Poor how to do network marketing

must do the webmaster, early will encounter financial problems, it may wish to define yourself as a "poor", make full use of all available free resources to do network marketing, like the home economy, however, businesses will find ways, let you in the house, still have to buy its products, the so-called God, give you turn off a door, he will open another window for you, in the case of insufficient funds, we have to open up, how to use free resources, to see whether it will also achieve the effect of network marketing. read more

Shop No 1 sound standard Tmall invested 1 billion yuan in the supermarket planned March opening pri

August 8th afternoon, after the Jingdong was merged into one and a half months, shop No. 1 in the afternoon for the first time outside sound, shop No. 1 mining sales department senior vice president Song Chunlei said, shop No. 1, plans to invest 1 billion yuan in three months, super category comprehensive benchmarking Tmall supermarket in the eight business opening price war.

Song Chunlei said, the price war for the country, especially in a second tier city, drinks, fresh, imported food and other 8 major categories comprehensive benchmarking Tmall supermarket price; in the area, shop No. 1 will fully hit Tmall supermarket in the East China region, regional development will be in Southern China and the second city. Song Chunlei frankly, this shop No. 1 goal is in the rapid market behind Tmall supermarket, 2 times to achieve sales target to reach Tmall supermarket. read more

Continuous high temperature hot lazy economy difficult about domestic takeaway delay

in order to avoid the occurrence of heat stroke on the road, some companies arrange special courier to rest 1.5 hours at noon

want to buy a bottle of drink too lazy to go out orders from the Internet, do not want to cook and do not want to call directly eating takeout, please do housework direct hourly…… Continuous hot weather, a lot of people’s consumption patterns, fresh website, fast food takeaway, housekeeping services provide lazy service businesses, business is booming. For a time, takeaway delay, home difficult about, courier companies in order to stay employees improve welfare. read more

How individual developers make money three analyze the market study the user design the product

introduction before two, that is to change the idea, and then analyze the situation, engage in private products, and products of data analysis, and finally to seek a small profit. Attention to the account of the user, many of which are just entering the industry developers or lack of experience, so this little rabbit teach you how to do a more promising products, and then pushed to the market. There are users in order to make money.

good friends!! don’t sleep, wake up! Get down!

, a market research, planning and then moving read more

The three components of the site planning

today I will introduce the overview of the site planning of three parts, whether planning large portals or e-commerce sites, or even a small website, when the site planning of the three parts are indispensable.

site planning by the following three parts:

Part 1: market analysis

market analysis includes:

1, market demand analysis

2, market positioning

Research on

3 and profit model

second part: technology development part

1, web technology development

2, website UI design

3, website UE user experience read more

Mobile QQ transfer function on the line will learn WeChat push QQ red

with the rise of the third party payment, online payment, transfer and other more convenient. The line transfer function in the mobile phone QQ, buddies transfer is more convenient, it seems no longer cold day run out, will be able to operate whenever and wherever possible. Mobile QQ transfer function followed the pace of WeChat, WeChat now has some features in the mobile phone QQ gradually increased. Then the phone will be re – QQ wallet WeChat red envelopes QQ red line it?

said WeChat red, if a gun and red envelopes used in WeChat, presumably not so much. After the rapid spread of the red WeChat red line, the reason for its rapid popularity may be due to the approaching spring festival. WeChat official data show: from the beginning of the new year’s Eve in 2013, to the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Just on the line soon, the rapid increase in the number of users to the future development of the red envelopes of WeChat played a good start. read more

Refuse to swim fish to share ten years of wind and rain

in March 14, 2001, Dong Qinfeng in the computer company’s PC machine to build a forum for the laggards, soon after the influx of many webmaster, as a habitat here. Dong Qinfeng in the Forum on the ID is: refuse to swim fish. 7 years of persistence, most webmaster may not know who is Dong Qinfeng, but few people have heard of "refusing to swim the fish", many webmaster affectionately called Dong Qinfeng "fish brother", started the younger brother is love to call him "big fish". read more

With a sharp start to drift end Renren why not become China’s Facebook

enrichment view

a number of 100 million active users of the product is worth more than 5 times the value of the product of 4 times, and Renren just do the business of the 5 of the 10 million.

