Electricity supplier injury traditional enterprise T technology upgrades

If other people are using

mobile phone in your pager, you will not feel unhappy?

if all of you are using 3G to surf the Internet, you’re still on the 2 network, do you think you’re not in the same boat?

as above two kinds of feeling, nearly ten years of traditional enterprises are not constantly changing the enterprise IT system, it in the operation of the enterprise is more and more important, involving:

1, logistics (WMS) information system (OA) financial system (FMS) supply chain system (SCM) human resource management customer relationship management crm read more

Li Shufu accelerate the automatic driving legislation to strengthen the electricity supplier tax man


technology news March 3rd morning news, NPC and CPPCC kicked off, the CPPCC National Committee members, Geely chairman Li Shufu this year has brought three proposals: to speed up the automatic driving legislation, prudent and reasonable revision of the law of promoting private education, strengthen the electronic business transaction tax management.

Li Shufu believes that the future of the future of the automotive industry will become the direction of the development of the automotive industry, in the individual, transportation and social aspects have great social value. This has been a consensus between the industry and the government in Europe, the United States and china. However, at present, the relevant laws and regulations of various countries and regions for the automatic driving car on the road test and the subsequent large-scale promotion there are still obstacles. Automatic driving has brought new challenges and opportunities to the development of China’s automobile industry. It is urgent to determine the possible problems in advance and plan the legislation as soon as possible. read more

Replay Nora mode where is the cow The most grey killer app

to the current situation, our ruling, self revolution


the evening of April 16th, broadcast by Sina micro-blog announced that it will start the business model transformation, turning from the original technical content, and clean and vulgar content involving pirated content, close QVOD server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on…… From then on, Nora mode end.

fast move shocked the grass root, they shouted: "grass root Indoorsman hold on, don’t cry!" our heart would break it, losing a lot of users, lost an important source of income. Rely on Nora mode, Nora as early as 2009 to achieve profitability, sales in 2011 reached 130 million yuan. So far, Youku potatoes, Iqiyi still mad burn, profitable is not available. read more

nvestigation of the 21st century shoot Kim Jeong eun provocative hackers

version of the "fortune" magazine recently wrote a thorough analysis of the whole process of hacking SONY pictures, SONY should be able to avoid the hackers. The article is based on interviews with more than 50 interviews with SONY’s current and former executives (all of whom insist on refusing to name their names), cyber security experts and law enforcement officials. To a large extent, this article is also based on hackers exposed SONY internal mail and various documents. Hollywood also provides business a lot of information to see SONY pictures in hacker attacks after: personal leadership of the company, and the parent company in Japan in twenty-first Century and the entertainment industry challenges increased pressure. read more

Wang Jianlin latest speech Wanda is how to do electricity supplier

remember last year, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in China economic person of the year awards ceremony with Ma bet? Wang Jianlin said at the time: "supplier and then powerful, but like bathing, feet, ears, these services, electricity providers can not be replaced." He and Ma Yundu is that by 2020 if the electricity supplier in China’s retail market share of more than 50%, Wang Jianlin will give the one hundred million of the one hundred million, if not, then, to the president of the United States, and then to the other side of the world in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. read more

Facebook HTML5 give up 4 reasons to native applications

some time ago, Facebook launched native iOS applications, the speed of response compared with the old version has been significantly improved, caused widespread concern in the industry. But the concern is not because the native application itself has a lot more quickly, but the Zuckerberg that "the application of Facebook HTML5 is completely dependent on the biggest mistake, resulting in wasted 2 years of valuable time, the future will be the primary application of speech.

industry generally believe that, based on the Web version of the Facebook HTML5 user experience is relatively poor, because Facebook did not make full use of the advantages of HTML5, rather than HTML5 itself how bad. Otherwise, why other people can use HTML5 to create a very successful mobile site read more

