n the search engine marketing share button function

share will become your site link link. Although they may not have rule links, but still can improve the link to the number of web pages on your site. The other is a visible effect, if you have more links to your site to share, then there is more chance to be seen by others or by the third party to share.

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here are four reasons you should consider to add share button.

3, it encourages your brand or organization to talk. Once a blog by sharing button is shared by another way by others to open, and then continue on your blog theme or brand talk. In short, the share button can increase the visibility. Visibility can add more chances. read more

Keywords on the four principles of positioning promotion

let me first to understand the relationship between localization and keyword search engine ranking. Usually there will be hundreds of pages of words, then the search engine how to identify what is important words to describe your site search engine statistics? You every page of words. Those who repeated the word or phrase is considered to be more important to some. The degree of importance of search engines use their algorithm to statistics every word you page. Key words and the words of the page proportion is called keyword density, this is a search engine optimization strategy is one of the most important factors. read more

What is the long tail keywords long tail word mining tools and techniques

below to introduce two free long tail word mining tools.

2. love Shanghai promotion assistant

down the right site topic: 2015 the most useful website right down.

special chain optimization:

instruction of Shanghai dragon inurl:www.xp-sem贵族宝贝 — mean, at a given site in the search for "in the title page of Shanghai dragon". In fact, it can also be used as a method to find the competitors of the long tail word.

1. drop-down box and relevant search. The drop-down box refers to the popular search engine drop-down box. We use the search engine marketing in the "Shanghai dragon" of the word as an example under the. read more

n Shanghai dragon old station looks for the novice advantage in what

Shanghai dragon

it is a technical, although easy entry, but really want to grasp its connotation, not every webmaster can have an easy job to do for those in Shanghai; a contemptuous disregard of dragon and Phoenix webmaster, you may just contact the old man, did not grasp in the mystery, the simple several popular keywords do learned, Shanghai dragon? Is too naive, in fact, Shanghai dragon is in need of long-term combat can know the truth, Shanghai dragon no real master, because all walks of life are different, need to have thorough understanding of an industry, in order to allow Shanghai to play the biggest role of the dragon. read more

Love Shanghai included slow Fast love Shanghai Webmaster Platform active push function

tool has two delivery type manual submission links and automatically submit links, the general site we recommend automatic submission, automatic submission is divided automatically push, take the initiative to submit (real-time) and sitemap function, we recommend is to submit links to push (real-time) function. It is fast to grab love Shanghai spider latest web page features tools can take the initiative to find the site’s URL crawl included and show; compared with passive waiting for the love Shanghai spider capture efficiency is much higher, and you only need to fine tune the code, you can use, the development cost is relatively low. read more

Keywords decide the fate of the site

first, we want to know what keywords to our website, which can bring benefits to our website, then we have to look at the meaning of the words.

also take the above example, a foreign customers, because of geographical restrictions, so the training institutions do not necessarily come to you. And the conversion rate is not high. We want to accurately locate the keywords, accurate search for potential customers. Let us website flow is effective flow, so as to improve the site conversion rate.

?For example, read more

n the face of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er need a cockroach spirit

This is also the focus of

4. there are a lot of garbage outside the station of the chain, if your site uses software sending a large number of the chain of garbage, in the love of Shanghai update you are likely to be right down, love Shanghai to send a lot of spam links website has made the punishment, we should pay attention to what we usually do in the chain to pay attention to the quality of the.

, a Shanghai dragon is not K, not a qualified.

