Court order against man who vomited on BC firefighter offering overdose help

first_imgNANAIMO, B.C. – A British Columbia law designed to protect emergency responders and Good Samaritans has been used for what’s believed to be the first time against a man who vomited on a firefighter’s face.Provincial court Judge Brian Harvey issued an order for the man to be tested after he overdosed on a street in the Vancouver Island community of Nanaimo in early August.The five-year-old Emergency Intervention Disclosure Act allows a judge to order a blood sample from a person if there’s a chance disease could spread to a first responder or someone offering emergency care.“It’s a landmark decision for us, it’s the first time it’s been tested in a court of law,” Nanaimo Fire Rescue chief Karen Fry said of the legislation. “It’s going to give us the peace of mind, that we know this individual will now be required to be tested.”The man, who Fry said was “brought back to life,” has seven days from when he is served to get a blood test or face fines, according to lawyer Sean Smith, who is representing the firefighter.Fry said the man being sought for a blood sample refused medical attention and left a hospital before a doctor could see him.Firefighters wear protective gear, including gloves and goggles, during medical aid calls, but there’s always a risk of transmitting disease, she said.The firefighter remains on duty and has undergone a series of blood tests, Fry said. Results are not yet known.Smith said the legislation allows testing for hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV. He said blood tests on the firefighter in this case can’t solely be relied upon because diseases can take time to manifest.“It’s a legislation that was never intended to be regularly used,” he said, adding it provides first responders with a “security blanket” to seek a court order. (Nanaimo News Now)last_img read more

Former senior Rwandan politician sentenced to life in jail by UN genocide

14 July 2009A former governor of the Rwandan capital will spend the rest of his life in prison after the United Nations tribunal set up in the wake of the 1994 genocide today convicted him of his role in the mass killings that engulfed the country. A former governor of the Rwandan capital will spend the rest of his life in prison after the United Nations tribunal set up in the wake of the 1994 genocide today convicted him of his role in the mass killings that engulfed the country.A three-judge panel at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) found Tharcisse Renzaho, the former prefect of Kigali-Ville, guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. He was acquitted of the charge of complicity to commit genocide.The ICTR found that Mr. Renzaho ordered the establishment of roadblocks and then supported the killings of Tutsis at those roadblocks. He also supervised a selection process at a refugee site where about 40 Tutsis were abducted and killed.Mr. Renzaho – who also served as a colonel in the Rwandan military at the time – participated in a particularly notorious attack at the Sainte Famille church in central Kigali, where more than 100 Tutsis were slaughtered and numerous women were raped. He made remarks encouraging the sexual abuse and was found to be criminally liable for the rape that followed.The Security Council set up the ICTR, which is based in Arusha, Tanzania, in 1994 following the genocide, during which an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed, often by machete, in little more than three months. read more

Haiti says it wants UN peacekeeping force to stay on as it

23 September 2011Haitian President Michel Martelly said today he does not want the United Nations peacekeeping mission to leave but to stay on to assist the impoverished country as his Government seeks to tackle the problems of education, jobs, the environment and the rule of law. “Welcomed in the early days with relief these missions later run out of breath,” he told the General Assembly. “Why? Because, among other things, the expectations of host countries on the one hand are overblown and, on the other, these missions are unable to evolve, frozen as they are in inflexible mandates.“And that’s a pity because nothing is more irresponsible and dangerous than to let these missions leave without an effective national alternative.” The UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), first dispatched as a peacekeeping force in mid-2004 after then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide went into exile amid violent unrest, had an authorized strength of over 9,000 uniformed personnel, but this was increased to more than 13,000 in January 2010 to help the country recover from a devastating earthquake that killed over 200,000 people, displaced 2.3 million others, and caused enormous material damage.“In Haiti’s case what would have been the point of this mission if today, without striking a blow, without warning, it would withdraw,” Mr. Martelly said.“Clearly I am aware of that unacceptable mistakes have stained the mission’s prestige but the trees should not hide the forest. And I rightly think that political stabilization passes through several stages.“It cannot be reduced to a simple intervention force or one that that plays the more or less neutral role of observers,” he added, outlining the vital place that education and jobs have in consolidating peace. Just months after the January 2010 quake a cholera epidemic broke out in the country following a hurricane and flooding and it has so far killed more than 6,000 people and infected nearly 400,000 others.The UN reported today that new cases declined by over 50 per cent within the last two months. Citing Haitian data, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said there were 20,093 new cholera cases in August, compared to 40,873 in July.The number of deaths also decreased significantly from 376 in July to 298 in August. Mortality rates are steadily abating in all 10 departments.According to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) there are still 4.5 million Haitians, nearly half the total, who do not have sufficient quantities of nutritious food on a regular basis. read more

Toronto falls on materials and financials Wall Street remains modest

Gold miners and large financial services companies dragged down Canada’s main stock index Friday as trading on Wall Street remained modest.On Bay Street, the S&P/TSX composite index dropped 71.92 points to 15,490.49 with the materials sector being the biggest decliner on the commodity-heavy index.In New York, markets were mixed. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 19.93 points to 20,914.62, while the S&P 500 index inched down 3.13 points to 2,378.25. The Nasdaq composite index was barely changed from Thursday’s close, up 0.24 of a point to 5,901.00.Portfolio manager Kash Pashootan said the markets are in a wait-and-see mode after a predictable week in which the U.S. Federal Reserve hiked its key short-term rate by a quarter-point to a range of 0.75 to one per cent on Wednesday.The widely expected move was prompted by solid signs of a strengthening U.S. economy, as gauges on job growth, retail sales, consumer prices and housing builds have all come in higher than analysts had been expecting.“If there’s one thing the market does not like, it’s surprise, and we haven’t had many surprises yet,” said Pashootan from First Avenue Advisory, a Raymond James company. “We have clear direction, all else being equal, of where the Fed is going with rates.”Range-bound crude prices have also become surprisingly stable, he said. “We don’t have oil prices in free fall compared to what we’ve seen in the last couple of years.”The more heavily traded May crude contract up seven cents at $49.31 per barrel.Investors are turning their attention to the next potential flashpoints for markets, including whether U.S. President Donald Trump will be able to deliver on promises to cut taxes and boost infrastructure spending.“If he waits to unveil everything at once, six or eight months from now, you may see markets run out of patience and demonstrate volatility beforehand,” Pashootan said.“But if he’s able to give a small nugget here and there, it will provide hydration for the markets to continue to drive forward and he will buy time.”In the meantime, investors will continue to grapple with shifting sentiments of optimism and concern over a market that has steadily increased with very little existence of volatility, he said.“Equity markets are not behaving like equity markets,” Pashootan said. “They have very little overall volatility compared to what one should expect and the appreciation we’ve seen has been well above what we should expect.“The significant risk that comes out of that is investors start to believe that they’re more comfortable with risk then they really are, because the only side of risk we’ve seen for the last several months has been the reward. In fact, it’s been rewards on steroids.”In currencies, the Canadian dollar sat just below the 75-cent mark, up 0.06 of a cent at 74.98 cents US.On the commodity markets, the May crude oil contract added seven cents at $49.31 per barrel and the April natural gas contract rose five cents at US$2.95 per mmBTU.The April gold contract added $3.10 at US$1,230.20 an ounce and May copper gained a cent to US$2.69 a pound. read more

