Have you ever thought so hard why so poor

in time to go to school every day in that class will engage in the hard work very hard for students but the results are not very good, there is no wonder why, because the method is not the same in the business field method does not work hard again to no great harvest.

1, no target or target is not clear

there is no goal, no direction, although every day to do more, but do not know what they are doing, why to do, in the end what to do, there is no planning, anyway, they are busy on the right. This is a big problem, although a lot of people every day in the continuous work of learning, but it seems to become a habit, not to muddle along without any aim of studying, and it is used every day to see, but not thinking. If you call it learning or doing more than others, then I would prefer to say that it is a waste of time than others. read more

Select small investment venture projects need to comply with the rules

now society, small business become rich way, many people get rich at the same time, there are a lot of people have this small entrepreneurial wealth idea, do I still operators should grasp the opportunities to get rich through entrepreneurship.

now choose a small venture project of many people, small business investment project risk, quick return, so, how to choose the project can make money in small business investment projects the? According to the three point selection can help you choose the appropriate small venture project. Select the three rules of small investment project management: read more

nternet entrepreneurs face is still a warm winter

China’s economy continued to slow down in the past two years, some people say that the arrival of the winter capital. However, some analysts pointed out that the capital under the cold winter, the Internet will usher in the development of entrepreneurship is not the same as the opportunity to say that the business is not a warm winter.

In Chinese

government advocacy, Internet centric business on the tide, but this year with the second half of the capital markets turmoil, Internet companies began to enter the winter capital voice can be heard without end, how to look at this two days of hot and cold environment? 27, senior Internet entrepreneurs, China largest electricity supplier maternal baby tree founder and CEO Wang Huainan said that the winter capital is good news for the outstanding Internet Co, for start-ups, "the capital of winter is actually warm winter business". read more

How much is the cost of opening early institutions

early education industry in recent years in our country is very hot, investors are concerned about the industry. Open an early education institutions is also good. May we still want to open early institutions to spend a lot of money? How much is the cost? The following small series to calculate for you.

How much is the
read more

Zhou Enlai was reported to be involved in violation of the CCTV program was playing mosaic Hei Wong

Hongkong artist Hei Wong was more than a friend by the desecration of the report of Zhou Enlai, participated in CCTV’s great challenge in the program, the latter part of the whole face of the will be marked on the mosaic, and cut off its appearance on the face of the.

was reported by involving the "independence" of the Hongkong artist Hei Wong, before joining the "great challenge"   program recording. After receiving the report, the first time the program group to take measures. Tonight, when the latest program aired, the producers really do it, gave Hei Wong the whole process of moving mosaic". read more

How to manage a cosmetics shop

people’s living conditions continue to improve, so that more and more people began to enjoy life. Female friends are more and more concerned about the external table, the demand for skin care products also increased. Cosmetics industry contains great business opportunities, its future development prospects. So how to run a cosmetics store?

Choose your business read more

Made in Hefei lead the world into a new era of new slogan

in manufacturing China domestic one name is actually very loud, is Chinese manufacturing, many people have China for manufacturing a vocabulary that is very proud, also in Anhui, Hefei, now Hefei manufacturing has become a slogan.

is located in the National University Science and Technology Park Hefei Aike Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. is a product of several joint venture of University of Science & Technology China alumni dr.. Dong Ning, one of its founders, was selected in 2012 in Hefei". read more

The clothing chain store sales to the heart

many people want to open a clothing chain, but not very understanding of the operating skills of the clothing chain. It is very important to sell this piece of clothing in order to have a good business. Open clothing chain, smile is the best service, as long as out of nature, you can infect the customer, the voice must be gentle, natural, powerful, clear and confident.

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One in every 431 people in Tel Aviv

do you know where the world’s most entrepreneurs are? Not America, not China, not europe. The city of Israel in the middle east.

every 1 square kilometers with 19 start-up companies in Israel, the second largest city of Tel Aviv, one in every 431 people in business. These figures allow Tel Aviv to become the world’s largest city per capita entrepreneurs, and in many of the world’s Innovation Award in Tel Aviv, that only 400 thousand of the population of the town, and Silicon Valley, Berlin is considered the world’s most vigorous innovation of all. read more

Prepare for the clothing business

clothing industry is a very popular investment industry, the competition is very fierce in the industry, how can business characteristics, entrepreneurs should be considered a, at the same time to do the preparatory work, as the saying goes, a good beginning is half of success. Online clothing store sellers more and more, not only because the clothing store threshold is easy to enter, but also because of profitable.

