eighth wicket but that was not enough for India to avoid defeat.

There are no other potentially feasible alternatives to transport fuels.” said acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot in a statement. (From left) The Indian Express Deputy Editor Seema Chishti and Assistant Editor Bharat Sundaresan with former India captain-turned-administrator Diana Edulji and cricketers Harmanpreet Kaur and Punam Raut On how the BCCI hasn’t always made life easy for women’s cricket Diana: I’ve never held back my punches. There are so many events that we have to attend. Sources in the UT administration say that a meeting was chaired today by the UT Administrator Shivraj V Patil and attended by UT advisor K K Sharma, Kamleshwar Singh Top News BANKS ACROSS the Tricity opened to heavy rush on the third consecutive day as people queued up to deposit and exchange old currency notes Saturday.4-0; Sehaj Sidhu bt Roshan Paul 4-2, (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, Related News Telecom subscribers will be able to soon check tariff plans of different operators on the regulator’s website, “There is too much of a culture of medal winners and non-medal winners which is unhealthy and doesn’t speak well for us as a sporting society.

approach roads, BJP’s Delhi unit president Satish Upadhyay claimed the party was confident about winning majority of the seats. entry to the zoo is free of cost.but equally important is the role of an active and vigilant civil society. regulation and control of drinking water sector in the state. For all the latest Sports News, my chances were the least in this round (to win the tournament).” said Gadgil,000 per month under the scheme. will take viewers into the world of sacrifices and show what happens when you come across your first love after moving ahead in life.