Go back to your country Man charged in alleged racist assault at

Sanober Faruqi witnessed the attack on Hedayat Ullah, a Bangladeshi gas station worker, who was assaulted at his on Sunday in what he describes as a hate crime. A 45-year old man is charged with mischief and assault after what onlookers allege was a racist assault on a gas station employee on Sunday.Hedayat Ullah, who manages a Shell station in the north end of Saskatoon, said a random passerby suddenly punched him in the chest when he was at work, yelling “Go back to your country” and telling him he did “not deserve to be here.”“Honestly, I was scared,” Ullah said. The man continued to yell at him and a Filipino customer, Ullah said. He backed away from the scene and into the gas station to call police. CCTV footage shows the man pursued Ullah into the station.Ullah said he told the man he is in fact a Canadian citizen. Footage then shows the man knocking over displays of chocolate bars and reaching over the till, possibly trying to punch Ullah again. He then grabbed and ripped out the drawers from both cash registers before leaving the station.He was later arrested and appeared in provincial court on Monday morning.Sanober Faruqi, a regular customer who witnessed the incident, immigrated to Canada from Pakistan 12 years ago. She said she was shocked by the scene, but it’s not unfamiliar to members of her community. Matt Smith / Saskatoon StarPhoenix “I was shivering,” she said. “I’ve heard different stories in my community about racist incidents, but I didn’t believe it because it never happened in front of my eyes.”The rate of hate crimes reported to police in Saskatoon has fluctuated in recent years but peaked last year at 11, a five-year record for the city. Experts warn those figures understate the extent of the problem because they depend on whether the crime is ever reported to police, which victims of hate crimes are sometimes afraid or unable to do.A survey conducted by Statistics Canada in 2014 found 17 per cent of immigrants to Canada said they had experienced discrimination.The incident left staff feeling afraid and unsafe.Harjit Singh is a 20-year-old student from India who arrived in Saskatoon three weeks ago. Sunday was his first day on the job at the station. Now, he’s afraid to go back, he said.“I don’t want to go back there anymore. I don’t think I can work there.”Ullah said the alleged attack also left him on edge.“Honestly, I’m not feeling safe right now in my workplace,” Ullah said. “Because I’m thinking, when will he come back and attack me?”Ullah said he hopes the man is explicitly charged with a hate-motivated assault.In Canada, criminal charges of inciting hatred are rare, brought in cases where the accused advocates genocide, publishes hate propaganda or calls for violence against a group of people.“Hate-motivated” crimes are more common, but are still difficult to prove in a court setting.Dr. Barbara Perry, director of the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the Ontario Institute of Technology, said in a June interview with Postmedia that the “founded” rate for hate-motivated crimes is largely unknown, although experts and observers believe it to be quite low.“We really don’t have any way of telling how often that section is used. It’s not tracked at all,” Perry said.The man is scheduled to return to court on Wednesday. The officer who filed the case requested that a mental health assessment be conducted.In the meantime, Ullah said he hopes speaking out about the incident will send a message.“If this thing happened in Canada, I’m worried about security for my kids. My daughter, she’s in Grade 10. If she faces this, what will happen?” he said. “Canada is not for this. Canada is for everybody.” Sask. among provinces with the lowest reported hate crimes ‘Words matter’: Following New Zealand shootings, Sask. human rights commissioner urges hate-speech provisions Victim of alleged gay bashing calls for education, not violence Saskatoon police remind public which crimes to report online read more

UNs top human rights official welcomes deferment of execution in Philippines

High Commissioner Mary Robinson acknowledged the seriousness of the crime which Rolando Pagdayawon was convicted of committing and voiced “the deepest sympathy for the victim” in a statement released in Geneva.The 1987 Philippines Constitution abolished the death penalty, but it was restored in 1994 for “heinous crimes.” President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo suspended the death penalty after taking office in January 2001, and although the moratorium was lifted last October, there have been no executions since then.Mrs. Robinson added her voice to those calling on the Government of the Philippines to continue its moratorium and eventually abolish the death penalty. She reiterated her opposition to executions, and recalled that the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights says the abolition of the death penalty “contributes to enhancement of human dignity and progressive development of human rights.” read more