8 years ago, the predecessor of the campus network to ignite the renren.com in Tsinghua campus market spread, and from the capital of colleges and universities began popular in the country, and in 2011 experienced with China Facebook halo at the top of NASDAQ listed after the time, today the renren.com had to help advertising campaign, trying to recapture the. This cycle, there is a mockery of meaning. read more

Google can get rid of path dependence not only to do an advertising company

advertising ceiling approaching, it is time for Google to change the

Google the biggest news in 2015 is that it’s not Google.

August 11, 2015, Google founder Larry · (Larry Page) announced that Google turned into Alphabet, and Google became its subsidiary.

this sudden reorganization, is the founder of Larry page and Sergio · · Sergey has been considered for a long time, Alphabet of the different business are split out, for example, the birth of intelligent Home Furnishing Nest Googel X Googel Glass laboratory are now independent of the company, the company CEO who has absolute independence and autonomy. read more

One week news review Double 11 trading volume record Baidu web site to open cooperation

, a reduction of 11 electricity supplier promotion war: Tmall play a leading role in Jingdong lonely

annual 1111 promotional activities finally came to an end, and in the past is different, this year’s electricity supplier war has become a one-man show Tmall, other electricity providers to participate in the weak, the basic has become a supporting role. This makes Tmall led 11.11 shopping Carnival day trading volume reached $19 billion 100 million (Tmall, Taobao, 5 billion 900 million), far more than last year’s $3 billion 360 million, thus setting a new record. read more

ndependent shop Sandoval supply distribution gradually sought

under the international financial crisis, enterprises rely on electronic commerce to get out of the dilemma, has created a miracle, set off a boom in e-commerce, e-commerce in domestic enterprises, e-commerce pattern has undergone tremendous changes.

third party platform survival crisis appears

as everyone knows, since the emergence of the Alibaba ten years ago, the third party e-commerce platform has been occupying the leading position of e-commerce, has become the mainstream form of domestic e-commerce in the third party platform built. Ali group’s taobao.com is undoubtedly the most current domestic development of the third party e-commerce platform is mature, the largest, by faith self-examination system caused Taobao "closed shop door" was recently intensified, blocked between a large number of reputable shops suspected of speculation overnight, including dozens of crown credibility shop, following another wave of interest is not, and recently appeared "change bad family, let many of the headaches, anxiety. From this year first network business fair Ma to "fake" sellers, issued a warning to "brush credit" seller’s big punishment, many sellers have felt in Taobao’s survival crisis, restricting the third party platform brings to the development of the shop is more and more prominent, gradually rising costs, competition the increasingly fierce, profit margins have shrunk dramatically this is an indisputable fact. More shopkeepers revealed two years earlier in Taobao can have 40% – 50% of the profits, and now only about 10% of the profits, not as good as before. The former network operators to paradise is now became their sad place. read more

Taobao governance fake enlarge recruit take the masses to report the route

December 25th news, Taobao fakes rampant believe that we are very understanding, which is also a headache for Alibaba. Today, they have launched a new governance initiatives – the national reporting mechanism to mobilize the power of the masses to find the sale of fake Taobao and scalping behavior.

, according to Taobao, the Internet users can report the type of false trading, received air parcels, counterfeit and pirated, junk message four categories, the future will add new species. Report entry has a commodity search page, product details page, direct access to the jubao.taobao.com in three ways, the need for real name informants. read more

Taobao a buyer information was leaked lost 50 thousand yuan

[Abstract] earlier, the buyer had received a call from strangers said orders frozen situation.


Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) Shunyi District Ms. Qin online shopping, because the owner said the account was frozen for buyers with a refund, she will enter the bank card number and password "owner" offer ", then in the account of 5 yuan was taken. It questioned Taobao or store customer service to disclose its shopping information, fake shop owner is how to know what I bought and how to get my contact information? read more

After the sale of custom fresh electricity supplier faces legal bottlenecks

Beijing News reporter Wang Yuanzheng photo

fresh electricity supplier favored and sought after by the capital. According to Nelson Chinese data, in 2014 China’s fresh e-commerce market size of 22 billion 500 million yuan, the next three years, the market will reach a peak of $150 billion. But compared to the hundreds of billions of fresh electricity supplier Pang huge, there are still many gaps in the legal policy areas.