5. user experience poor stand down the right on which users are more personal feeling of love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, we need to pay attention to this. read more

n the face of how to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon new site

new website content update must pay attention to originality, spider love is valuable, love new things, in fact, a spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, as long as you are updated every day, and is a high quality original content, the spider can every day to crawl, included in the site was put out sooner or later.

general station on the line just as early and need to adjust the local search engine, but also the observation period. This is the time when we need to use robots, can be in robots first of all the spiders are shielded, not allowed to our site spider crawling in about 48 hours after the entry into force of the robots to our website program is uploaded to the space, this time can be assured to modify our website. The structure, internal links to adjust our website end website sitemap also produced and uploaded, statistical tools also installed is completed, it can open the door to wait for spider crawling website. read more

How to deal with the customers do not understand Shanghai Dragon

has some of Shanghai Longfeng unsuspectingly customers may sometimes be very enthusiastic to see some information on the Internet in Shanghai dragon. Unfortunately, they may see many good suggestions, and these may affect you to take unwise strategy of Shanghai dragon. Remember, they hire you, because they need your expertise. Never let your customers force you to take a bad idea. If you let them take the wrong tactics, so they will not hire you in. But your reputation is also very influential. read more

On the foreign trade site to promote transformation rate of neglected two or three suggestions

Select the

product description is a little higher, the conversion rate of the product description is not only on the search engine ranking plays a very important role. But when I search for some of the sites in Google, often found that many stations do not have the product description, or directly copied from other sites, this phenomenon is very common. Here I only say how to do to improve the conversion rate of the description: that is to add the product picture details of the map to enlarge the product description, which is similar to the practice of Taobao. read more

Discussion the site outside the chain is important not important

above so much and regen surprised me, did not think carefully read, see a lot of brilliant reply, also let me learn something outside the chain only play a supporting role in the optimization of good Sitelinks do stand outside the chain is better than the spam chain more to do outside the chain to use text links, links, anchor text, density distribution and index of the chain to high quality and a good grasp of the key words, another one is the high quality with great efficiency and recovery.

chain not only refers to the forum signature, posting replies, and more diversified range of methods. Starting from the love of Shanghai to do search engines only have love Shanghai products chain, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library Encyclopedia Shanghai know, know platforms such as Taobao Soso Ask, ask, question and answer, classification information platform, all kinds of information publishing platform B2B, blog, news chain, bookmarks, network favorites, popular community friends of the chain, Post Bar, submitted to the soft exchange platform, and so on. Try to do can be multi-faceted. read more

The business forum does not rank in the first reason

as the official business forum, I believe that most of the contestants are concerned, published articles, discussions, suggestions, but may be due to the organizers on schedule on a previous commitment tracking reports and suck, resulting in more ridicule entertainment forum posts, a truly original and relevant business Shanghai, rarely associated with dragon and phoenix.

Please note the original article >

concerned about the forum A5 Bo excellent friends may know, one month the chain number more than 150 thousand, which is beyond the reach of personal website. Almost all the sites are outside the chain, the network media publicity, all kinds of website reprint, the number of chain explosive growth. While the number of the chain business forum than the chain to the site a lot, so at a glance. read more

Discussion sharing personal website optimization experience

domain name and space business The construction of Keywords: Keywords

3. Description: description by adding their own words in the description, but it is recommended that you do not put the page description write too long, beyond the limits of "description is not in the major search engines display, can display the first 120 Chinese characters content. You don’t have to fill 120 Chinese characters, "the description is not as long as possible. Customers have their own judgment, "describe if there is exaggerated words, words are only annoying not to the point. The main content should be the main products and services to your web site or web page description >. read more

3W page contains no 3W without page how to break

after the last time I wrote "the website revision measures for the three step" articles, the author want to do another to share with you the results, this is also the author after several months have a good trend.

this situation mostly occurred in the new online website, we all know that new sites of low weight, two names "in the same domain with 3W weight in the short term is difficult to go beyond the domain name weight without 3W, so don’t take the 3W page is included to love Shanghai, natural the 3W page is not easy to be included. read more

Shanghai dragon er who must pay attention to protect and make good use of your website brand word

today is to talk with you if you protect your website brand word, we listened to the most classic case should be intercepted traffic from Taobao’s wheat bags. One day in the Taobao search volume is wuliushiwan love Shanghai, so let the keywords gold wheat bags to cut to go. Of course, Taobao can shield the rich love Shanghai, not in the call being cut away this traffic. But our small owners are generally not the confidence. So I propose here we should protect the website brand word will not be intercepted, on the other hand, to do publicity for our own. read more