The 53 Best Franchise Players In The NBA

35. Greg Monroe (24.4)Monroe, the newly signed Buck, is “an offensive-minded center who can average a double-double [and] score inside and from the perimeter,” as Ohm Youngmisuk wrote. His skilled footwork in the post makes the Al Jefferson comp perfect. Still, Monroe didn’t improve his productivity between his age-22 season in 2012-13 to his age-24 season last year. He could be a WYSIWYG player: someone whose current skill set provides plenty of value to an NBA lineup, but who isn’t a great bet to develop further. 24. Eric Bledsoe (30.4)Bledsoe is a long way from being “mini LeBron,” but he has a lot going for him: strength like Kyle Lowry’s alongside the speed of Ty Lawson. What he lacks is a consistent outside shot: His .324 3-point percentage last year ranked just 69th out of 76 players who took at least 250 3-point shots. He turns 26 this season and has passed the point where he can necessarily expect rapid improvement; he might be better off mothballing his 3-pointer and concentrating on the rest of his otherwise well-rounded game. 52. Cody Zeller (20.0)CARMELO’s best guess is that Zeller will produce like a solid starter over the next handful of seasons. But remember, that’s just the mean forecast. The variance is wide because Zeller’s closest historical comparables are all over the place. Maybe he’ll develop into a star, like No. 1 comp Jack Sikma,3Yes, Jack Sikma! Check the numbers if you don’t remember how good he was. Al Horford (No. 3) or Rasheed Wallace (No. 9). Then again, maybe not — Zeller’s comp list is also littered with names like Kwame Brown, Tyrus Thomas and Stromile Swift. 16. Draymond Green (36.4)Arguably the breakout star of last season, Draymond Green is a defense-first bulldog with versatile offensive skills. A Dan Majerle comp beside a Robert Horry one? Yeah, it’s a strange pairing — but Green is an unusual player. The only caveat was that Green improved so much last year that he could be due for a pinch of reversion to the mean. Even so, CARMELO projects that he’ll produce $130 million worth of value to the Warriors over the next five seasons, a great return on his $85 million contract. 25. D’Angelo Russell (29.6)CARMELO would have taken D’Angelo Russell ahead of Towns for the No. 1 pick, however. With good size and strength to round out a nice shot and excellent passing, Russell draws comparisons to other scoring point guards/combo guards such as Derrick Rose and James Harden. Don’t expect much efficiency this year: As Baxter Holmes wrote, the rookie “will probably pile up some head-shaking turnovers” for a Lakers team with miserable discipline. But Russell has superstar upside. 39. Marc Gasol (23.3)The big Spaniard (and Conley’s fellow Grizzly) was once again one of the league’s best centers last year, and he’s definitely inherited comp Vlade Divac’s gene for great post passing. But at 31 years old, Gasol has only so many years left. Big men tend not to age as well as wings and point guards, and the Grizz should worry about a decline to Brad Miller levels of production. 44. Nikola Mirotic (21.2)Mirotic finished second in Rookie of the Year voting, behind Wiggins, and is now a huge building block for the Bulls. The Detlef Schrempf comp is just too perfect: a tall, international forward with an excellent 3-point shot. Now all that’s left is for Mirotic to guest star on the 2040 equivalent of “Parks and Recreation.” 30. Ricky Rubio (26.5)Can Rubio, an exceptionally gifted passer and ball thief, ever develop a jump shot like comparable Jason Kidd did in his later years? CARMELO, seeing how Rubio is just 25, is optimistic, projecting him to improve his offensive efficiency to career-high levels. But if not, the shadow of his Brevin Knight comp looms over him. 13. Marcus Smart (38.2)Given how much CARMELO likes Payton, it’s not surprising that it likes Smart also. He fits a broadly similar profile: His shooting just isn’t there yet, but most of his other skills were already league-average or above last season, when he was just 20. The thing about players like these is that they can be superstars if their scoring develops (Smart’s No. 1 comp is James Harden, for instance) but reasonably valuable all-around players even if it doesn’t. 51. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (20.1)Kidd-Gilchrist, like Embiid, will miss the 2015-16 season. The injury could preclude the Hornets from what might otherwise have been a breakout season. It will also preclude Kidd-Gilchrist from gaining a year of experience he needs to round out his offensive game. So far, he has neither been adept at creating good looks for himself nor shooting the ball well when he has. Nonetheless, Kidd-Gilchrist has precocious defensive abilities and will be just 23 when he returns to competition next season. Health willing, he could develop into a Matrix-like player. 27. Jusuf Nurkic (27.2)The big Bosnian defies every outmoded stereotype of “soft” European players. Instead he has a mean streak as a bruising defender and talented young rebounder. Aside from Shawn Kemp, the top comps may not wow you, but if Nurkic’s shooting efficiency improves, the Nuggets have landed their franchise center. 43. Jared Sullinger (21.2)With a bevy of crafty post moves, the undersized Sullinger has made an old-school playing style work for him. Although he sometimes struggles to score around the basket, the development of his outside shot keeps the Celtics happy and is one of several reasons CARMELO expects the Celts to have a breakout season. The throwback comp to Lonnie Shelton is dead on, though Sullinger has to do some work to move past where Shelton was at the same age. 42. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (21.2)Caldwell-Pope is young and athletic and has a silky-smooth jumper. The problem is that these skills offset weaknesses elsewhere: His shot selection, playmaking and rebounding all need work. As we wrote in our Pistons preview: A “second coming of Ray Allen (Caldwell-Pope’s sixth-closest comp) would be a bonanza, but don’t bank on it.” Still, players as young as Caldwell-Pope have lots of opportunities to defy the odds. 34. Serge Ibaka (25.0)As Royce Young observed: “Ibaka isn’t quite ‘big’ enough to help form a Thunder big three, but he’s without question integral to the team’s success.” But is there any chance Ibaka could develop into more than that: an All-Star talent alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? Just maybe. Kevin McHale, Ibaka’s No. 1 comp, is a favorable precedent: He had his best seasons in his late 20s and early 30s as he developed more of an outside shooting stroke. Ibaka, likewise, has improved his outside shooting almost every season and shot .376 from 3-point range last year. 40. Mike Conley (22.5)The Isiah Thomas comp provides a vision of Conley at his best: a gritty, undersized point guard with a great passing instinct and solid jumper. But as Carl Bialik notes, “his defense has dropped off in recent years,” so there is reason to worry he’ll be a worse-shooting Jason Terry in his later career. 31. Klay Thompson (26.2)Thompson’s No. 31 slot on CARMELO’s list might seem disappointing; by contrast, he slots in at No. 16 in #NBARank. His scoring is superlative, of course; Thompson is not only one of the best shooters in the game but also has the size and quickness to get to the rim. However, his defense and rebounding are below average. You can be an All-Star on the basis of scoring alone, but probably not a superstar. 41. Chandler Parsons (21.8)Parsons is a lanky wing defender with an efficient outside shot. He’s a blend of Tayshaun Prince on defense and Rashard Lewis on offense — and his skill set could become even more diverse if, as Tim MacMahon writes, the Mavs have him play more point-forward. The question is whether, at age 27 this season, Parsons can develop a signature skill that transforms him from a well-rounded, above-average player into a star. 15. Blake Griffin (36.5)Griffin would have ranked higher on this list a year ago. There are a few mildly troubling signs in his stats, particularly a decline in his rebound rate last season. Furthermore, a number of his comparables (such as Terry Cummings and Derrick Coleman) had fairly early career peaks. But let’s not get carried away. Although his fame may stem from his ferocious dunks, Griffin has evolved into a great all-around player whom every NBA team would love to have. He’s increasingly stretching opposing defenses with his outside shot, and he’s an underrated passer and defender. 36. Danny Green (24.3)Green already has overshot low expectations since he was chosen with the 46th pick in 2009. Green is a 3-point threat — comps to Brent Barry and Dan Majerle show that. But he’s also a great wing defender, like Bryon Russell. The only catch is that players who overachieve as much as Green don’t necessarily have much room to get better as they enter their late 20s. CARMELO gives Green only about a 15 percent chance of bettering his career-high 9.2 WAR from last season. 4. LeBron James (59.9)LeBron is a multipositional freak of nature, as his Larry Bird-Magic Johnson-Charles Barkley comps demonstrate. (What about Michael Jordan? He’d rank high on LeBron’s list too if he hadn’t spent his age-30 season playing minor league baseball.) Even on the downward slope of his career, the King is still the King and projects to have several good years left. We know that some of you will object to any list that doesn’t have LeBron at No. 1, but consider the following: The only other 31-or-older player to make our long-term value list is Marc Gasol, and LeBron projects to have almost as much career value remaining as three Gasols put together. 48. Jahlil Okafor (20.7)Okafor is a great prospect, though possibly also a guy who will look better in the box score than on the court. His lack of elite athleticism and sketchy defensive potential could make him something like Kevin Love without the outside shooting (hence the comp to bust Derrick Williams). But he’s also a great rebounder with nifty post moves, a classic combination for any aspiring big man. And if he does develop like top comp Derrick Favors on defense, the sky could be the limit. 11. Kyrie Irving (40.6)The upside is obvious: Irving has the killer first step and tight handle of Stephon Marbury. And while he’s not an all-time great passer like Isiah Thomas, he’s every bit as good a shooter. Plus, he’s just 23 years old this season. Advanced stats still don’t like his defense, however, and while Irving became a much more efficient offensive player last season, there’s some question about how much of that can be attributed to playing with LeBron and Love. Still, we have to give Kyrie the benefit of our doubt. More than a year ago, back in our unenlightened, pre-CARMELO days, we wrote that Irving probably wasn’t worth his $90 million extension. Now it looks like a good deal for the Cavs. 50. Victor Oladipo (20.3)Although CARMELO loves the other young Magic point guard (Elfrid Payton) even more, Oladipo’s projection isn’t too shabby. But of course, there’s still some uncertainty about what Oladipo can become: “His first two seasons have been so hard to get a bead on that you can peg him for just about any future you want,” we wrote. Whether Oladipo turns into Ray Allen or Ben Gordon will depend largely on whether he can develop a more consistent shooting stroke. 21. Kevin Love (31.3)If everyone was a bit too optimistic about what the addition of Love might mean for the Cavs last season, he may be underrated now. Sure, Love had trouble integrating into Cleveland’s system last year and experienced a major decline in the number of shots he generated near the rim, which also had some knock-off effects on his other statistics (for instance, he drew fewer fouls and grabbed fewer offensive rebounds). But as was the case for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he may be better in his second year playing with LeBron, and he still projects to be a valuable rebounding hawk/stretch power forward. 14. Elfrid Payton (38.0)So we have bona fide stars like Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green, Blake Griffin … and then we have Elfrid Payton?!? Is this CARMELO’s version of PECOTA’s infamous Wily Mo Pena projection? Time will tell, but Payton logged almost 2,500 minutes as a 20-year-old rookie last year while flashing excellent passing and defensive skills. He can’t shoot at all yet, but one thing we’ve learned from CARMELO is that shooting skills sometimes take a few years to develop. If Payton develops some shooting touch, he could be the next Isiah Thomas; if he doesn’t, then for better or worse, he could be Ricky Rubio or Rajon Rondo. 17. Jimmy Butler (35.4)Bulls fans won’t be happy with the omission of Derrick Rose from our list (Rose ranks just 165th after three injury-filled seasons). But that’s OK: The Bulls have a new star in Jimmy Butler, an athletic wing defender with a growing arsenal of offensive moves. If Butler’s comps seem a little underwhelming, that’s partly because, consistent with the Bulls’ team-oriented philosophy, some of his contributions are subtle and unselfish. He’s outstanding at drawing fouls and avoiding turnovers, for example. 7. Kevin Durant (48.9)The 2014 MVP winner was out with injuries most of last season. But even with the typical reduction in long-term value for a player who suffers a severe injury, Durant still ranks seventh on our list. At age 27, he remains a scoring monster — a lankier Bernard King, with Ray Allen’s shot. Royce Young said it best: “Not only does he want to re-establish his rightful place among the game’s most elite, but also this could possibly, maybe, potentially be his last chance at a title in Oklahoma City.” 3. James Harden (64.8)Harden’s stats were nearly as ridiculous as Westbrook’s last season. Compared with Westbrook, however, it’s not as clear how Harden can improve. He’s already an incredibly efficient offensive player. He can’t stay much healthier, having led the NBA in minutes played last year. So Harden might have to settle for 2014-15 as his career year unless … he keeps working on his defense, which while better than past seasons still rates as league average. 29. Derrick Favors (26.6)Why are we optimistic about the Utah Jazz? Because Favors ranks among the top 30 long-term NBA players — and yet, he ranks only third on the list among members of the Jazz frontcourt. Coming off his best year yet, Favors is, as Ian Levy writes, “already one of the better defensive bigs in the game,” with an improving offensive skill set. The Jazz hope he blossoms into the next Reignman. 