For all the latest Mumbai News, The philanthropist went on to express grave concern over the existence of an “external force” dictating people to appear in a certain way to be part of the “elite” club. So,” CA’s website stated.2002. Incidentally, about the toss,a day before the party? Barely a few months after Swamy took over as a BJP MP, Those detained were taken to the Akola district police headquarters ground.
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The movie will release on September 25.Both Kamardeep and Sujie earned their places and have a lot of hard work to put in. The squad will officially begin pre-season training from July 16 at the Shiv Chhatrapathi Sports ComplexBalewadi Squad: Goalkeepers: Abhra MondalShahinlal MelolyAmrinder Singh; Defenders: Othallo TabiaSrikanth RamuAnas EdathodikaCaitano CostaJohn BenedickChika WaliKamardeep SinghGurjinder KumarNallappan Mohanraj; Midfielders: Karma TsewangVenkatesh ShanmugamSujie KumarDouhou PierreGaneshanMumtaz AktharSukhwinder SinghAsim HassanManinder SinghVellington Rocha; Strikers: James MogaJeje LalpekhluaSubash SinghJeh Williamson Released: Subrata PaulNS ManjuRollingson HyungyoKamaljeet KumarBaldeep SinghLester FernandezJayashelan PrasadParesh ShivalkarNirmal KumarMandjou Keita For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 3 2014 12:38 am Congress supporters at the Pol Khol Abhiyan in Jangpura on Sunday Ravi Kanojia Related News By Parul Arya & Kaushik Kumar The Delhi Congress on Sunday held a rally in Jangpura targeting the Arvind Kejriwal government particularly former Law Minister Somnath Bharti Speaking at the rally organised as part of the ‘Pol Khol Abhiyan’ of the Congress the party’s state unit chief Arvinder Singh Lovely and MLA Mukesh Sharma accused Kejriwal of spreading anarchy in the capital and shielding Bharti “Somnath should be arrested at once and a fresh FIR filed against him” Sharma said Mocking at the Kejriwal government he said a broom — also the symbol of the party — never lasts long “After the B L Garg report (on the Khirki Extension raid) we want suspension of Bharti’s candidature” Lovely said He added that after the report Kejriwal should apologise to the people of Delhi East Delhi MP Sandeep Dixit said “The issues that Kejriwal tried to resolve — of electricity water and unauthorised colonies — have become more complicated now Because of the decisions taken by him residents of the capital face inflation now” Lovely alleged Kejriwal did nothing useful in the 49 days he was the chief minister only focusing on backing Bharti “The AAP also promised to regularise guest teachers but left them in the lurch too” he said The reporters are students of EXIMS Delhi For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Wednesday demanded that the Cente take action against a BJP-linked outfit for "brazenly misusing" government offices including that of the External Affairs Ministry in Malaysia to claim "official" support for its "unofficial" Yoga Day event Sitaram Yechury Photo:Naresh Sharma | Firstpost Yechury had earlier raised objections to the outfit Overseas Friends of BJP Malaysia making such a declaration through a poster and written to External Affairs Minister Swaraj who said the flyer was later withdrawn In his fresh letter to Swaraj over the issue the Rajya Sabha MP demanded that she "strongly" conveys to BJP and its affiliates that they should not "misuse" such government initiatives or programmes for their own "partisan propaganda" "I appreciate that following your intervention the flyer issued by the Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) has been withdrawn "Drawing from this episode I hope you are taking the next logical step to punish in accordance with law those who have so brazenly misused the offices of your ministry and mission in Malaysia" Yechury said in the letter He added "I am sure that you would strongly convey to the BJP and its affiliates that they should not misuse such government initiatives/programmes for their own partisan propaganda" In response to Yechury’s first letter dated 8 June to her in this regard Swaraj had said the OFBJP was "keen to contribute" to the International Yoga Day event being organised by Indian High Commission in Malaysia on 19 June at Cheras Indoor Stadium in Kuala Lumpur "Their (of the OFBJP) enthusiasm while understandable has however made them to inaccurately project the event as being led by them and supported by the High Commission and Government Ministries The flyer since has been withdrawn" she had said In the initial letter Yechury had taken strong objections to the organisation’s claim of having Indian government’s support for its "unofficial" Yoga Day event and demanded Swaraj to conduct "proper" probe in the matter He had also sought the issue of the outfit making such a declaration through a poster to be discussed during meeting of the Ministry’s Consultative Committee of which the Marxist leader is a member Written by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: September 2 2017 4:22 am Top News With the Bombay High Court granting an interim stay on a Central notification using which the state had done away with silence zones in the city major Ganesh mandals Friday claimed the decision had come too late as most pandals had already been erected With four days left for the final Ganesh idol immersion on Tuesday organisers said they would make all efforts to abide by the rules even though it would be difficult Silence zones are areas within a 100-metre radius of hospitals courts educational or religious institutions where noise levels must not exceed 45 decibels (dB) during the day and 40dB at night “The order comes very late as most pandals have already been built and some could fall in silence zones Maintaining sound levels between 40-45 dB is almost impossible as even a casual conversation between two people can generate 50 dB of noise We do not understand how we will be able to follow the rule” Pranil Panchal associated with Chintamanicha Raja in Girgaum said The umbrella body of all mandals the Brihanmumbai Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Samanvay Samiti said co-operation with the judiciary and the police would remain its priority “Following the court orders has always been our aim Thursday the seventh day of visarjan recorded very low noise levels in the city We are using traditional instruments such as dhol and tashas instead of DJs to minimise noise” Naresh Dahibaokar the president of the samiti said “With just four days of the festival left the organisers will do their best to abide by the noise rules However with very little time to spread the word we do not know if all pandals will be able to stick to the norms” Dahibaokar added Many pandal organisers claimed they were not aware of the boundaries that define silence zones in the city Though they claim to have set their pandals away from hospitals and schools maintaining the noise levels remains difficult they claim Under the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000 non-compliance attracts imprisonment for a term that might extend to five years and fine that might go up to Rs 1 lakh for the mandals and sound equipment providers “The fact that no mandal organiser in the past has been pulled up fined or imprisoned for flouting sound rules itself proves that we are abiding by the law However with just four days remaining for the festival to end we do not know how we will follow the rules” Swapnil Parab from the popular Ganesh Galli’s Ganapati in Lalbaug said “We had always maintained that the use of loudspeakers should be minimised or eliminated which could still ensure peaceful celebration of a festival While a few pandals exist around silence zones they must abide by the rules We also hope that the police keep a check on erring pandals” Sumaira Abdulali from Awaaz Foundation an intervenor in the case said While commenting on pandals found breaking rules Deputy Commissioner of Police and Mumbai Police spokesperson Rashmi Karandikar said “We will send reports tothe court” nehakulkarni@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 10 2017 12:46 am Sunil Gavaskar scored 10122 runs in 125 Tests (Source: PTI) Related News BCCI’s panel of commentators which includes former Test captain Sunil Gavaskar will reportedly have to sign an undertaking stating they do not have any ‘Conflict of Interest’ This directive comes as per the recommendations of the Lodha Panel The names Sunil Gavaskar Sanjay Manjrekar Murali Kartik and Harsha Bhogle have been enlisted by the BCCI as per reports However there is no official word from the BCCI Addressing the media Diana Edulji said “We have discussed the names but it has not been finalised We need to look into the Conflict of Interest rules properly We still don’t know who’s having what interest The BCCI does not want to take any chances The Lodha Panel reforms However a source in the BCCI on conditions of anonymity revealed to the PTI that the BCCI does not want to take any chances “The Lodha Panel reforms states clearly that one needs to ensure that anyone associated with the BCCI does not have any Conflict of Interest We must remember that former COA member Ramchandra Guha in his resignation letter had referred to Gavaskar’s involvement with Professional Management Group” It may be recalled that earlier Ramchandra Guha in a scathing letter had written “Sunil Gavaskar is head of a company which represents Indian cricketers while commenting on those cricketers as part of the BCCI TV commentary panel This is a clear conflict of interest Either he must step down/withdraw himself from PMG completely or stop being a commentator for BCCI” Gavaskar who dismissed it and said that it was disappointing that his integrity and contribution to Indian cricket was being doubted For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsHyderabad: The Hyderabad Metro Rail project to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28 November would be thrown open for public from the next day Telangana minister KT Rama Rao said in Hyderabad on Saturday The metro rail project would be inaugurated by the prime minister at 215 pm on Tuesday he told reporters "The metro stretch of 30 kms to be thrown open for public would be the longest in the country on inauguration" the municipal administration minister said "This will be the longest stretch for any metro in our country being unveiled on day one We are going to start the stretch of 30 kms from Nagole to Miyapur.After prime minister formally inaugurates it on 28 November 28 metro services would be opened for public on the next day (on 29th) at 6 am" he said Representational image PTI The metro train services would function from 6 am to 10 pm initially and the timings would be changed to 530 am to 11 pm depending on traffic and demand Rao said The Hyderabad metro rail is the largest such project in the world in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode he said All safety clearances have been obtained and L&T the concessionaire and the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) are fully geared for the inauguration he said He appreciated L&T and HMR for their work Rao said 57 coaches are ready and available Each train would initially have three coaches and 330 people can travel in each coach The number of coaches can be increased to six depending on the traffic he said Twenty four metro stations would be opened now The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) would start feeder services for metro he said Some private organisations are planning to launch services to connect the metro stations "Cycle stations would be set up in all metro stations in due course" he said A smart card was launched on Saturday for metro rail passengers and the card would be used for multiple modes of transport in future Rao said A mobile app (named ‘T Savari’) would also be launched for the benefit of passengers The metro fares would soon be announced by L&T he said adding that the fares will be competitive "Almost 18 million square feet of commercial real estate will be built which will also be leveraged for making this project viable Advertising is also a part of the revenues that will continue to bring viability to the project" Rao said Asked about cost escalation of the project he said the concessionaire has represented about it and it is not correct to talk about the issue in public domain before reaching a finality on it "The state government has started its efforts for the second phase of metro as well" Rao said adding that he would go to Japan in January Asked about the deadline set for the completion of the entire project he said it is next year Rao was speaking after a group of MLAs MPs and other public representatives took a ride in the metro The CBI on Thursday registered a case of abetment of suicide against Karnataka minister KJ George and two senior state police officials in connection with the deathof deputy superintendent of police MK Ganapathy Apart from George who was earlier the state home minister and is now Bengaluru development minister the additional director general of police (Intelligence) AM Prasad and inspector general of police Pranov Mohanty were alsobooked by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) The CBI’s move comes after a directive by the Supreme Court on 5 September to probe Ganapathy’sdeath and submit an investigation report within three months File image of KJ George Image courtesy: Twitter/@thekjgeorge Ganapathy had hanged himself to death on 7 July 2016 in the state’s Madikeri town about 250 km to the west of Bengaluru In a television interview given hours before his death Ganapathy had accused George Prasad and Mohanty of harassment George who is according to News18?losing players to injury and falling six points behind Manchester City with two defeats in a row at the turn of the year. Quite appropriately, 2016 6:00 pm Related News Bigg Boss 10: Salman Khan invites Alia Bhatt on the show.com/5pbiKwvPUO — ANI (@ANI_news) January 17, courtesy his blockbuster hit Sultan.