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Suitable for office workers Entrepreneurship

guide language: the rapid rise of prices and house prices make people’s lives become an unprecedented pressure, the nine to five wages has been unable to meet the high standard of living, office workers also began planning to walk the road of entrepreneurship. So what kind of entrepreneurship suitable for office workers? Xiaobian to introduce you.

catch the sideline

to do their own work outside the sideline can make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and build relationships. Be careful not to be confused with the individual business unit business, will engage in work order upside down, even as long as it is profitable business on their own, while the unprofitable business at a loss or return unit, do not take the risk of moral, and may be subject to legal sanctions. In addition, to distinguish between the main industry, sideline, not because of their own entrepreneurial activities affect the work of the unit. read more

How to do the exhibition activities to attract people’s attention

is now all over the world every year will hold some different events large and small, held at the same time, the goal is for the profit of investment, so, in the process of the event, how to attract people’s attention?

show how compelling? Whether at home is also on the international exhibition, can be said to be the same industry competition is the strength of their own company and product The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the exhibition is all kinds of tricks, and the purpose is to attract the eye, causing everyone’s attention, better introduce myself. But, many companies have done a lot of work, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but with little success. I have done according to their own experience to do a good job of some of the company’s practice, we hope to help a bit. read more

How about opening a breakfast shop in 2017

New Year approaching, this means that our way of life ahead of a year, in the past 2016, your dream finished? Or how far away are you from your dreams. Entrepreneurship is a lot of people have the idea, you are not ready to start your career in the next year? 2017 what kind of entrepreneurial projects for you? Many entrepreneurs have the idea to open a breakfast shop, then, in 2017 to open a breakfast shop to make money? Presumably this is what we want to understand the problem, we will follow the small series I come together to analyze it! read more

How to quickly integrate into the new team manager

The management of a company’s

why is the highest decision maker, because the top leadership is a key figure in the management of the whole team, take the food and beverage industry in Laishui catering manager how to do direct relationship between restaurant profits for all aspects of the restaurant are very affected, a new restaurant manager regardless of how to select all. How to quickly integrate into the team to face the problem, then the new manager, how to do


How to quickly integrate into the team read more

GirlUp let thousands of female passenger station

female entrepreneurs in the actual business process will encounter a variety of problems, there are such a group of female passengers to join hands, the creation of female venture capital community, to do tens of millions of female entrepreneurs, the family".

1 9, GirlUp Beauty Workshop announced that it has completed the pre-A of the financing of 17 million, by the Swiss capital, China smart and purple venture capital joint venture. It is reported that GirlUp was founded at the beginning, which received Huang Taiji He Chang, Zhu Yonghua, Lenovo holding spring Chu seed investment, rich capital, JJ venture capital investment angel Yang Shoubin. read more

How much is the fee to join Hot pot beef offal

hot pot food, a simple way to join, it is worth the attention of franchisees. In fact, the choice of business engaged in catering industry, is a very good choice. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is a very good opportunity to choose. Beef offal Hot pot? With a new venture to join a good choice, it is worth you have!

Hot pot store beef offal good? Is the key to the election pingpai. Promising food items in the market, the development of fast, attracting more attention of consumers. Keeping pace with the times, in order to meet the modern people advocate ecological, green nutrition, health and fashion pursuit of food consumption, independent research and development of the company headquarters, raw materials selection of ecological, green, natural, healthy. Luo Fu joined the recommended beef offal package beef offal, well-known brands, more popular market. read more

Eight thousand passenger how fast food business

eight thousands of fast food? Fast food to join the project selection of eight thousand guest fast food is good, for those who do not know how to join the brand’s investors, the following will make a brief introduction to the brand.

eight thousands of fast food franchise mode and cost:

eight thousands of customers to join the franchise and investment alliance to join the two

franchise form —-

investment in the United States, from the store (more than 300 square meters in line with the use of food and beverage stores) read more

Cloud taste of the bridge across the street to join the number of how much money

brand marketing model is a comparison of the value of the food and beverage entrepreneurs are marketing strategy, and now catering business projects in addition to individual business is franchising, the latter is the franchise. Because the selection of brands to join the industry workers can save you a lot of time to run, so you have more energy to run the most important link. Of course, there will be a lot more than their peers. To this end, the brand to join the more obvious advantages, the more investors will be attracted, the greater the intensity of development. Cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge as a noodle noodle noodle industry star brand, has been its obvious advantages to join the majority of investors to win the favor and attention, then the cloud taste of the bridge crossing the bridge rice is how much? read more