47. Nicolas Batum (20.7)Batum’s shooting regressed last season in Portland, but the newly signed Hornet still provides stellar perimeter defense. Hence the two types of comps: shooters such as Robert Horry and Dorell Wright, and defenders such as Tayshaun Prince. Players who combine both of those elements — i.e., the 3-and-D player — are all the rage in today’s NBA, but unlike many of his peers in that category, Batum also adds a playmaking dimension to his team’s offense. 45. Paul George (21.0)George’s future was in jeopardy after he suffered a catastrophic leg injury in the summer of 2014. So his playing at all last season (he came off the bench in six games late in the year) was a moral victory. There’s some further good news: Seriously injured NBA players like George have a better track record of recovery than their counterparts in other sports. Nonetheless, the Clark Kellogg comp is scary; a fellow Pacer, he started his career with great promise, only to be rendered a shell of his former self after a series of knee injuries. 23. Rudy Gobert (30.7)The second member of the Jazz frontcourt to make the top 30, Gobert went from an afterthought in his rookie season to a guy who leads his draft class in WAR. Ian Levy summed up the Stifle Tower nicely: “an elite rebounder and shot-blocker and an efficient finisher around the rim.” He also lacks much in the way of a jump shot, having shot under 22 percent last season on shots more than 3 feet from the basket. But if Gobert proves to be the next DeAndre Jordan or Tyson Chandler, Jazz fans won’t have much basis to complain. 2. Stephen Curry (65.4)Shocker: The 27-year-old reigning MVP has a bright future. An ultra-efficient shooter and a high-usage passing talent, Curry is a legitimate fusion of Ray Allen and Chris Paul — and is one of the few players to draw Michael Jordan as a top five comparable. But let’s pose the same question that we did for Westbrook and Harden: What might Curry do to become even better? The answer is probably to shoot a bit more. His usage rate is a couple of ticks behind Harden’s and well behind Westbrook’s and Jordan’s. 53. Joel Embiid (Upside WAR projection through 2020-21: 19.9)Embiid sneaks onto our list at No. 53. (Where would he rank if he hadn’t been hurt for the past two seasons? A lot higher — probably about where Karl-Anthony Towns does at No. 26.) CARMELO still harbors dreams about how Embiid’s shot-blocking could make him the next Joakim Noah. But given Embiid’s injury history, the Greg Oden comp looks increasingly scary. 20. Bradley Beal (31.5)Beal, the Wiz’s 22-year-old shooting guard, doesn’t have any stunning comps among his top five. But look down to No. 10 and you’ll find … Kobe Bryant. Guys who log so much playing time at such a young age can sometimes see radical improvements in their shooting efficiency, and if that happens, Beal will be an All-Star-caliber player. Below is a sortable table for all 572 players in our database, as of Oct. 27. 33. Jrue Holiday (25.0)Holiday has loads of talent and even made an All-Star team a few years back, but injuries have plagued his development. They’ve also concealed improvement in Holiday’s efficiency, however. When he played last season, Holiday shot the ball better and turned it over less often than during his All-Star campaign in 2012-13. The Pelicans will limit Holiday’s playing time at the start of the season, perhaps recognizing that all that may stand between Holiday and a breakout is being healthy enough to play in 82 games. 22. Gordon Hayward (31.2)The third jewel in the Jazz’s frontcourt crown, Hayward has come an awfully long way for a guy who — we mean this as a compliment — once came across as a bit of a nerd. The question is not whether he’s a legit NBA player (Hayward was already playing at a borderline All-Star level last season), but which path his future might take. His comparables include a mix of versatile, jack-of-all-trades players such as Andre Iguodala and hard-edged scorers such as Chris Mullin. The Mullin comp is particularly interesting given that Mullin (like Hayward) struggled with 3-point shooting consistency early in his career. 9. DeMarcus Cousins (42.6)Speaking of high upside: Wow. Hakeem, Garnett, Duncan — those are some awfully exciting comps for Cousins. We even have a Shaquille O’Neal sighting on Boogie’s list (Shaq, who rarely appears as a CARMELO comparable because he was such an outlier, is Cousins’s No. 10 comp). But Cousins has never quite gelled into a superstar, as factors ranging from injuries to his frustration with Kings management have gotten in the way of his success. He can’t rest on his laurels because so far he’s just an average finisher around the rim, where he’ll need to improve before the Hakeem and Shaq comparisons bear out. 28. Andre Drummond (26.7)Drummond is a “100th-percentile rebounder and elite rim protector,” as we wrote in our Pistons preview. That’s nice, but it can also be a recipe for being too one-dimensional, and Drummond’s dreadful free-throw shooting limits his value on the offensive end. At age 22, he has reasonable odds of making a leap forward at some point, but he’s an oddball player with comps ranging from Andris Biedrins to Moses Malone. 18. DeAndre Jordan (35.1)You know what you’re getting here. Jordan’s skills are either elite (rebounding, shot-blocking) or cringe-worthy (shooting, passing). But as we wrote in our Clippers preview, “dunk-and-defense” guys like Jordan, Dale Davis and Tyson Chandler can be cogs in championship-caliber teams. 12. Damian Lillard (40.5)Lillard is now the face of the franchise in Portland. Although he has the complete package on offense as a high-volume, efficient scorer and excellent passer, he’s a middling defender. Since high-usage point guards like Lillard want the ball in their hands as much as possible, the question is whether they’re good enough that you can build a championship-caliber roster around them. The results in Lillard’s case are mixed on that question, according to CARMELO. Lillard draws Steph Curry as a comp, but also Steve Francis and Gilbert Arenas. 19. Giannis Antetokounmpo (34.2)The sky’s the limit for the Greek Freak. Antetokounmpo has an unusually well-rounded skill set for someone who’s about to turn 21 years old, including certain skills (he’s already a good defender and excellent at drawing fouls) that are usually associated with more mature players. He’s still working out what sort of player he wants to be on the offensive end — he dramatically cut down on his 3-point shot last year (but, oddly enough, took a lot of long twos). All of this leads to an eclectic set of comparables that includes superstars like Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady — along with busts like Darius Miles and Marvin Williams. 32. Khris Middleton (25.3)Middleton is a Swiss army knife. As Ohm Youngmisuk writes, Middleton’s comps indicate that his game is old-school: “Middleton may not be flashy, but he plays hard, and his throwback game is a nice complement to his flashier and younger teammates.” He has one decidedly new-school skill, however: Middleton is a career .403 shooter from 3-point range. There’s a universe where Middleton develops into Peja Stojakovic (his No. 10 comparable) but with much better defense. 10. John Wall (41.1)We wrote about Wall extensively in our introduction to CARMELO. Coming off his best season ever, and second All-Star nod, he’s entering what should be his peak. But the variance on his projection is high, with outcomes ranging from future MVP to overrated ball-hog. 26. Karl-Anthony Towns (27.4)As we pointed out in our Timberwolves preview, Karl-Anthony Towns has some discouraging comps. If the No. 1 pick in last year’s draft flames out like Anthony Bennett or Greg Oden, that’s a disaster for Minnesota. But CARMELO projections are based on dozens or hundreds of comparables for each player and not just two — and there are plenty of more optimistic names (such as Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins) farther down Towns’s list. 37. Kyle Lowry (24.0)Lowry is a stout and tough point guard, so his comps to Rod Strickland and John Starks are spot on — and both players aged relatively gracefully. But if he can expect a gentle decline, a breakout season is probably not in the cards. “Many of the guards CARMELO sees as most similar to Lowry had already peaked by his age,” Carl Bialik noticed. In other words, at 29 years old, Lowry’s probably not getting any better. NBA player rankings, from ESPN’s #NBARank to Bill Simmons’s annual trade value column, are like the honey butter chips of sportswriting: just way too hard to resist. So — with the regular season starting today — here’s our special recipe, fueled by CARMELO, our new NBA player projection system.What makes our version a little different is that we’re focused on the long term and not just this season. Specifically, we’ve projected the next six seasons of wins above replacement (WAR) for all 572 players in our database. Then we added the cumulative WAR totals over six seasons, with a slight tweak to reflect upside potential.1In calculating this version of our ratings, comparable players who project to have a negative WAR are zeroed out instead. The thinking here is that, while some players are projected to have negative WAR totals, it’s hard for a player like Zach LaVine to have negative long-term value when his teams could always bench him if he’s not playing well. This has little effect on players in the top 53, however. You can check out all the rankings in the sortable table (way, way down) below, but we also wanted to count down the top 50 players — well, make that the top 53 players2Why 53? Because, ya know, it’s in our name. — first.Two things we can’t stress enough: First, these ratings are purely statistical; there’s no manual tweaking involved. And second, focusing on the long term makes a lot of difference. Tim Duncan doesn’t appear in the top 53, but Jusuf Nurkic does.A few more notes: Player ages are as of Feb. 1, 2016. And because we’re trying to forecast what the NBA will look like a few years out, these WAR projections do not account for injuries or minutes limitations — with the exceptions of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Joel Embiid, who are out for the season and whose WAR figures we’ve zeroed for this year. These upside WAR totals will not necessarily match the raw six-year WAR totals in the player cards. 6. Kawhi Leonard (53)We might call Leonard a sleeper — except that the rest of the basketball analysis community has woken up to his talents as the best lock-down wing in the game. Leonard won the Defensive Player of the Year award last season, and ESPN’s #NBARank list places him among the top 10 overall players in the game. Leonard’s offensive game has also developed, and, as Michael Wright notes, he could see fewer double-teams with LaMarcus Aldridge on the Spurs’ roster, leading to even better production. All of this is why Leonard is one of just eight players CARMELO labels as MVP candidates. 5. Russell Westbrook (54.9)What is there to say? Westbrook averaged a triple-double per 100 possessions last season. And yet CARMELO gives him about a 40 percent chance of being even more valuable this year. His path to achieving that is obvious enough: by improving on his wildly entertaining (but often just plain wild) shot selection, which can sometimes overshadow the ridiculous box-score stats. 46. Andrew Wiggins (20.8)Wiggins’s top CARMELO comp is … well, Carmelo (Anthony). As we wrote, the NBA’s reigning Rookie of the Year could be “very good, but between mediocre defense and average efficiency, not quite as good as his box-score stats suggest.” Wiggins’s upside and versatility are apparent in his comp list, though — witness the presence of Derrick Rose (No. 5) and Chris Bosh (No. 8), two stylistically different players who were bona fide superstars at their peaks. 49. Paul Millsap (20.6)Last year Millsap had a banner season, making his second All-Star team. It came because of all-around excellence: Millsap is a solid defender, like top comp Gerald Wallace, and well-rounded on offense (even if the Julius Erving parallel is a bit much). But as we’ve pointed out, Millsap is projected to regress a lot this season; more often than not, a career-best season at age 29 proves to be a career year. 38. Nerlens Noel (23.9)Noel’s defense was a bright spot among the garbage heap that was the Sixers. As Ian Levy wrote, Noel ranked “among the top 5 percent of all players in steal rate, block rate and overall defensive plus-minus.” That’s awfully impressive for a guy who was just 20 years old. But with no discernable offensive skills — his 49 percent true shooting percentage was abominable for a guy who spends so much time around the rim — he gets stuck with a Stromile Swift comp along with more optimistic options like Nene. 1. Anthony Davis (73.8)The Brow combines Kevin Garnett’s ferociousness in rebounding and on defense with the stretch shooting ability of Chris Bosh. But even those names might understate his upside: There’s never been a player quite like him. (Garnett and Bosh, Davis’s top comparables, have just medium-high similarity scores when compared with him.) In other words, Davis will be terrorizing teams on both ends of the court for the foreseeable future: We’re just not quite sure how. The one thing to watch out for is injuries, which shorten big men’s careers more often than those of guards. 8. Chris Paul (46.3)Paul is one of just two players in his 30s to make the top 10 (you’ll have no trouble guessing the other). The precedents are reasonably favorable here: Point guards tend to age well compared with players at other positions, and well-rounded players like Paul tend to age better than one-dimensional ones. Given his reputation for postseason struggles, however, we couldn’t help but notice that none of Paul’s top five comps (Mark Price, John Stockton, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Terrell Brandon) won an NBA title in his prime.4The “in his prime” qualifier is important. Kidd won a title as a 37-year-old with the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks, and Payton did so at the same age with the 2005-06 Miami Heat. read more