Beijing News reporter survey, all kinds of various fresh electricity supplier platform standard, only 20% platform can do 48 hours without reason to return, more platform still performs after receipt of the provisions shall not be returned. Fresh goods are also excluded from the 7 days no reason to return outside. In the actual operation, industry and commerce, quality inspection, food and Drug Administration and other departments of mutual supervision, the existence of each pipe section embarrassing situation. read more

The first reading nternet Business Entrepreneurship grassroots ten taboos

With the continuous development of the Internet,

now has ten years ago, there are so many opportunities. Monopoly is an indisputable fact that it is difficult to play without resources. From the grassroots perspective, no sufficient funds could not go, do long-term investment to raise users no longer profitable business model is not reliable, steady cash flow to continue, advertising restrictions will lead not to flow, can only rely on manual labor to do the promotion to earn money. Two no connections to find an angel to save themselves, with workers hard-earned money to engage in part-time business also have to beware of. Three no entrepreneurial experience like Mangfu as hastily as blind as a beetle, head broken and bleeding. Four do not learn this technology to learn that, in the end wasted time nothing. Grassroots lack of experience in the Internet industry is the bane to the essence, not everyone is suitable for business, not everyone understand business, but not everyone is able to successfully Internet business. read more

The electricity supplier war out of mutual tear predicament Ali behind the new mother beauty store

"double 11" is approaching, the electricity supplier ashes. Ali has just announced the double eleven plan, Jingdong a shot is a cool buy 11 days to Beijing Teng plan against Ali, Suning’s battle of Ping jing". The subsequent Suning and Jingdong copy is the tear forced out integrity.

in fact, with "integrity for eye" marketing have been excessive consumption, even cause consumer resentment.

today, Tmall posted ads to employees on the internet. Many people immediately found, this seems to be in response to the vertical mother to mother #1111 beauty store holiday # topic. The battle is finally out of the tear force, to gezonglianheng read more

Ali’s mother on the Google Baidu alliance will also inspire improvement

we all know, to do Baidu promotion, you need to stand has a very high ranking, a lot of stations, even if tens of thousands of IP per day, can not do Baidu promotion. Google AdSense? Do not need high ranking, as long as you have the traffic, you can apply for, and even can use blog application, relaxed restrictions. Recently, Ali mother came on hard, people have mentioned, your station is only 10 IP, Ali mother will call you put ads that Ali mother does not limit the user whether the size of the station, the station like Baidu limited, even more than Google AdSense to do a more detailed. read more

WeChat how to rely on test questions grow fans

we know, for WeChat, we want to grow fans is more difficult. Although there are many ways to promote the current, but not to say that each one is suitable for us. For everyone, we promote the different ways, some may be good at QQ promotion, and some are good at post forum promotion. But now we see the most is to do test questions.

is not to say that all people are love tests, such as you do for women, and the age of 80, so do the test is of little significance for us, these people’s participation is not high enough. read more

Help people to distinguish between the flow of the website of the company ndia venture capital

ShieldSquare is a cloud technology security solutions to provide a start-up company, mainly to help companies differentiate themselves on the site or mobile App applications on the human and non-human traffic.

company was founded in 2013, headquartered in India, Bangalore, the main product is to provide real-time online malicious robot defense services software. This Thursday (October 19th), they announced the acquisition of a risk investment, lead investor is well-known venture capital Venture Highway, in addition Facebook engineering director Vishy Poosala and previously invested in the company of a number of investors are also involved in the investment, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing. read more

Anhui Taobao website of the whole process and publicity methods

should be the requirements of the webmaster. Today, the construction of the Anhui Taobao network station all written down. I believe that people know Anhui Taobao know. Anhui Taobao is created by me after 90 boys. Hey, why am I so many words. I contacted the site two years ago. Because I’m a programmer, so I have to.Net technology and study hard, never thought to do, a chance.

imperceptibly, I think of the website, began to register a domain name, website, of course, will come into contact with such as optimization, promotion, SEO and other information. Because they are programmers, some of the principles may be very clear. I began to position Anhui taobao.com is the electronic commerce website, Anhui province at last, I put it as a national, because in the process of propaganda, many businesses across the country continue to join, so that I changed the single Anhui idea, because everyone is your customer, the customer is God, the site at the same time, I always follow you: good is not good, customers say well is good, so I don’t pay too much attention to technical problems, if the site is famous, do not delay technology. You have the technology to do better, no one is to open a shop. read more