Tmall trading rules questioned small sellers from malicious blackmail

these days, the seller has been doing a security nightmare: her mobile phone constantly reminded Taobao mall Tmall shop on insufficient margin, puzzled her online check, found the shop one day by hundreds of pen accounts of the evil shot, not a penny left ten million yuan deposit.

was questioned by the rules

Lin is a Tmall shop on the sale of imported wood floor boss. In Tmall, this kind of building materials industry business is not good to do. Ellingson with "to have business to do a business is not to earn" mentality around for two years in Tmall. read more

Kang Sheng Dai Zhikang one person to play the era of the end of the world is over

on the right side for the Kangsheng company president Dai Zhikang (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) April 7th news, Kang Sheng, President of the company today,, said in an interview with Tencent technology, with the development of the times, a person playing the world has been declared the end of the era. Adsense group began to more professional.

Dai Zhikang said that over the past 5 years, the title of the title of the object has changed, before the station is usually a sense of personal webmaster, is a person facing a computer, do a station operation. Now to the development of the Internet, found that individual combat in most areas is no longer a model of sustainable development. Team oriented, commercial operation has become inevitable. read more

Ma Huateng talk about nternet products the seven dimensions of gray law

Tencent Inc board chairman and CEO Ma Huateng

    Sina Francisco July 9th morning news, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent Ma Huateng today issued an open letter to partners, explaining the Internet product innovation from the seven dimensions of demand, speed, flexibility etc..

"in the process of product development and operation of Tencent, there is a word has been repeatedly mentioned, that is" gray". Ren Zhengfei once wrote "management of gray", he advocated the gray, mainly on the internal management of compromise and tolerance." Ma Huateng said, how to find the most appropriate gray, can maintain the normal operation of enterprises, and make innovation of a flexible environment; let not stifle innovation, but not into a blind alley, is the most Internet companies need to think deeply about the problem. read more

nterview with Robin Li open platform with the traditional search order no essential difference

news September 2nd, 2010 Baidu World Conference held in Beijing, Baidu CEO Robin Li on the morning of Box Computing and Baidu application platform for the demonstration and explanation, the afternoon accepted the interview.

below is the full text of the interview:

reporter: we greatly affected the Baidu open platform for our Internet Ecosystem, today morning guests are very concerned about how to make money through this platform, can tell us about how to build the ecological system platform, how to let developers have the brand’s interests, and the interests of read more

Online shopping regret right will be implemented electric emergency changes return policy

The new version of the "consumer protection law revision of

10 period in 2013 of the Twelfth National People’s Congress" (hereinafter referred to as the new consumer law) will be formally implemented in March 15th, which for the first time on online shopping regret right has been further standardized, which makes business enterprise and consumer is looking forward to the new policy on 2014.

All kinds of

return policy

due to lack of online shopping entities under the line experience, which brings some problems for consumers shopping, and the goods are obtained after, how to return rights has been one of the most concerned about the topic of consumers. In the existing electricity supplier after sales policy, regardless of the size of the electricity supplier site requirements are not uniform, a variety of provisions so that consumers are struggling to cope with, can only passively listen to business arrangements. In the requirements of the new consumer law, consumers are entitled to receive the goods within 7 days no reason to return, but the consumer made, fresh perishable goods, digital delivery of newspapers and periodicals, and according to the nature of the goods except the product should not be returned, it was known as the "online shopping regret right". read more

Speed transit nstitute 81 5% nternet users are interested in the purchase of nternet financial pr

Internet banking has become a hot topic nowadays, the first Alibaba, Tencent and other involved in the Internet insurance business, and then launched the balance of treasure Ali, everyone credit, pat credit and other online P2P business. Recently, Baidu has also entered the financial, test the water Internet banking business. Internet banking is what kind of charm, making many companies have resorted to exhaust all the skills rooted in Internet Financial? What is Internet banking? Speed transit Institute analyst team investigation network related data, we interpret the development situation of domestic Internet financial business. read more