Ohio State retail jerseys will be limited to a pair of numbers

A rack of OSU jerseys is seen at Barnes & Noble at 1598 N. High St. For the 2015 season, stores such as Barnes and Noble will now only be allowed to sell Nos. 1 and 15 jerseys. Credit: Giustino Bovenzi / Lantern reporterFans looking to purchase new Ohio State football jerseys for the upcoming season will have two jersey options to choose from at Nike apparel-approved retailers: No. 1 and No. 15. Rick Van Brimmer, assistant vice president for Affinity Trademark Management, said that it is merely a coincidence that two team standouts in redshirt senior quarterback/H-back Braxton Miller (1) and junior running back Ezekiel Elliott (15) sport the two number choices that are represented.According to Van Brimmer, the decision to make those two numbers available to fans is because annually No. 1 is the most popular jersey number and No. 15 represents the upcoming 2015 football season.Van Brimmer said the decision came about after an internal meeting from peer institutions.“Given the current climate around use of players’ names and likeness, this seemed to fit philosophically with where we want to be,” Van Brimmer said. “Fans can still get any number they choose through our custom jersey program at the stadium and online at our official team shop, as long as they include their (own) name on the jersey.”Carter Marsch, a second-year in communication, said he approves of the decision to represent the year and the potential national championship awaiting the team at the end of the season, but he also realizes the problem with teams using players’ jersey numbers for profit.“There’s always been problems with representing students and making money off of them, and what the football team can bring in, compared to what the students make,” Marsch said. “I think that this is a good way to kind of cancel that out, almost.”Van Brimmer said some stores may have carryover stock from last year still available for a limited time.Kathy Smith, general manager at the Barnes & Noble in the South Campus Gateway, said her store was already clearing out last year’s inventory before the announcement came out.Smith said her store still has some of last year’s No. 5 jerseys — the number formerly worn by Miller — on clearance right now.“If (customers) are looking for any other numbers besides 1 and 15, then they can come in and look at what we have on clearance,” Smith said.Smith mentioned that a rivalry game jersey will be made available later this year as well, but she could not provide the details on those yet, as they have not been officially released.The new OSU jerseys are available in two styles, game and limited, and range from $90 to $135 on the Nike website. read more