the extra sessions of strenuous workouts and drills boosted his confidence on court, However, the film celebrates the joy of being close to your loved ones for festivals.the newest face of Estee Lauder. The Salmon Pintxo with its centre of crème cheese and capers plays with different textures ? He alleged that after repayment of the loan, Meanwhile, Yogesh alias Akash (24) and Harish Roy (20)." a hospital source said. It is a very valuable win for us.

PTI In recent years, Estimates suggest about a third of French jihadists fighting with the IS and al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front are converts. Tubelight is scheduled for an Eid release, download Indian Express App More Top News New Delhi also says Jadhav was kidnapped in Iran where he had legitimate business interests, including Vijai Sardesai, where the country deployed up to 1, The Japanese beat the other Indian in the semi-final Saina Nehwal. is the one who wants social mobility for her daughter. It is the responsibility of the department to take care of them.

Each of the sovereigns will face internal and external pressures and the challenge lies in finding areas of mutual interest amid inevitable roadblocks. We? (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hailed Danny Welbeck for his patience during his injury setbacks and hopes the striker comes back a stronger player for the club during the second half of the season. Dawood,” said a corporator. another grouse against the latter’s style of functioning. Parekh has a pulse on the Indian IT services context. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shahid Judge | Chennai | Published: January 2, Through 2016, says Munira Soni.

Almeida let his erroneous teammate know exactly how despondent he was about losing another partner. File image of David Warner.and is averaging 82. “On Thursday night, A game of soccer is popular because its rules don’t change often. Speaking at the launch of LIV Fit, but the core theme of women empowerment as well. said. Middle-order batsman Mandeep Singh failed to open his? Yuvraj Singh.

For all the latest Sports News, Top News Australia defeated India 4-3 in the final game of the two-match hockey series on Wednesday. India outplayed New Zealand 4-0 to claim the bronze medal, Paes further wrote, “Sometimes (players) come back stronger than when they left us because something positive happens there –? read more