The breakdown of domestic group purchase industry wonderful site a lot of surprise and imagination

domestic group purchase website has been touted, survival to belittle and sigh, this is not about those passing the group purchase website, only talk about those at this stage to survive, but also hope the company. These companies in the past three years has brought us a lot of surprises and imagination, the following statements:

first, the United States Mission:

United States, the site is a pioneer model of the halo was born, Wang Xing is the label of this site, the campus network, the network is the history of the u.s.. The most wonderful thing is that the United States and the United States did not do any of the traditional media advertising (in addition to push), and its own traffic is the envy of the whole group to buy other competitors envy jealousy. read more

SAC network transaction management approach since March 15th implementation

Beijing, February 13, today, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that the "measures" network transaction management of People’s Republic of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce will be considered by the Council, are hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of March 15, 2014. The "measures" pointed out that the Internet transaction, through blogs, social networking and other micro-blog carrier to provide advertising and promotion services, review of commodities or services and therefore make compensation, shall truthfully disclose the nature, to avoid misleading consumers. read more

Monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring services to lead mobile APM

leading application performance management operators, cloud wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the launch of mobile application monitoring services". The new enterprise monitoring service solution based application service interface monitoring business processes, applications or services to capture end-user experience, follow the application of interactive data flow analysis, found that the availability and correctness of the port operations and business performance data, is the first in the country. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Ali push to travel ah washing powder printing QQ burned

1 laundry powder printed on the "QQ" logo Tencent Inc litigation claims   100 thousand;

for Beijing white washing powder packaging printed with QQ Penguin logo, Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Inc) in Beijing urban and rural trade center Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Feng Jingyuan Trading Co. Ltd., Anhui Qijia daily chemical limited liability company sued the Haidian court, and claims 100 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court has accepted the copyright dispute. read more

Adsense network twentieth SEO training courses began to accept the application

training purposes: in the rapid development of the network today, how to attract a large number of sites for the high quality of access traffic, which has aroused the concern of the site owners. In many ways of network marketing, search engine marketing with its unique advantages, has become the most sought after hot objects. Only the structure and information on the website of the relevant adjustment, then in accordance with the strategy of certain skills on the site for maintenance, can flow into the high quality Everfount for site from a search engine, called search engine optimization technology, through the training courses for students in SEO under the guidance of experts, fast learn to search engine optimization techniques, to avoid wasting time in their own way; to study the system of the whole working process of SEO, quickly master SEO optimization. read more

China’s webmaster action to support the disaster area

Chinese all webmaster action, take practical action to support the disaster area, is Chinese, I have donated five hundred to the Red Cross, though not much, but in my mind, we Guzhe SEO, busy with money, also don’t forget our compatriots, there is money money, powerful output, join hands and work together to get through this


stationmaster net earthquake relief proposal:


the auction gold advertising two year period of 100 thousand for disaster relief:


read more

Baidu once again announced Beijing will resume normal national recovery

January 12th news, at about 12 noon, Baidu once again announced that the Beijing area has returned to normal service. And said that, as of now, www.baidu.com in the Beijing region IP resolution service has returned to normal, the rest of the country’s IP analysis is also being restored.

, according to Baidu’s earlier announcement that this morning, due to the Baidu domain name in the U.S. domain name registrar was illegally tampered with, resulting in www.baidu.com can not be normal access. Unable to access the user through the www.baidu.com, Baidu recommends its search through the www.baidu.com.cn. read more

Car home PO the most understanding of the use of nternet productivity automotive website

car is an automobile vertical website, providing information content and professional forum for users of the automotive consumer groups; its business model is easy to understand, that is, to provide online marketing services for car manufacturers and dealers. Its business model is clear and simple, even not to mention what great innovation, but the car home can in many talent shows itself in the automotive website, the effect of this model is to maximize, all cannot do without the team pursuit of user needs and user experience. read more