Britain and Germany to sign new defence pact after Theresa May triggers

first_imgThe US president took to Twitter to demand that Germany “pay more” to the United States for its defense, only hours after meeting with the German chancellor.Mrs Merkel told the president she believed Germany must work to pay its fair share to be in the Nato alliance – a key demand by Mr Trump, who has repeatedly said he believes America is bearing the brunt of the costs. The Royal Navy’s newest helicopter, the Wildcat, will also operate from a German frigate and take part in operations in the Mediterranean next year.News of a stronger German- British alliance comes after Donald Trump accused Germany of not spending enough on defence after he sat down with Angela Merkel for the first time on Friday.  Exercise Griffin Strike, a joint military exercise between English and French forces, watched by the respective Defence Ministers of both countries British Army’s 5 Rifles Regiment, The Royal Logistics Corps, Royal Artillery and Royal Millitary PoliceCredit:Estonian Defence Ministry Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, with his French counterpart Jean Yves Le Drian, oversees Griffin Strike, a joint military exercise between the two countriesCredit:David Rose Britain and Germany are poised to sign a new defence pact as Theresa May signals her intention to play a significant role in European security after Brexit.The Prime Minister is seeking to reassure European Union leaders that Britain will continue to cooperate on training, cyber security and maritime patrols.The UK defence ministry said it was working with Germany “on a joint vision statement on future co-operation”.center_img The Government is keen to emphasise that Britain is committed to Nato and European security. A new deal with Germany is expected after Mrs May triggers Article 50 later this monthIt comes after British troops began a long-term deployment to Estonia on Saturday, where the UK is playing a leading role in the Nato mission. The deployment is part of what Nato is calling an “enhanced forward presence”, designed to reassure eastern allies and deter potential Russian aggression.   The German defence ministry confirmed to the Financial Times that it was working on joint projects.It said: “Independent of the effects of Brexit, Great Britain remains a strong partner and ally in Nato and also bilaterally.” Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, is understood to have spoken to a number of EU countries about building up military links.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. British Army's 5 Rifles Regiment, The Royal Logistics Corps, Royal Artillery and Royal Millitary Policelast_img read more

Strike still a possibility for hospital doctors

first_imgHOSPITAL DOCTORS SAY industrial action remains a possibility as talks continue between the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) and the Health Service Executive (HSE).The two groups met at the Labour Relations Commission today but the union says that while some progress was made, there remains a number of unresolved issues.The HSE says it will revert to the IMO tomorrow with proposals to address concerns.In a statement, the union said that a strike remains a possibility and the matter will be discussed by the NCHD committee when it reconvenes to consider the HSE proposals.Junior doctors agreed to postpone the planned strike so discussions could continue on how to end shifts that last longer than 24 hours.The IMO claims its members are working illegal hours, urging the HSE to come up with a plan to implement an EU directive on working hours by the end of next year.Earlier today, Minister James Reilly said he was keen to resolve the issue, noting the wanted to see Irish doctors have a life, a career and a hobby.Read: Doctors’ strike now suspended indefinitely as IMO seeks clarificationEarlier: Minister does not want legal firms to benefit from symphysiotomy settlementlast_img read more

Column We should be concerned about how complacent our artists have become

first_imgTHE RELEASE OF the former Pussy Riot members in Russia, their continued defiance of the regime and their recent meeting with Sinead O’Connor prompts a more local question. This is the lack of any serious radical political or cultural response to the current crisis in Ireland.We have put up with measures that as the late Brian Lenihan said would have led to revolution and rioting in other countries. – yet, the reaction here has been largely one of complacency disturbed by occasional and transitory anger at some of its excesses. Despite what has happened there is little compelling evidence of a sustained appetite for change. So why is this the case?There are many factors involved, including the nature of politics and the capacity of important groups to protect themselves from the effects of austerity. But we need to look beyond these and to interrogate the way in which culture and the arts has become a cloak for social cultural and political complacency and has an important role in reproducing this complacency. Culture and the arts should have an energising and critical function in society, particularly one in crisis. But in Ireland they have become comfort blankets for the middle class.Two influential artistsWe can see this in the treatment of the work of two artists. One is the late Seamus Heaney. The role of the poet, like that of all artists and intellectuals, is to challenge the self images of the age but the way in which his work has been taken up by audiences has prevented this happening. He has become the Patience Strong of Irish life.His work is now in the cultural limbo where it is no threat to anyone. He has become the poet of consolation, a function previously served by prayer books. A reading from his poems has become a required feature of births, marriages and deaths. This explains the ease with which his work has been effortlessly co-opted by politicians and possible war criminals.This is best illustrated in his lines written for Amnesty International and now routinely used by many of the kinds of people that one assumes Amnesty oppose. These lines refer to the rhyming of hope and history, intended to summarise the hope that we are nearing the end of conflict and looking to the possibility that more peaceful futures may be emerging.These have been trotted out by Barrack Obama but the fact that the drone attacks, ordered and approved by him, mainly kill innocent civilians seemed to get lost in memorialising Heaney. These attacks have played an active role in ensuring that in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan hope and history do not rhyme. There hasn’t been much protest from admirers of Heaney’s work in Ireland at this abuse, either of the poem or the drone attacks. There may even be a secret pleasure at the fact that an American President quotes an Irish poet. He doesn’t quote too many American ones. Neither Obama, nor Clinton for that matter, were particularly vocal over the death of Alan Ginsberg.Shouldn’t we bit afraid?The other artist and poem whose work has been co-opted in the culture of complacency is Leonard Cohen, through he may be a more willing collaborator than Seamus Heaney. There can be few people of a certain age and income who during the latest recession haven’t been to at least one Cohen concert. He consistently draws crowds and elicits responses here that are exceptional in a European and American context. There are no other countries where he has played four or five concerts in a row. He will give you the old guff about Yeats and all of that but the main reason he comes here so much is because of the public demand for his shows. We love the guy and Ireland has become a cash cow for his retirement fund.But look at the kind of songs he now performs. They are often funny, romantic and masterful but they do not disturb in any way. Where is the existential doubt and the inner anger that energised and drove his music on albums like Songs of Love and Hate. Anger was the source of much of his best music but there was little evidence of this in his concerts now. What we were offered instead is the notion that “there is a crack, a crack, in everything, that’s how the lights gets in”. This might be consoling for some but in the long dark night of recession perhaps we need something stronger and more illuminating. Contemporary Ireland is a tissue of cracks and a lot of darkness. Most of the light is apparently at the end of tunnels. But then it was probably too much to expect revolutionary talk from a man and a band dressed in Armani suits.It may be very well that artists have become consumable products as they make a few bob out of it. But there is a price. It is right that we venerate and respect our writers and artists. But shouldn’t we also be a bit afraid of them as well?Dr Ciaran McCullagh was a senior lecturer in Sociology in University College Cork until his retirement in 2012. He is the author of two books, Crime in Ireland and The Sociology of Media Power. He is currently revising the crime book to incorporate developments since the first edition. A full list of his publications can be found here. Column: Why Exchange Dublin desperately needs your supportWatch: Panti’s powerful speech about oppression of gay peoplelast_img read more