Technology trends of 360 comprehensive search just clouds

now the product is not a user group, but the user experience. 2 years ago, NOKIA users group, or the leading mobile phone market share, more than 50, now the user is depleted, the company.

say that the 360 site navigation, from this piece of 360 at a disadvantage, whether it is love or Shanghai HAO123 2345 site navigation user experience is better than 360, and more users. Therefore, 360 to preserve their existing browsers and web site navigation user is not so easy, the fix will lead to the loss of a large number of users inherent. read more

Shanghai dragon er must have its own position and direction

Shanghai dragon in foreign countries has developed for a long time, but in the country has just begun a few years. This talent is not a lot, but also are other industries to jump over, many of them are never touched the Shanghai dragon, and now the school is not related to professional learning, changing are confused, do not know what this industry development, I was graduated from the computer, very many years at the beginning, go this way, because the other work for my taste, exchange, think this is OK, with professional edge, and I have 1 relatives are doing related work, 4,5 opened a studio, each person every month can earn 6000-10000, do not feel at it is too difficult to choose this path to a company to a supervisor in this business for 9 months, has begun to earn extra money, the company allows employees to go out after a month in addition to the basic business Wages, less $2000, more than 20000, I was shocked, feeling it is really promising, 9 months will be out of their own, so more motivated to learn relevant knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, once the goals are dynamic. To the back of the 1 and 2 months before I learned that my relatives there is connected with web design, and my supervisor is connected with many kinds of business on the Internet, such as voting, QQ business, and Shanghai has very little dragon.. I suddenly ignorant, do stand in the process without much enthusiasm, go home at night to play at 1,2, the second day class tired half dead, not the spirit. In that period there is a station for me to do. After a period of time for yourself to think of a way out, but did not come up with a clear way, mixing time work for half a year is the main chain, there is little contact with something deeper, I think the director may charge, people don’t promise much, things to do several other people. Behind what because no effort in doing it, quit. While I was on the rise of another company at the beginning of the training company, a Shanghai dragon explains to us the way, and I have some foundation, so fast track. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization 5 to improve the search engine ranking method

website is a process of manufacturing chain, the same is a time-consuming process, but it is absolutely necessary. The number of inbound links is important, but the quality of the chain link is more important. You need to ensure that there is a high correlation between the link on the website and your website. Dofollow search engine weighs more than nofollow links, but they can help achieve traffic.

4, reducing the page load time

1, view the keyword density

keyword density is the number compared with the general page keywords are used on the web. When you publish your website, ensure the content not keyword density of more than 15%, because it is generally recommended the highest standards of keyword density. If you overuse keywords, it actually will damage your website ranking, and not as imagined as long as you can stack keywords. read more

Talk about how to do the chain increased the weight of the website

network distribution rate of key sections of the anchor text.

a lot of network promotion personnel will release information on the information platform, promote our medical website is no exception. Basically every medical site will do a pure link promotion. So what is called pure link? The so-called pure link promotion is directly through the list of the source URL plus the original article slightly changes, merged into a piece of information in the information release platform. Pure link function is a direct extension of Web site to the article, increase the weight of ranking and the entire site. In order to make the best choice of the effect is significant, contains a relatively high site, such as a good speaker, hurry up and other large information platform. read more

Talk about love from the Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide rational link the harm


in accordance with the white hat love Shanghai mentioned in the Shanghai dragon inside the Shanghai dragon is suggested to play the role of improving and standardizing the website design, make it more friendly to search engine and user, and get a reasonable flow, and for the black hat Shanghai dragon refers to the use of strategy and enlarge defect search engine (actually a perfect system there is no) get more user traffic, and these more traffic, this operation is to hurt at the expense of the user experience. You can have a hypothesis: if the use is reasonable means, give the user a high value content, not the user search experience damage, so this link is desirable, will be recognized by search engine. read more