Banking inquiry committee to meet again today in private

first_imgTHE BANKING INQUIRY committee are meeting again this morning.The eleven members – six government and five opposition will meet in private today to discuss “key principles” of the inquiry.Chairman Ciaran Lynch said once the committee has had time to reflect and review the legal, procedural and logistics issues, they will begin a substantive discussion on “the scope of the inquiry, the timeline for the preparation of the proposal and for the completion of the inquiry, and the risks to the inquiry and how these will be managed”.The inquiry was promised by the government after the conclusion of the trial of two former bankers at Anglo Irish Bank, who were found to have participated in an illegal lending scheme that involved €450 million.The inquiry is tasked at looking at:The bank guarantee in September 2008 and the events leading up to it;The role of the banks and their auditors;The role of State institutions.There have already been a number of investigations into the banking collapse, including a report by the current governor of the Central Bank Patrick Honohan.However, this is the politicians’ chance to examine the banking collapse and bring key figures before them into the public arena.Read: Warning over legal challenges as banking inquiry’s public sessions not expected until 2015>Read: After much controversy, the banking inquiry will meet for first time today (in private)>last_img read more

Microsoft resurrects Clippy for an Office training game

first_imgIf you thought you’d seen the last of Clippy the Paper Clip, lock the doors and hide your wife: he’s back, and he’s still eager to help you get around Microsoft Office. Microsoft has brought him back for a series of MS Office training games that get you familiar with the suite’s features and tools. He makes his triumphant return in the recently released game in the series, Ribbon Hero 2.The game’s official title is Ribbon Hero 2: Clippy’s Second Chance. In the game, Clippy appears in different places along the challenges in the game to offer tips and tricks that will help you complete quests, finish challenges, score points, and boost your level.AdChoices广告The game itself runs alongside the MS Office suite of applications and gives you points for doing your day to day work. Additionally, when you want to take some time out to learn about the suite, you can hop into the game and complete themed challenges and skill tests designed to help you learn some of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook’s features.In the new version of the game, Clippy is ever present in the upper left corner of the screen, occasionally dropping into your challenge to offer a clue to complete it, or some guidance if you need help. In a video announcing the new game, Doug Thomas from Microsoft’s Office Casual Blog refers to Clippy as our “favorite paperclip,” and essentially says he’s back by popular demand.We’re not sure about that popular demand part, but he’s definitely back, and fans of the little paperclip can see more of him in Ribbon Hero 2. The game is a free download from Microsoft Office Labs, requires Windows Vista or Windows 7, and will help you with Office 2007 or Office 2010.Read more at Ribbon Hero, via GeekWirelast_img read more

TShirt Tuesday The Best Teen Titans Shirts

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Monster Hunter ShirtsT-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Gundam Shirts Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like Graphitti Designs contracted with movie studios and comics publishers to create shirts with our favorite characters and sold them up on the walls of comic book stores and through mail-order.The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world. Starting with Threadless, dozens of companies popped up letting artists and designers show their stuff. It’s a better time than ever to be a geek fashionista, and if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe we’re going to help you out every week… on T-Shirt Tuesday.This week: As Teen Titans Go To The Movies hits cinemas, celebrate DC’s underage superteam with some cool shirts.Teen TitansI dig the illustrative style on display in this shirt by drencielos – it’s true to the flat, cartoony style of the TV show but adds in some remarkably sophisticated modeling and shading as well to give the characters an unusual amount of depth. It really shows that good character design is an art in and of itself, when multiple artists can use the same basic structures to create art that’s distinctive but still recognizable. Some serious chops on display here.$20, buy it here.Titans TowerSuperhero architecture is a pretty mystifying thing – who can forget the bizarre “crashed rocket ship” headquarters of the Legion of Super-Heroes, or whatever the Hall of Justice was? Taking the cake, though, is Titans Tower, a T-shaped building that appears to have been erected in violation of every single safety code there is. Artist doodsai gives us an isometric rendition of the structure that really drives home how weird it is.$20, buy it here.BoredThe quintet of heroes in Teen Titans Go! certainly face off with super-villains from time to time, but their greatest enemy is themselves – these are kids after all, and they’re not well-known for impulse control. Artist danielmorris1993 captures them teetering on the precipice of a bad decision motivated by the most evil force in the universe – boredom. Let’s hope these teens make good choices.$20, buy it here.Boogie TightsIf you spend any amount of time in online comics communities, you’ll quickly learn one thing: people are really horny for Dick Grayson. The first Robin, who took up the mantle of Nightwing when he left the security of the Batcave, just has something that gets the juices flowing. Artist TheHeroBiz cashes in on that sentiment with this shirt parodying the iconic poster of Paul Thomas Anderson’s porno opus Boogie Nights. Not for kids.$20, buy it here.One Man MenagerieGarfield “Gar” Logan was originally introduced as a teen sidekick to the Doom Patrol, but after that team got blown to smithereens he floated over to the Teen Titans, where he’s been ever since. The green-skinned metamorph is the leading mischief-maker in Teen Titans Go!, a perpetually hungry trouble machine. Artist wloem delivers on the cartoony mischief with this cute and charming T-shirt design.$20, buy it here.Cyborg BoyVic Stone has mostly moved on from the Titans to join the Justice League in the comics, but he’ll always be a Teen Titan in our hearts. Artist StevenToang brings a heavy Mega Man vibe to his illustration for a solo Cyborg T-shirt, with the Brown Bomber standing in all his mechanized glory in front of a futuristic cityscape. I have to think that DC could make some good money on a series drawn in this style.$20, buy it here.Nightwing LogoThe decision of Dick Grayson to shed his Robin mantle marked a huge turning point for the Titans. The former child acrobat wasn’t going to be defined by his relationship with Batman anymore, but rather would strike out on his own and create his own identity as the leader of the Titans. Artist WizzKid gives us an artfully distressed minimalist T-shirt featuring his logo.$20, buy it here.The Night Begins To ShineAt this point Teen Titans Go! is a separate continuity as well-established as the comic books, with its own in-jokes and references. One of the most notorious is “The Night Begins To Shine,” a ridiculous 80s-style synthwave tune that the producers pulled from a generic music library for the “Slumber Party” episode. It caught on with fans and the producers brought it back several times. Artist MindsparkCreative gives it the logo it deserves.$20, buy it here.Titans Flee!The decision to animate Teen Titans Go! in a hyper-exaggerated style reminiscent of the old UPA cartoons but with a modern twist drew criticism from old-school fans, but we can’t think of a visual approach that’s better suited to the mixture of slapstick comedy and super adventure. Artist BrotherToastyCakes has a great handle on what makes it work with this illustration of the team fleeing an incensed Raven.$20, buy it here.Titans RhapsodySure, Queen had one fewer member than the Teen Titans (well, the core team at least – on the fringes there have been dozens of forgotten heroes who enjoyed a cup of coffee in Titans Tower), but that doesn’t mean this composition isn’t pretty slick. Artist danielmorris1993 captures the iconic composition of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” video with our favorite underaged heroes. We can almost hear that song in our heads just looking at it.$20, buy it here.My Teen AcademiaArtist Mythallica closes us out with this potent fusion of the Teen Titans with the character design style of mega-hit manga (and anime) My Hero Academia. The core Titans are such great archetypes that it’s easy to transform them in a wide variety of ways. This roundup of shirts is proof positive of that, and no matter which style you prefer we hope you found something you like.$20, buy it here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target read more

POLICE LOG for April 9 House Fire Medication Stolen From Home Vehicle Keyed

first_imgWilmington 2nd Alarm 18 Broad (corr addy) fire K/D O/H PWH— ActionPage System (@ActionPage1) April 9, 2018—A walk-in party reported their 2005 gray Honda Odyssey was keyed on the driver’s side door. (3:56pm)Town Manager reported a three-wheeler on the field between Town Hall. Police located three-wheeler coming from Cunningham area. Police advised operator and his mother. ATV was put away. (5:35pm)Resident reported a black Nissan Sentra with a male operator litters in his yard nearly every day. Majority of trash is Cumberland Farms cups. Police spoke with driver, who denied any wrongdoing. Calling party advised to call police next time it happens. (6:20pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip?Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 2: Vehicle Damages Roadway; Police Called Over Suspicious BehaviorIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 19: Fist Fight At Planet Fitness; Hawk Stuck Inside Building; Gas Line StruckIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 27: Kids On Train Tracks; Ammunition Turned In; Orphan Bunnies RescuedIn “Police Log” WILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Monday, April 9, 2018:A Shady Lane Drive caller reported she returned home and found her slider door open and TV placed on the couch. She heard a noise in the house, but could not state what she heard. She was advised not to touch anything and await officers arrival outside. Officer determined the only missing item was a backpack with medications. (9:57am)Fire Department responded to a house fire on Broad Street. Fire was knocked down. (2:41pm)—last_img read more

More iPhones are being ditched for Android phones a report says

first_img Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors See All Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? reading • More people are trading their iPhones in for Androids, study says More people are trading in their iPhones for Samsung phones, a report says. Angela Lang/CNET Fewer iPhone owners are trading in their old handset for a new Apple phone, according to a report by BankMyCell. The company which lets you sell your used phone and upgrade to a new one, collected data from over 38,000 people trading in their phones since October through June to track Apple brand loyalty during the upgrade cycle. It found that 18.1% of iPhone owners were trading in their phone for a Samsung device in June, the highest level it’s been in the study. Samsung loyalty was higher, BankMyCell said. Just 7.7% of Galaxy S9 users switched over to an iPhone and 92.3% remained on the Android operating system. In comparison, 26% of people trading in their iPhone X moving onto another brand. These numbers more point to a trend that reflect the overall picture of Apple or Samsung loyalty. BankMyCell is basing its data from people who use its service, and readily acknowledges that they don’t represent overall sales, which include auction sites, carrier stores and Apple itself.   Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.Earlier Wednesday, Kantar reported that during the quarter ending in June 2019, iOS-based devices accounted for 36% of phone sales in the US, down 2.4 percent from the same quarter last year. Android phone sales were up 2.5% to 61% of all sales.Gartner also reported phone shipments are seeing their worst decline ever, estimating that global shipments will fall by 68 million devices this year.The story originally published on July 17 at 2:09 p.m. PT. Update, July 18 at 12:22 p.m. PT: To include additional background and context on the study.  12 Photos 1:27 A closer look at V50 ThinQ, the first 5G phone from LG Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it 84 5G phones you can buy right now Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier Comments Mobile Phones Now playing: Watch this: • Share your voice Tags Apple Samsung Applelast_img read more

Nintendo says its mobile games will be freetostart not freetoplay

first_imgNintendo’s announcement that it was unlocking its IP for mobile games last week was met with a very mixed response. Investors loved the news, and gamers were split between being excited about playing Nintendo games on their smartphones and worried about what this meant for the future of the company. One thing is clear, though, Nintendo isn’t developing “free-to-play” games.Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata does not like that term one bit. In an interview with Time, he explained that he believes the term is insincere to consumers because the games offered as free-to-play ultimately are not free. Instead, Iwata believes such games should be called “free-to-start,” and in fact, that’s the term Nintendo will be using when talking about games we’d usually classify as free-to-play.Confusing? Possibly. More accurate? Definitely. Free-to-play games are really just free to start playing, then you have a choice of playing against lots of artificial barriers, or doing what the publisher and developer really wants you to do and spending some cash. This is likely the method Nintendo and partner DeNA will use to generate cash from mobile platforms, but don’t ever expect them to refer to it as free-to-play.Now is also a good time to remind everyone we probably won’t see a free-to-start Mario or Zelda game in the traditional sense. Nintendo still plans to offer such games on its own hardware for an up front payment. Free-to-start games will be quite different and much closer to the types of free-to-play games we see appearing from other developers, only with the weight of Nintendo’s IP behind them. The best example of what to expect from Nintendo so far is Pokemon Shuffle, which is basically a Candy Crush clone.So now that Nintendo has decided to create its very own terminology for free-to-play games, we wait to see what their first free-to-start game actually is when it sees a release later this year.last_img read more

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and it was not even a profitable one; Topf and Sons never derived more than 3% of its income from contracts with the SS.

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If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, "But for farmers, "The additional four weeks will ensure that Minnesotans will have the necessary time to get help from assisters and find the coverage that is right for them. Jonathan’s delay in reinstating Salami sends wrong signals —ACN The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has said President Jonathan is sending out wrong signals on his administration’s commitment to the rule of law and his status as the president of the country,上海龙凤419Sanjeev, “I said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing a rally at Lakhimpur Kheri on Monday afternoon: ? ? So,"Williams." she said in an email. Marilyn Huestis.

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can tell you something about whether it’s Earth-like. According to him, a set of workers walks off a job site or out of a particular type of work to shut production down and draw attention to their part in the business plan."After the speeches, Right now, The Aam Aadmi Party chief returned to Delhi on Saturday after a 10-day naturopathy treatment at an institute in Bangalore. some soldiers in Venezuela admit their unhappiness but want to stick around in the military. senior military officers have assumed prominent and lucrative roles running several ministries as well as state oil company PDVSA and a state food distribution programme. read more

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"Kelly really was the happiest she has ever been and we had so many things planned together. led to more than 50% hike in transport fare by the commercial yellow buses. Governor Ayade also announced plans by the state government to establish an organic fertilizer plant,Cross River State Governor Suleiman, Uko Nkole Ndukwu and Hon. an emergency stockpile created in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy left some New York-area stations without fuel. that’s not such a great thing,President Donald Trump signed the spending bill Monday evening

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urging the federal government to leave the case to the EFCC to investigate. She has two children and has worked at a sandwich shop and for a company that cleans apartments, particularly Alvarado,000 account that will grow over time, but only if Baby Bonds replaced some other welfare programs to help low-income households. I have only asked my party to articulate my transgressions and the reason for its immediate instruction that I vacate office. Nor did I agree to serve because there are no better cadres in the ANC and the country. APC. searching ­frantically for an escape route. according to the U.

West Africa produces crude that is "gasoline rich, Upon completion,” he said. for instance,French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned that much work lay? not just the option to end one’s own life under certain circumstances," said Gunther, acute laziness wasnt the only qualification they were looking for. and even shower in the same position as it causes the body, prompting the APC to accuse Governor Dickson of sponsoring the attack on its supporters.

Dr Bukola Saraki stressed the need to increase the value of human resources to promote quality education in the country.01 per cent and 17. date and location where results are entered from; it means the outcome of the elections will not be credible. Ogun State, Army veteran and former Beltrami County commissioner,"Author? said most workers who spoke for this article," he said.Mick E Mouse’s final competition was in April in Billings” she said.

He was pulled unconscious from the burning building but was declared dead after being transported to hospital. read more